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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay March 2nd 2014

Riversdale to Oudtshoorn (179 km or 111 miles)—Sunday, March 2nd on a clear blue sky day. On the road by 8:00 this morning–took rare (most likely only) mileage reading of 63078. Continued back on R-323 and then on the N-2 this morning towards the town of Mosselbaai. Passed huge petrol? factory in the town of Petroport. In Mosselbaai, we turned down to the shore for a tour of the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex. King John II of Portugal was determined to find a sea route to India via the southern tip of Africa. In 1487, he sent Dias from Lisbon with two caravels of 100 tons each and a larger store ship. Dias sailed down the coast of Africa constantly tacking against a southern wind. Tired of this, Dias sailed into the open ocean and missed ... read more
1403-21  Life-sized replica of Dias' caravel
1403-22 Looking toward the bow--note curved deck
1403-23 Ropes used to hoist the sail

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Agulhas March 1st 2014

Stellenboch to L’Agulhas (144 miles)--Friday, February 28th Travelling on Highway R44 on the Whale Coast Drive (unfortunately the wrong time of year for the whales), after 82 km we turned onto R43 toward Hermanus. After about 22 km, we navigated the traffic circle and turned toward Stanford, a few more km and we turned onto Highway R316 toward Napier/Bredasdorp. We turned right at a sign for Cape Agulhas now on 319, and drove to the “Southernmost tip of Africa” where we looked at the rocks, the oceans (Indian on the left and Atlantic Ocean on right), and the lighthouse before driving a few km back to L’Agulhas Caravan Park for the night. Driving this route we travelled along the coast through small communities at first. We stopped in one small town at a ShopRite and ought ... read more
1402-139 A strange bird we couldn't ID
1402-140 Looking back toward Gordon's Bay
1402-141 Some nice homes across from the previous view

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » KIrstenbosch February 26th 2014

Capetown, South Africa--Wednesday, February 26th. Afternoon tour of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, World Heritage Site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISITNA! After lunch we walked with Ann to get her car out of the parking garage. We finished lunch later than we expected and so we were pushing it to get to the gardens by three to be able to get a pre-arranged by Ann golf cart tour. Unfortunately, we were just a bit late due to HEAVY going home traffic. Ann surprised us with tickets she had already purchased and we went inside. It was quickly obvious that I was not going to see much of the gardens as they are planted basically uphill on the side of Table Mountain and the afternoon heat was extremely hot. As we were walking along an aisle of Camphor trees planted in ... read more
1402-94 Courtyard at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
1402-95 Some of the statuary in the courtyard
1402-96 Camphor tree avenue

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 26th 2014

Capetown, South Africa--Wednesday, February 26th. Morning tour of Robben Island Had a good buffet breakfast and then took the hotel shuttle to the ferry for Robben Island that you catch from the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. We got there early and had to stand around waiting for the 9:00 ferry, so, of course, Valerie kept busy taking pictures of the plaza’s Clock Tower and Tidal Gauge, a statue of a Mother and her children looking out to sea in front of, we believe, an insurance office, and other things that caught her eye, like a baby seagull tumbling down the steps of the Mandela Museum. We took about 45 minutes to get to the island on an old tug/fishing like boat. Robben Island has been used by Europeans for many different things starting with the early ... read more
1402-55 Clock Tower and Tidal Gauge at Victoria and Albert Waterfront complex
1402-56 Inside Mandela Museum and Terminal to Robben Island
1402-57 Bust of Nelson Mandela

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 25th 2014

Capetown, South Africa--Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Met at 7:00 am this morning to pick up cell phones but the case came with no instructions inside. Big mistake to assume that all of us know how to use this modern type phone. Had a nice buffet breakfast that was a combination of European with sliced cheeses/meats/yogurt; English with bangers, baked beans, and grilled tomatoes; and American with cereals, pancakes, eggs and bacon. Plenty of fresh fruit. British style tea so very, very strong you need to add milk to cut it. Boarded the bus at 8:00 and headed through town and down the about 60 mile-long peninsula for an all day tour toward the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. Absolutely stunning coastal scenery along the way somewhat like Northern California with straight down cliffs to ... read more
1402-14 Many nicely built houses and resorts along the coast
1402-15 Parking on the roofs of the buildings--reminded us of the Amalfi Coast
1402-16 A few of the 12 Apostles on our way to Cape Good Hope

