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27th January 2010

WE hate you.(just kidding) The weather here is going to be in the 20's with snow and ice Friday. Hurry up Spring!
27th January 2010

Got to say, I miss the Florida beaches! I could sit for hours just watching the water and sky!!!! Lucky you....
26th January 2010

Beautiful pictures. You sure have an eye for angles!! Love you both!
25th January 2010

Envious back in Tennessee
Charlie, injoyed your blog so much. This is my first time to ever access one. Looks like you are having a great time. I loved the pictures of you and Sara scuba diving. You looked like pros to me. You know I can relate to the manuevering around on land with scuba gear on. I'll be thinking fondly of you during your travel adventures. I think it is wonderful that you and your husband can travel together and enjoy this beautiful earth God has created for us to explore. Talk with you later. Have a great day!
25th January 2010

Great pictures Charlie! We are still in Key Largo at Pennykamp. Went snorkeling on Saturday at Molasses reef, what a beautiful spot. It has been extremely windy the last couple of days so we are holding tight here in the bay waiting for our chance to get out to the other spots in the park. Had such a great time seeing you again. Love ya! Linda
24th January 2010

Kerry, you were sure brave to get so close to that gator. The can move in a hurry! Shells, shells, gosh are they beautiful! How many did you pick up? The water looks gogeous....aaahhhhhhhhhhh Florida!
24th January 2010

You are hurting our hearts. Sanibel is one of our favorite places! Yes, it is crowded and the beach is not easily accessible but wonderful shelling. I always bring home another bag of shells! If you get acquainted, you will find lots to do on Sanibel. There is a market by the name of Jerrys I think on Periwinkle that has some of the best cinnamon raison bread (made daily) I have ever tasted. Also, there is a little Schoolhouse Theatre with plays with local artists and lots of fun. Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy!
20th January 2010

Hi there, what a story Charlie. Getting out of the water is hard enough (for me) without all the gear. You are brave. So glad you're having so much fun. Pictures were great, did you take the underwater ones also? Wow!! Love you Peggy
19th January 2010

Awesome pix
WOW! These are so cool! I remember John Pennecamp!! I'm so jealous!! Looks like so much fun. Uncle I tried to find the show with Thomas Jane - the only one we could find was an HBO series - and we don't get HBO. O well - we'll find it on reruns in a few years! Have a blast and stay safe. I love you all!
18th January 2010

Hi all, What a great trip you all are having! Fabulous pictures of the manatee, all the sea life, and you all underwater in the familiar Florida waters. Love it! Love to all.
18th January 2010

Checked out your blog tonight. It was really cool. you have seen some beautiful places. Continue to have fun!
18th January 2010

Those pictures are so great! I'm so glad you finally had a good dive! It was fantastic getting to dive with you; we'll have to do it again sometime! Love you! -Sara
15th January 2010

Great Weather
Glad to hear you're staying another day in The Keys; the weather is great for it and ya'll have come a long distance; good to take advantage of every hour....have a good time!!
15th January 2010

Great photos of friendly gators! Dive safe!
12th January 2010

Always loved seeing the Spanish moss hanging form the live oak trees....
10th January 2010

We want to hear more about this Alaska adventure . . . when and where??
10th January 2010

Woke up to 4 degrees this morning!!!!! Monday should be hot, near 40 here! Enjoy Florida.
5th October 2009

wish we were there
Ah it was wonderful to read about your river adventures. It looks like we will NOT be coming east this fall after all and I am sad to miss spending time with you two. I'll write more details in an email, but please know we're thinking of you and will just have to see your pictures and read your blog to get our "river fix". Happy Boating!
4th October 2009

You have enough comments for today, so I'll wait for the next segment! ENJOY!!!!!
3rd October 2009

we've been there too!
These stir up our memories from last year! We had a change of plans and will not be heading east this year. But we intend to see you sometime and somewhere. We will be going on a road trip to the national parks in Oregon and California in the next couple of weeks. Please keep those photos and notes coming.
3rd October 2009

looks wonderful, enjoy for me too! love you
3rd October 2009

I don't think your handle suits you !!! You guys are a LONG WAYS from being off your rockers !!!! What you are doing and the way you travel is ABSOLUTELY the RIGHT way to do it! I'm envying (SP?) your trip. I must admit, however, that 4 mph is probably too fast for trolling!
3rd October 2009

Don't you guys ever stay home? Loved the pictures and script. How far are you going this time? We're having a memorial for Pop Friday next week, the 9th. On the 14th we're heading for Germany for two weeks---when we get back to NC, we'll stay here until I have my eye appointment the 28th and then head for Florida. You all keep on keepin' on---love ya---gena
16th July 2009

Agreed. Ohio does bite the big one. :)
15th July 2009

Ohio sucks ass! I'm glad we're all in agreement now. :)

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