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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 5th 2005

When we were coming to Vegas we were worried that we didn't have decent enough clothes for here, Fiona wanted a ballgown and I thought dress shoes would be needed, how wrong could we be, this place is full of gadgies man, everyone wears trackies and shorts and that, it's pretty sad to see at times. There were 3 people in our casino with oxygen masks and big cylinders on their weelchairs and that, not nice and they're still hitting the buttons with blind fury. We went down the strip tonight, it was amazing, the fountains at the Bellagio are something special and worth the trip in itself. The strip is mental at night, loads of punters, bright lights, everything you've seen on the telly and more. We wandered up and down then got a drink ... read more
Alladins Cave
MGM Grand

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 4th 2005

We were up early this morning for our flight Vegas, even more stringant security checks here, shoes off and that, pleased to say we got through with nothing to declare. Vegas looks bizarre during the day, it's in the middle of no where, snow capped mountains then this city dropped in the middle of the desert. We got a shuttle to the hotel, it was huge and as soon as you walk through the door you're bowled over by the amount of tables and 'puggy machines', full of old people too, some of them on their last legs I tell thee, not a pretty sight. The hotel was amazing, a wee bit away from the strip but it was class, a huge suite, 70 lane bolwing ally, 14 screen cinema, 7 restaurantes, 6 stand alone bars, ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 3rd 2005

Today we visited Alcatraz, what a trip, you have to get a ferry out then you're on your own when you dock. It's a bizarre place, really small but still daunting, the cell block is up at the very top of the rock, it's tiny, at it's busiest it housed 260 prisoners it had capacity for 350 but A block was never used. The history is amazing, it was originally an Army Prison but was shut down because it was to brutal for soldiers, they made it a Federal Penetentiary in the 50's, it shut in 1963 and as far as the Prison Service says no one ever escaped alive, I have my doubts though. 3 dudes did escape in 1962 but because they were never found alive they were presumed dead, now I say if ... read more
The Watchtower
Andrew in a cell

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 2nd 2005

We had an interesting start to today with Fiona frightening the life out of some poor wee Indian dude she walked in on in the toilet, to be fair I think she got the biggest scare, the whole floor was woken up by their united screaming, I was laughing to myself in bed, she came running back into the room with her arms waving, you had to see it...... The story goes that she just walked into the open toilet and the light was off, this wee chap jumped up from the pan waving his arms about, Fiona stood there screaming waving her arms about too. I wished I'd seen it...... It was battering down with rain all day, we done some washing in the morning then went for breakfast, I got chatting to some Aussie ... read more
Sea Lions

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 1st 2005

Nothing to report for here as we spent 22 out of 24 hours in our bed, managed to make it out for a couple of hours to get some breakfast/lunch/dinner in the form of burgers. Back to the hostel armed with chips and biscuits we watched the only TV channel we've got in out room (ABC) and the Rose Bowl Game, another college football match between University of Texas and Michigan State. I can't believe we slept all day and night and It was an early rise for me this monring (the 2nd), about 5am as I write all these diary entries. Fiona's still in bed and I'm not sure if she'll be happy with all the information I given you here so beware these pages may get edited. The plan is to go get some ... read more
The City of San Francisco

North America » United States » California » San Francisco December 31st 2004

As they say here, we were up early for breakfast and out by 9am, it was glorious day, about 20 degrees, we had planned to do loads today and first on the agenda was Lombard Street, "The crookedest street in USA" as it markets itself, you've seen in on the telly, a windy street of right angles that cars que up to drive down. The walk up to it is mental, we felt like we were going to fall backwards it was that steep. The street itself is small, and didn't look as impresive as I remember on TV, there were no plants or that on it with it being winter so I didn't look as big as I though it would, crowds of cars waiting to drive down it though, just one one of those ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge
Fiona & Andrew

North America » United States » California » San Francisco December 30th 2004

Today started with the free breakfast as usual, we were meant to be going to the College Bowl final today but it was $60 a ticket!! It's the equivilant of Napier V Abertay, granted played in front of 60,000 punters but there was zero danger I was going to be allowed to blow our budget on a bunch of students throwing a ball about so we decided to take a wander into town. As we got into Union Square it started to batter down with rain, when it rains here it does it in style, we wandered in and out of a few shops and as usual I bought a trackie top that I didn't need, just means all the more that I have to wear when flying as the rucksack is filled to capacity and ... read more
China Town

North America » United States » California » San Francisco December 29th 2004

After a decent but brief sleep we were awake at 5am on Wednesday, the hostels free breakfast opens at 7am so we were first in the que for that. The meals are in a big ballroom with a kitchen on the side, bizarre set up but works well. Plenty of juice, tea/coffee, bagels, fruit and that, filled up then headed out for our first day on the Bay. We took a walk down through North Beach to Fishermans' Wharf, went through Telegraph Hill, a really nice area of San Francisco, loads of trendy houses and those mental streets you see on the films, zero danger I'm going cycling here. Fishermans' Wharf is the touristy part of the city, where Alcatraz is on the one side and the Golden Gate Bridge on the other, both are impressive ... read more
Andrew at Pier 39

North America » United States » California » San Francisco December 28th 2004

We left home at 07:00 on Tuesday (December 28th) and arrived in San Francisco (via Heathrow) at 18:45 local time, some 20 hours later, the Edinburgh - London flight was a nightmare, Fiona was sick at the landing and turned to me and said "I really don't think I like flying", magic I thought, only another 14 flights for a total of 65 hours to go........... The London - San Francisco flight was much better, good meals, 6 decent films and as much free bevie as we could take, the 11 hours didn't excatly fly in but it wasn't as bad as we though it would be, happy to report that Fiona held on to the contents of her stomach this time, "must have been nervous last time" she says. The customs department in America can't ... read more
Coit Tower

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