Hello I'm Sarah,

I am going to Africa in June on a 9 week overland tour through Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.

Prior to this I have been backpacking around Southeast Asia in 2009 for three months which was amazing!

Hope you enjoy reading my blogs :)

Sarah x

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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town August 19th 2010

My eighth and final country - South Africa. I could hardly believe it when crossing the border from Nambia, it had come around so quickly. The landscape changed almost immediately, from the barren and dusty scenery of Namibia to the lush greenery of South Africa and I could smell for the first time since setting foot in Africa what smelled like freshly mown grass! Our campsite was just over the border, on the banks of the orange river. Mark and Lindy were really happy to be back in the Motherland and their excitement was infectious, but it also really started to feel like it was all coming to an end. We spent one night by the Orange River before setting off the next morning for our final night of the tour, which we spent at Mark's ... read more
Camping at the winery
South Africa
The Wine!

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund August 15th 2010

This is going to be the best blog EVER! I am so excited to write it I hardly know where to start... After Etosha and my Birthday, we hd a very long drive to the next place on the hit-list - The Spitzkoppe. We went via Cape Cross Seal Colony which was a very strange sight to behold! The colony is in the National West Coast Recreation Area of the Skeleton Coast and is home to over 100,000 seals!!! It is SO weird to see that many seals altogether in one place and is very loud and doesn't smell particularly nice either! A bit of a weird place all in all, but an interesting sight to see I suppose! After Cape Cross we continued on to Spitzkoppe. The Spitzkoppe is a dramatic rock formation 1728m high ... read more
Another Outdoor Toilet!
Shashe @ Spitzkoppe

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 9th 2010

Hello again! After all the action in Livingstone, it’s been time for a well deserved rest and Botswana is such a beautiful place to do just that. First on the agenda was Chobe National Park. Chobe encompasses 11,000 sqaure km and is home to many types of wildlife, but is most famous for its elephants of which there is an abundance. We had an early morning game drive, on which we didn’t see a great deal, but it was still nice to drive through the park and after everything I’ve seen elsewhere I could hardly complain! That afternoon we went for a sunset game cruise down the Chobe River. This time we saw elephants, hippos, buffalo, impala and crocs - nothing I haven’t seen before by now, but it was really nice seeing them from the ... read more
Elephants on the banks of the Chobe River
Mum & Baby
Hippos at Chobe River

Africa July 29th 2010

He’s compromising, At least he’s got a job for life, Get born, get school, get job, get car, Pay tax and find a wife, And on that note, The end can’t come too soon, If you’re not living on the edge, You take up too much room Heavyweight Champion of the World Reverend and the Makers Something strange is happening in the town of Livingstone, Zambia. For reasons unknown, crazy people are throwing themselves head first off a 111m bridge - FOR FUN. Who the hell are these nutcases? Anyway... Livingstone...Here is where we were to spend four nights on the waterfront of the Zambezi river, sampling all that the town has to offer. The main attraction is of course the spectacular Victoria Falls! The Falls are the Seventh Wonder of the Natural World, a 1.7km ... read more
Vic Falls - The Smoke That Thunders
Me at the Falls
Vic Falls

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 27th 2010

Zanzibar is famous for many things - it’s the birthplace of Freddie Mercury, an ancient hub for trade of everything from spices to slaves and a colourful mish-mash of so many different cultures and traditions. I was looking forward to it, but at the same time unsure of what to expect. We stayed a night in Dar-es-Salaam the night before Zanzibar, at a nice campsite which was right on the beach - this put us all in a nice mood after a grumpy few days of travelling to get here. The next morning we were on the 7am ferry to Zanzibar’s Stone Town, which took a couple of hours. I instantly liked Stone Town, it has so much character and seems like it must have so many ancient stories hidden within it’s walls. We spent our ... read more
Sunset Cocktails with Pete
Seafood Market, Stone Town
Big Banana!

Africa » Tanzania July 15th 2010

WARNING: This is The Safari Blog! If you're not particularly interested in animals/wildlife, this is probably going to bore you and you might just want to skip to the pictures. If our furry friends in the animal kingdom do it for you then make yourself comfortable... Our safari trilogy began with the Masai Mara in Kenya. The world famous Masai Mara nature reserve is 1510km sq km of open rolling grassland filled with all sorts of wildlife. We drove through the day to get there and arrived in time for a late afternoon game drive and it wasn't long before we came across the main highlight - a pride of lions. There were 2 males, a few females and best of all 5 or 6 cubs which were very close to the truck so we had ... read more
Cute Lion Cub
Playful Cubs

Me again! I've had no net access for ages so this is a marathon internet session and the second blog today - too much to say in one entry, so make sure you read them both (and check out new pics on the first blog)... So, Gorilla Trekking - Here goes: Seven new people joined us for this leg of the trip and it was a very long driving day to our base camp at the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. We stayed at another lovely campsite which was so picturesque, as was the journey to get there - it was stunning scenery, with huge green hills and valleys at either side of us. It is quite high up above sea level and it was scary at times when we were climbing up the winding roads in the ... read more
The View from my Tent
The Blushing Bride
The Wedding at our Campsite

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls July 2nd 2010

Managed to add a few pics to the previous blog if you fancy a look... I’ve met up With the rest of the group and now we are on the road and have already visited our first National Park and done our first game drives in Kenya. There are only 10 of us to start with, and I am the only one going all the way to Cape Town. Some of the others are only doing the Nairobi to Nairobi loop, others are going to Livingstone, a few others are changing trucks at Livingstone and going on to Johannesburg. We are picking up 8 more in Kampala, who are doing the Kampala to Kampala loop ónly, we then pick up another 14 or so in Nairobi - in other words, people are coming and going all ... read more
Pretty Flamingos
Zebra's at Lake Nukuru
Little & Large

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi June 18th 2010

Jambo! Welcome to Kenya! I made it! The flights were OK - only took 1 hour to Amsterdam. 8 and a half hours from there to Kenya, which wasn't too bad (New Moon was on!) but a bit of turbulence on the way down. KLM Airlines seem to do nothing but shove food down you for the entire duration of the flight though, so that was a bonus. I was sat between a Kenyan man and woman who didn't know each other until they got on the plane but were practically brother and sister when they got off. They chatted to me too and it did help the journey go quicker but sometimes they were leaning over me and animatedly discussing Kenyan politics and things I couldn't really join in with! But they were really nice ... read more
The Rooftop Terrace
Miss U DT x
Everyone is World Cup Mad in Africa!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield June 15th 2010

Adj. 1. intrepid - invulnerable to fear or intimidation; "audacious explorers"; "intrepid pioneers", dauntless, unfearing, brave, hardy, fearless and daring; "bold settlers on a foreign shore" The night before has finally arrived... I've somehow managed to pack and get myself sorted out in time against the odds and now I feel sick! Have I remembered to pack everything? Will I make it to the plane on time? Will I even be able to lift my backpack up without toppling over? All will be revealed tomorrow... Thanks for the lovely messages so far, please - if you read this while I'm gone, send me a message - it's always really nice to read them. My main worries now are: 1. Managing to carry aforementioned backpack! 2. Saying goodbye. I've said some of my farewells already and it's ... read more

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