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14th July 2014

I saw your post and visit your site.I just want to say you this blog is very interesting, which discuss about your Xian tour.
30th June 2014

fun blog!
HI, Sharon and John, I'm very much enjoying reading about this trip, as I did the last one. I am wondering if you can tell me who the cruise director and captain are, since I was just on the Maasdam this past winter? Enjoy the rest of your trip, I can almost taste what John eats, not so much what Sharon likes! LOL! Best, Kathi
26th June 2014

Niagara Falls
Good morning Sharon and John, hope you have a great trip. Looking forward to your blogs. Sharon did being there bring back good memories. No flat tire I hope. John thanks for your nice blogg always enjoy reading what you both are doing on your trip. Looking forward to your next one. Have fun! Janet
1st June 2014

Thank you
Your blog of this trip has been a pleasure to read and so informative, my husband and I are due to go on this trip in August and after reading your blog that has given us a great deal of useful information in our preparation for our holiday. Thanks again Geraldine
From Blog: Bye Bye Beijing
2nd May 2014

Great Blog
We have been following your blog with interest. You have done an excellent job. We are going to take the Viking China Trip from Beijing to Shanghai June 15th. We saw that you are from Ohio, also. We live in Beavercreek. Hope you have a safe trip home and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
25th April 2014

Thanks for the pictures and message!
Hi Sharon & John, Thanks for all the info! It sounds very interesting. Glad I'm reading it and not doing all that walking. Guess I'm getting old. Also thanks for the photos. It helps seeing and knowing a little of what you are seeing. Enjoy your trip and Sharon hope you continue to find food that you can eat. It sounds like you are doing pretty good in that area right now. Hope it continues. Looking forward to your next blog. John enjoy all that good food they are serving. Janet
24th April 2014

Keep up the great blog
Each evening i read your amazing blog, my sister and I will be on the same tour in July. Keep on blogging and thank you for sharing
17th April 2014

Hi Sharon and John, Thanks for your first China report. I'm sure it was a long trip. I did enjoy reading about your traveling and finding food. Hope you find great food along the way. I also enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for including them. As you know we had snow today and it is gone now. Hope that is the end of it. Well not much to say looking forward to you next blog. Enjoy have fun and take lots of pictures. Janet
26th May 2013

Picking up Moms
Sharon bet you are glad to get everyone together to start your trip. Hope you all have a fantastic time. Enjoy Alaska! Hi to all! John we will be reading what you are eating, enjoy! Janet
25th May 2013

Bon voyage
Looking forward to pictures & details.Have a great trip and a Happy Memorial Day.
31st January 2013

John and Sharon thanks for all the blogs, have enjoyed reading all that you both have being doing. Have a safe trip home and hope to hear from you when you are back in good ole cold Ohio! Janet
27th January 2013

Mariner's Society at sea
Wow the Captain's table that is great, hope you had a Good time , that's like being at Randy's table( which I haven't done) I'm continuing to enjoy the blogs and trying to remember what you say,I did say trying. Pictures will help when we see them. I did know the answer to the Hilter question. I knew it had to be pants. All the info you giving are us is really interesting. Great job from you both! Looking forward to the next one. Janet
24th January 2013

Skirting Antarctica Sound
Thanks guys for another great blog of your trip. Glad Sharon is getting to see a lot penguins. I'm enjoying reading about your trip. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures after your return to another cold place Ohio! It is 20 degrees right now. Have fun and enjoy! Janet
24th January 2013

Skirting Antarctica Sound
Thanks guys for another great blog of your trip. Glad Sharon is getting to see a lot penguins. I'm enjoying reading about your trip. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures after your return to another cold place Ohio! It is 20 degrees right now. Have fun and enjoy! Janet
21st January 2013

Scholastic School-day Sailing south
Thanks for the blog John and Sharon, I am enjoying your blogs, they are very interesting. Glad your gambling was better today John! It is cold her about 25 right now and going down to 6 tomorrow night. I know you don't miss this! Enjoy your cruise! Looking forward to your next blog. Janet
20th January 2013

Whooshing by Ushuaia
Thanks John and Sharon for your blog! Enjoyed reading what you have been doing. Sounds like a lot of fun! My guess Sharon is not going to eat those tomatoes or anything red. Aren't you guys going to do the marriage game? I bet you could give some really good answers. Good luck with the bingo. Randy is going to be in Robinsonville, Ms at the Ftzs casino March 2nd and tickets are on sale. That is only new date since you left! Enjoy your trip, Janet
17th January 2013

Sea Day
Welll 32 here today, I'm sure you are not missing our weather! Hope your gambling is good for the rest of your trip. Sounds like fun! The food sounds really good too. If you think about it would it be nice to know if they do have any gluten free food. Just wondering for the future. I can tell you both are having a great time, coninute to enjoy your trip. Looking forward to your next blog! Hope you find your pants John! :) Janet
16th January 2013

All blogs!
Hey I just got caught up on your blogs. Glad I found them. It has been rough here but we are doing much better now. Have enjoyed reading about your trip and all the food you are eating and I'm surprised that Sharon ate watermelon. BTW the hand cleaning machines sounds real neat. Glad you having a great time. BTW we are suppose to have ice tomorrow morning. Enjoy your trip and looking forward to your next blog. Janet
16th January 2013

Friendly skies of Valparasiso
Ok when I read tunnel I thought I could do without that, hope Sharon was ok with it. Love the pictures esecially the one with John. Sharon I'm looking for your picture! I'm with you Sharon about the alcohol. So you had a new hair style! I have noticed in other countries they do not use a lot of ice! Everything sound very intersting. I'm enjoying the blogs! Janet
16th January 2013

Hi guys, I finally found your blogs. If you get my e-mail you will understand why I'm just now reading. I will get caught up. I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I guess I should explain Dale and I both have been sick, he has bronchitits and I have had a very bad cold which I can't get rid of. Enjoyed the pictures, remember we want to see in the pics. Now on to the rest of your blogs. Janet
7th January 2013

Good luck on your voyages
Thanks for including me on your blog.I'm always excited to learn about different locales & am looking forward to seeing your pictures.
15th June 2012

I just finished eating and after reading about what you both have been eating, I'm ready to eat again. Thanks for sharing all that you have been doing. It all sounds interesting and fun. Enjoy! Be in touch when you get back! Janet
15th June 2012

John & Sharon, I'm enjoying reading the blogs. You are in interesting places. Enjoy, hope to hear from when you get back home! Pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.
15th June 2012

First few days!
John & Sharon, Just getting started reading your blogs. It has been a busy week. Your trip sound wonderful. Thanks for the blogs John you do a great job. Love the pictures.
16th September 2011

Visiting Victoria
I have been enjoying reading your blogs. Your trip sounds very interesting. I'm sure you both have a had a great time. Probably planning your cruise. :) Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Catch you later! Janet

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