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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 10th 2012

We slept in but still managed to arrive in the hotel restaurant shortly after it opened. A couple of early risers were already eating breakfast. We both ordered the Canadian that included eggs, breakfast meat, and pan fried potatoes, with Texas toast. Remembering the one culture disconnect from the previous evening I ordered a Coke, eschewing the “iced tea” which I ordered yesterday. Not seeing it on the French/English menu for dinner yesterday, I had inquired whether they had iced tea. Our very nice waiter in English heavily accented with the French responded “Oui, ov course vee have iced tea.” Becoming an Ohioan over the past year have prepared me for knowing the differences between iced tea and the sweet tea that you’re likely to get if you just order iced tea, I was hardly prepared ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 9th 2012

Our day began by awakening and making our way at a leisurely pace to the airport for our 11:05 flight. We opted for the long 725 route around Cincinnati to avoid the rush hour traffic which we never did see. So we either made a very good choice or were overly cautious for naught. Parking was a breeze at the longterm Value Park, and it makes you wonder why all airports don’t use their model. When you get your time-stamped ticket the attendant tells you which row to park in. A shuttle is already there when you park with a driver and a porter to help with the bags. The driver hands you a stub marked with where you parked. And all for $6 per day. On the return they drop you off at your car! ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio June 8th 2012

Yesterday was very busy but the packing is done (even my new jeans arrived in time for me to shorten them a bit and pack them) and we leave for the airport in an hour or so. I managed to get most of my work stuff in order before leaving (well guess I'll know if that's true when I get back) and then we had to drop off a couple of Lasagna's that John made on Wed for a church project. John's still trying to find a hat but my guess is that he'll end up having to buy one on the trip as usual. Other than that just need to pack up this laptop before we leave. Our hotel for tonight is near the airport and we had originally planned to go downtown for dinner. ... read more

North America June 2nd 2012

So we are totally ready for this trip even though it's going to be a short one for us. Ok make that we're mentally ready but there's still some packing to do and hopefully the new Jeans I ordered last weekend arrive before we leave. And of course there's the requirements to get things completed and ready at work before I leave but there are few days left and I'm sure we'll get that all accomplished. It seems like forever since we took our last cruise and our next big one isn't scheduled until next Jan so we decided to take a short one this summer so we don't get out of practice. Ok there's also the fact that I'm only 4 days short of getting my 4th Mariner Star with HAL (I'm at 196 days ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Victoria September 15th 2011

There was smooth sailing overnight, and we both awoke well rested. Sharon readied herself for mass, while John worked on finishing yesterday’s blog. He got mostly through it when he dressed to join Sharon in the Wajang Theatre; however, mass finished a bit early and we met at the staircase to the fourth deck. We went back to the stateroom, finished the blog, and posted our sea day adventures. We went up to breakfast in La Fontaine, and John ordered his almost-everything omelet and Sharon had French toast with bacon. Behind us we could hear people who were complaining about some of our ports of call. One gentleman was saying, we could do without Homer and Kodiak; also we should have skipped Icy Straights altogether, and you would have thought there wasn’t anything to see or ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 14th 2011

With a day at sea from Sitka to Victoria, and losing one hour as we returned to the Pacific Daylight Time Zone, we were a little slow rising; but, Sharon had set the time ahead an hour so she at least made it to the 8AM mass on time (with two other hearty souls). John was a bit slow, but he did get there in time for his favorite “may peace be with you part”. Cruise lines frown on folks shaking hands, but for some reason they’re okay with cabin mates kissing. We next went to breakfast, with John settling in on his Eggs Benedict, with extra hashed browns and sausage links. Sharon of course had the All American breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and white toast. They offer juice, and Sharon had apple, but John ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka September 13th 2011

We had a morning arrival in Sitka, with rainy overcast skies, docking as we were having our breakfast. We turned in our RSVP for the Master Chef dinner this evening. John had the American breakfast, and HAL has proven that they know how to make eggs over medium, as they’ve been perfect every time they’ve been ordered. Sharon had her scrambled eggs and bacon, our short tour not being until after lunch. There are hints of blue in the far off skies, but they are also becoming increasingly gray. Though in point of fact, I don’t think we can complain about the weather on this cruise, it’s been pretty much perfect. We sat with a couple from Seattle, and a single lady and a single man. We had a relaxing morning, taking time to get a ... read more
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North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier September 12th 2011

We took our time to arise on this second scenic cruising day of our first Alaskan Adventure together, finishing yesterday’s blog but having internet issues trying to get it posted. Sharon made her way to the 8am mass ahead of John, but neglected to tell him that the venue had changed (not that it seemed to matter). Sharon arrived at the Wajang Theatre room to find one other person waiting for mass, and decided to check the daily schedule at the front desk, and found that mass was again being held in the deco styled Queens Lounge. Meanwhile, John made his way to the Upper Promenade deck seeking the theatre which he could not seem to find (it’s on the Promenade deck), but heard the priest’s voice (who was in strong form this morning) carry though ... read more
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North America » United States » Alaska » Kodiak September 11th 2011

Just Kidding! Just couldn’t come up with something with a “K” that applied. With a 6:30AM arrival in Kodiak Alaska, we were just rising, sleeping in a bit before our 11AM tour of Kodiak sites and Russian Tea. We had a leisurely breakfast, and John resumed his eggs benedict with sausage and potato cakes, and Sharon had a French toast. Our tablemates were a couple, the man had eaten lunch with us on the boat tour while the Amsterdam was docked in Anchorage (and after a bus ride thru the tunnel to Whittier) and his wife. His wife wasn’t on the earlier expedition, and he had alluded to her not feeling well, but Sharon and I were both surprised by her saying that 14 days on a cruise was too much and she was ready to ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska September 10th 2011

Had trouble getting photos uploaded the last few days but there's an internet special tonight so going to try again.... read more
Family Band at Mt Roberts Visiter Center inJuneau
View of Ship from Mt Roberts Tram in Juneau
Bubble Netting Whales in Icy Strait

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