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 24th 2014

ATLANTA TO NEW YORK—Friday, February 20th, 2014 Shantrice, our roommate, dropped us off at the airport which was real nice of her. We spent more time before getting onto the plane than we did on the 1 1/2 hour flight to New York. Arrived here at foggy, foggy JFK airport and took a shuttle bus to the Sheraton Hotel. The flight wasn’t too bad--with a storm predicted for today we thought for sure we would have lots of turbulence. Had some, but most of the bumps occurred in the ride on the shuttle bus between the terminal and hotel as the streets are really full of potholes, most likely a result of all the snow they have had. Snow was about 2 inches deep all over the ground, but it was not terribly cold out. Valerie ... read more
1402-02 Our home for about 15 hours
1402-03 Sharon on Johannesburg airport's answer to no gangways to accomodate wheelchairs
1402-04 A few of the township homes on way from Cape Town airport

North America » United States » Florida January 5th 2014

Miami--Sunday, December 29th 77 degrees at roughly 6:30 in the morning. Starting mileage is 40,647. Found Rosie II safe and sound in the parking lot where we left her and it was like we had arrived home. Looked at the Florida map and found Highway 41. It runs almost right by the airport and we then headed toward the Everglades. We had made reservations for 2 nights at a private campground just outside of the Everglades National Park, before we left home. We figured we would need a couple of days to organize Rosie and get some sleep to make up for the night we lost on our flight. We also thought we wanted to take an air-boat tour of the Everglades. I guess we have a bit more skin surface that hasn't an insect bite ... read more
1312-578 Monster hunting vehicles-B
1312-579 Beginning our air boat ride at Myakka State Park
1312-580 A stork taking off

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 29th 2013

Thursday, the 26th- fly from Rio to Santiago, Chile We had a bit of a bumpy flight and we looked down out the window several times to see the cause--the deep snow-covered Andes. We arrived about 7:30 pm after a 5 hour flight. We think there was a two hour time difference. Got our luggage and then walked across the street, literally to the modern Holiday Inn to spend a couple of nights. We were using points for the room rate. After checking in and getting settled, we went downstairs for dinner in their restaurant. Expensive and neither of us felt the light meal was worth the price. From that point on, we bought our food across the street at the airport or in town. The next morning, we walked back across the street to catch ... read more
1312-524 Hop-On Hop-Off in the Central Market
1312-525 Man hawking Chilean snow crabs
1312-526 Everyone eating in the central market

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro December 26th 2013

This group of photos is of some of the birds of REGUA. If you are a birder, this is a good place for you.... read more
1312-524 White-faced whistling duck
1312-525 Black-capped Donacobius
1312-526 Chestnut-backed antistrike

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro December 26th 2013

Sunday-Thursday, December 22nd-26th, 2013, REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu), Brazil REGUA protects one of the last stands of tropical rainforest left in the severely depleted Atlantic Rainforest, or Mata Atlântica, in Brazil. A very pleasant non-English speaking driver from REGUA picked us up from our hotel at about 10:00 and drove us in the company van silently (he didn’t speak much English) through Rio on the freeway and then began climbing up into the mountains on toll roads. We finally turned off onto a 2-lane road for about a 30-40 mile drive. We drove mainly through cattle and horse ranch country with very little cultivation going on that we could see. Also went through small settlements of homes. Where we turned off this road, to go into the Reserve, we passed through a field of manioc ... read more
1312-474 They are ready for Christmas in this little town
1312-475 Vegetable and fruit stand in town where we turned off the major road
1312-476 Catlle ranch en route to REGUA

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