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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 3rd 2014

I set my phone to wake us at 5:30 AM; but, must have left with roaming on and somehow it decided the actual time was an hour ahead of what it was. When I got out of bed at what I thought was 6:00 AM and planned to head for the gym, I realized what happened. Instead of going back to bed, I finished yesterday’s blog before going up to work out in the gym, concentrating on legs today. When that was done, Sharon and I went up to the Lido for breakfast. We had an early tour that needed to be ashore at 9:15 AM. I had a couple of bowls of Muesli and Sharon had some French Toast. Afterwards, we checked out the menu for the Dining Room, where it is the second “Formal ... read more
John and the lobsters
Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in the Fog
Peggy's cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney July 2nd 2014

We had another lazy morning, with no scheduled tours today. I went to the gym and had a workout on the treadmill, and five of the machines for exercising the arms. We arrived in the Dining Room just before they finish seating at 9 AM. I got a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and opted for the Eggs Benedict; while, Sharon had the American Breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon. After we ate, we checked the dining room menu for this evening, and Sharon was happy, so I guess we won’t be doing Canaletto this evening, the optional Italian restaurant offered for a $10 surcharge. With her 4-star status, Sharon should qualify for half-price when we do go. We went to the library and did the Daily Sudoku puzzle. Neither of us made any mistakes today; ... read more
Large photo of fiddle
St Patricks
St Patricks

This morning, we kindred spirits arrived in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island before 8 AM. I had managed to drag myself out of bed in time for my first work-out in the gym on the Lido Deck, and enjoyed seeing the red soil of Prince Edward Island approaching on our left. The island drew ever closer as I worked out on the treadmill with quite a few others, who were all running at a blistering pace; while, I walked along at 3.6 MPH enjoying the outside view, not minding that reception for the channel covering Wimbledon was no better here than in our cabin. We had breakfast in the dining room, and again I enjoyed the Swiss Muesli, along with the Frittata Italiano and I added some link sausage and toast. Sharon ordered one slice of ... read more

Monday morning started our first and only “sea day” on this leg of the cruise as we make the passage from Quebec City to Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. And it began with a late start, after setting the clocks ahead one hour for the next time zone, with Sharon exclaiming “Is it really eight o’clock.” The importance of 8 AM is that on sea days mass is held at… you guessed it: 8 AM! It was ten minutes before eight actually, and Sharon rushed to get herself presentable, rushing off to find about twenty others had also gotten up for mass. Every priest that we’ve had on HAL cruises has been memorable, special and even a little quirky sometimes in their own special way. Father Dan is no exception. Yesterday he told of how he ... read more

North America » Canada June 29th 2014

We rested and awoke when we awoke, there not being daylight to jump start us in our inside cabin. This cruise was a last minute get-away for us, and HAL was offering some enticing prices to fill up their ships. We took their cheapest offering and were very happy with the mid-ship inside cabin that we received. I had the steel-cut Scottish oatmeal and their Frittata Italiano for breakfast, and Sharon had the French Toast which she enjoyed very much, but plans to ask for just one slice the next time she orders this dish. My egg-white dish with sun dried tomato and fresh basil was excellent a first time choice I plan to try again. Since our last trip here we’d taken a full day tour our plan was just to walk around the old ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 27th 2014

On our final morning in Niagara, I looked out our window and was surprised to notice that somebody had turned off the water! Okay, so maybe I just couldn’t see the water. The fog/mist was so heavy that we couldn’t even see the street below. The Horseshoe Falls did gradually reappear as the morning emerged. Today we planned to finish our road trip through Canada to reach Montreal. We had been warned that there was roadwork approaching Toronto that forced traffic down to just two lanes. Despite this warning, when my GPS offered us three routes to Montreal, we decided against the one that went back into the states, did a double international border crossing, and took two extra hours. We were looking at a seven hour trip as it was. We decided to get started ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls June 26th 2014

Following a good night’s sleep, we awoke for our big excursion day at Niagara Falls. We had a leisurely breakfast at the Terrapin Grille on the Mezzanine Level of our hotel, at a window with a view of Horseshoe Falls, largely obscured by the morning mist. I enjoyed my oatmeal and banana; while, Sharon had the breakfast buffet, trying some waffles, French Toast (or should it be Canadian Toast), and some bacon that looked like it should be crispier. We didn’t need to meet our tour in the lobby until 10:30AM, so we had plenty of time to get ready. We had decided to take a tour since we only had one day and thought it would be easier to get it all in this way. We remembered to put on some sun screen. And I ... read more
Fountain at the winery
View of our hotel from Table Rock

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls June 25th 2014

Well we really hadn’t planned on taking another vacation this summer but a few weeks ago we noticed that there were some really good last-minute deals on the New England cruises. However, we couldn’t book one since John had sent his passport in to be renewed when we got back from China. It didn’t expire till next year but wouldn’t have been valid for 6 months past our Israel trip in December so had to be renewed before then. Well it finally came back about 1 ½ weeks ago so we looked again and decided to book a last minute 2 week cruise from Montreal to Boston to Montreal. And since we were going to drive to Montreal and John had never been to Niagara Falls we decided to stop there for a couple of nights ... read more
View from Room
View from Room
View from Room

Asia » China » Beijing April 29th 2014

Between the jetlag and recovering from whatever it was that had me under the weather my last day in Beijing, and whatever it was that followed Sharon back home to catch up with her here, we’ve been a bit tardy getting these last two postings posted; so, you have our apologies. Hopefully, Mao’s Revenge is behind us by now! We were grateful that we had a noon-time pickup for the airport, so we were able to take our time getting our stuff together for the trip home. We caught our shuttle and got to the airport on time; only, this time there were no Viking Cruise porters to get our bags there and we had to juggle things for ourselves. We got our bags checked, managed our way through the security checkpoint, and understood fully what ... read more
Our Escort Arnold teaching us Chinese Characters during the school visit
Practice Dam

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City April 27th 2014

We awoke to meet our final full day in China where the bus picked us up promptly at 8 am and we were on our way to Tienanmen Square. We made our way across the busy boulevard that bordered the square. In the distance we saw the huge painting of Mao Tse Tung that hangs on the red gate leading to the Forbidden City. Every four years or so a prominent painter in China will render a new painting for the square. This one shows him smiling. If some future painter should ever need any inspiration he need only visit Mao at his tomb in Tienanmen Square where he can be viewed through his glass casket. A team of four doctors ensures that his remains remain perfectly preserved. Arnold took us to the center of the ... read more
Tienanmen Square
Mao's painting in Tienanmen Square
Tienanmen Square

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