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Sunday August 21, 2011 Sun? I woke up late and dry. The sun looks like it want to make an appearance; but you never really know anymore. I was even going to stay put for the day and take a rest day to get laundry done. I heard (from inside the tent) the RV Park owner criticize the Austrian guy for wasting his day by getting up late. I could not help think that this might be an interesting day if I stayed around. When I finally emerged from my tent I asked the owner about whether he sold laundry detergent. Most camps that have laundry facilities sell little boxes of detergent for a buck. He gave me the craziest look and then looked at his watch telling me that checkout time was 11:00 am and ... read more
So That Is Why I Am Out Of Breath
Mountain Views
Mountain Views

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 20th 2011

Tuesday August 16, 2011 Watson Lake A mostly uneventful day. I spent the better part of the day updating the blog. I woke up to rain and it rained on and off today. I was in no rush to leave my tent after such a long day yesterday. The campground is basically the only place in town that has free WI-FI. The Information Center does not because it is government run unlike most Information Centers; the library has free internet but not WI-FI. Anywhere else there is WI-FI they charge for it. So I updated my blog in the laundry room of the campground. They have no lounge and the tent is a little cramped. It is very cool today as it has been all week. Wednesday August 17, 2011 Trapped In Watson Lake I woke ... read more
Watson Lake, Yukon
Sign Post Forest
Sign Post Forest

Sunday August 14, 2001 Leaving Liard Hot Springs I woke up at 10:30 I think I could have slept for hours more; what a great sleep. What a sleep after soaking in the hot spring. Every backyard needs a hot spring. From inside my tent I heard a camp worker say that it got down to 4 degrees last night. I took a morning walk down the boardwalk to check out the spring in day light. The boardwalk goes through a bog. Supposedly there are 14 species of orchids that live there. I think I identified 3 species but only 1 was still in bloom. They also have Sundew Plants (carnivorous plant). I have only ever seen them at Algonquin Park. (I believe I have photos of the species with that blog). The hot spring is ... read more
Mess With Me, I Dare You
Getting Them On The Move
Just a View

Friday August 12, 2011 A Rest Day Didn’t sleep the greatest last night. All the animals living in and around the pond kept me up. First it was a moose crossing the marsh at the far end. Clomp, clomp, clomp for a good half hour and then it was the busy beavers that were busy doing something that required splashing. Most of the day was spent at the computer working on the blog. It is amazing how much time it take to maintain this thing. The biggest headaches are uploading the pictures. The software will upload each picture 2, 3 0r 4 times and then I have to manually delete the extras not to mention decifer between the different pictures to figure out which one are extras. This is hard because the pictures are like thumbnail ... read more
Muncho Lake Provincial Park
Muncho Lake Provincial Park
Stone Sheep at Muncho Lake Provincial Park

Thursday August 11, 2011 Rain and Cold I woke up to over cast and weather that threatens to rain. It threatened and then rained. This kind of sucks. This section of the Alaskan Highway is one of the best sections of highway I have ever been on. The Alaskan Highway was my introduction to the mountains and wilderness of British Columbia during my 2004 Road Trip. I would have stayed at the campground but I didn’t much care for the guy running the place and I think my next campground offers more services plus a restaurant. Being that I am mostly out of food in the middle of nowhere a restaurant is helpful. For some reason the guy running this campground has a bunch of protein bars. So I have cleaned him out of those and ... read more
Summit Lake In Stone Mountain Park
Stone Mountains
Stone Mountains

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort Nelson August 10th 2011

Monday August 8, 2011 Beyond the NWT to BC I got an early start this morning but somehow I lost my early start by going into Ft. Liard. I needed supplies and for very small town they had everything spread way out. I also put the bike through a power-wash to get all that mud off the gears and chains. I also needed breakfast but by the time I got to that it was lunch. There is one killer hill getting out of Ft. Liard and the rest of the NWT seemed to be all big climbs. If I only had a case of beer to celebrate the end of all this soft loose gravel at the border. I actually got lucky; of the 40 km’s I had left to the BC border the last 20km’s ... read more
Part of Yesterdays Herd?
Always Climbing to Get Out of The NWT
Mama Bear

Saturday August 6, 2011 Checkpoint to Blackstone Territorial Park I made good time today; the road was in good condition even with gravel. I rode 105 km’s today with no wind to fight and also no wildlife. I rode from Checkpoint to Blackstone Territorial Campground. I even got stuck in a murderous thunder storm. I think “my” rain cloud caught up with me. I don’t think it was expecting me to take that shuttle van from Yellowknife and was it pissed at me. I ended up paying full price for my campground only to find out the showers were not working. I was not over pleased. But then I ended up getting my camp site for half price because I ended up sharing the site with a biker from Illinois named Bill. So I guess it ... read more
Getting Closer To The Border
Blackstone Territorial Park
Liard Mountain Range from Blackstone

Thursday August 6, 2011 My Longest Furthest Day I noticed that the evenings are getting cooler (as I wait for bus). The bus was actually a passenger van towing a trailer for luggage. There was maybe 8 others taking the shuttle. It was probably the most uncomfortable ride of my life. The whole way I just remember twisting and turning trying to get comfortable and feeling great discomfort because it was impossible to get comfortable. I awoke at 5:30 am as we were pulling into Ft. Providence. As we were unloading the driver offered to take me to the ferry because we would have to wait until the ferry started up at 6 am anyways. On the way to the ferry we saw 3 bison. At the ferry the driver then offered to take me to ... read more
Coral Falls
Coral Falls
Coral Falls

August 1, 2011 Yellowknife I attempted to dry things out this morning but that didn’t last long. It was a big scramble to get everything back in the tent before the rain. I was stuck in the tent till after lunch. I spent the afternoon updating blogs and doing emails and getting a few supplies. You would be amazed how long it takes to keep these blog current. I still have stuff to do tomorrow so I will spend another day in Yellowknife. Yellowknife is a good little town. It is neat and clean and they have everything you need. The only store I would miss is Future Shop. I don’t know about the social dynamics of the town; due to the strong presence of natives but I like it here. I am at what I ... read more
My Camp Site
Right Over My Tent

Saturday July 30, 2011 My friend the Rain I woke up to sunny and hot. A few hours later it was pouring rain and it was a race to get my rain gear on. Luckily the rain was early afternoon giving me time to dry out. I saw 2 more bison but due to the rain I could not be bothered to stop. I see signs of bison everywhere. They may not be on the road but I can tell there is a very healthy population here. I only saw 3 cranes today; 2 adults with a young one. Makes me think that the young must have a very high mortality rate due to the fact I mostly see adult pairs. They have a cool call and I can tell they are pissed when my presence ... read more
He Moves In For A Closer Look
Face To Face
I Guess I Win (This Time)

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