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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sidney June 14th 2012

A few photos from our Sidney Tour... read more
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Photo 14
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North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island June 14th 2012

Here's a few photos from our PEI Tour... read more
Photo 13
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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sidney June 14th 2012

It’s Wednesday and time for some intensive sightseeing in Nova Scotia. We docked as we were grabbing a quick breakfast in the Lido so that we could make our 8:00 on-shore meeting. So far there have been no general assembly tour orientations in the Showroom, which make sense to avoid congestion with everyone trying to get ashore at the same time. While it hasn’t been an issue on prior days this cruise, today we either were late arriving or there was some problem that delayed securing the ship, because the Captain’s announcement for disembarking on Deck 3 came about the same time we were supposed to be ashore. A crowd was already on Deck 4. Once ashore we were quickly ushered onto our bus for the Taste of the Cabot Trail tour. Our tour guide had ... read more

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Prince Edward Island I see passing by through the outside window of our Lanai Cabin. The deep reddish orange earth of the coast touching the water along the south coast of the island is unmistakable, from viewing “Anne of Green Gables” or watching DVDs from one of my favorite series “Road to Avonlea”. I spot one of the square towered lighthouses on a promontory and decide it’s time for some pictures as we make our way to port. A brisk breeze is blowing and the iron-rich soil makes colorful contrast to the many shades of green. We grab a quick bite in the Lido and make our way to Deck 3 to disembark and meet up with our tour group in the terminal at Charollottetown. Did I mention that we ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec June 12th 2012

Monday found us awakening having lost an hour overnight due to the time change for our one and only sea-day on this cruise. We are navigating the Saint Lawrence River on our way the Prince Edward Island. Viewing the vastness of the water it is easy to see why explorer’s would be determined to find a Northwest Passage to reach India… which is of course why Native Americans have become to be known as Indians. Visibility varied, but for much of the day fog was present and often the shoreline was not in view. Sharon readied herself for the morning mass, while I finished up yesterday’s blog. Sharon’s deepest suspicions were confirmed that Father Pierce was a former teacher, as he revealed having taught for 35 years, and he obviously used the Socratic Method because his ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 11th 2012

Thought I'd post a few photos from yesterday. This is a new camera so still trying to figure it out... read more
Old Town
St.Anne de Beaupre

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 11th 2012

With an 8 AM assembly time on the pier for our first tour of this cruise, we had little choice but to grab a quick breakfast in the Lido… A mozzarella omelet for me with a glass of HAL’s fresh squeezed orange juice, and pancakes for Sharon with country potatoes and of course her chocolate croissant (which one of the waiters went to the other section of the line to get for her). Surprisingly there was not a crowd at the Lido as we expected so we were done and off the ship in plenty of time. We grabbed one of HAL’s hand bags and camera, bought a Coke and large bottle of water, and were directed to bus number three. Evidently there were two busses covering our tour today, as some who had boarded our ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 10th 2012

We slept in but still managed to arrive in the hotel restaurant shortly after it opened. A couple of early risers were already eating breakfast. We both ordered the Canadian that included eggs, breakfast meat, and pan fried potatoes, with Texas toast. Remembering the one culture disconnect from the previous evening I ordered a Coke, eschewing the “iced tea” which I ordered yesterday. Not seeing it on the French/English menu for dinner yesterday, I had inquired whether they had iced tea. Our very nice waiter in English heavily accented with the French responded “Oui, ov course vee have iced tea.” Becoming an Ohioan over the past year have prepared me for knowing the differences between iced tea and the sweet tea that you’re likely to get if you just order iced tea, I was hardly prepared ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 9th 2012

Our day began by awakening and making our way at a leisurely pace to the airport for our 11:05 flight. We opted for the long 725 route around Cincinnati to avoid the rush hour traffic which we never did see. So we either made a very good choice or were overly cautious for naught. Parking was a breeze at the longterm Value Park, and it makes you wonder why all airports don’t use their model. When you get your time-stamped ticket the attendant tells you which row to park in. A shuttle is already there when you park with a driver and a porter to help with the bags. The driver hands you a stub marked with where you parked. And all for $6 per day. On the return they drop you off at your car! ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio June 8th 2012

Yesterday was very busy but the packing is done (even my new jeans arrived in time for me to shorten them a bit and pack them) and we leave for the airport in an hour or so. I managed to get most of my work stuff in order before leaving (well guess I'll know if that's true when I get back) and then we had to drop off a couple of Lasagna's that John made on Wed for a church project. John's still trying to find a hat but my guess is that he'll end up having to buy one on the trip as usual. Other than that just need to pack up this laptop before we leave. Our hotel for tonight is near the airport and we had originally planned to go downtown for dinner. ... read more

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