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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer May 12th 2007

We stepped off the plane in Udaipur, Rajastan and into what seemed like an oven. With the daily average temperature around 43 degrees this is the hottest place I had ever been to. We were tempted with the aircon in the taxi but as it was going to cost us 2 quid we wound down our windows and enjoyed the boiling breeze. We checked into Dream Heaven hotel and got an air con room that overlooked the infamous lake. Udaipur (known as the City of the Lakes) was breathtaking and sums up what India is all about: beautiful palaces, windy old streets and fantastic old architecture. On our first night we watched kids fly their kites in the warm air currents from the rooftops of the buildings - magic! We thought our first day was going ... read more
Jodphur Fort and the Blue Town
Lake Island
Haveli Windows

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi April 23rd 2007

Bangalore - Mumbai Sally Evers & Nick Griffith Our friend Amanda was arriving in Bangalore at the sociable hour of 4.30am so we went to go and meet her at the airport. We did not give Amanda much time to catch up on her jet lag as took a train to Mysore in the afternoon. As it was Amanda's first night we opted for the semi-deluxe room for 3 quid extra. We spent our first day in Mysore visiting the beautiful palace that was designed by an Englishman. Amanda being quite white and very blonde was intriguing to locals and had her photo taken on numerous occassions, it was like being an A list celeb for the day(well sort of). The palace was stunning inside with huge ornately painted rooms, the concrete was very hot between ... read more
Hampi Bazaar
Powder Paints
Mysore Palace

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar April 13th 2007

After the peace and quiet of the backwaters it was straight back into the thick of things with a relatively short bus journey North to Cochin. The buses were strangely not on time and we had to wait a while in the intense heat - then 3 came at once and typically everyone tried to get on the first one - there are just too many people in India! We made it to Fort Cochin via a brief rickshaw ride and then our cheapest trip to date - 5 rupees for a ferry across to the peninsula. Fort Cochin is a nice place with some real colonial history. The Portuguese started there then the Dutch came then the British took over and stayed until independence. Therefore Cochin has a distinct flavour and the architecture is as ... read more
Tea Plantations - Munnar
Leelu's Cooking Class - Cochin
Tea Pot Beer - Cochin

Asia » India » Kerala » Varkala April 7th 2007

The Route So Far Sally Evers & Nick Griffith We are back on the road again, and this time for our last trip before we get back to the real world :) For those of you who don't know (or care) we are in India for the next 3 months to soak up the sun, temples and smells! We started in Chennai just over a week ago, which is on the East Coast. We got off the plane to the smell of curries which we thought was quite funny. It was pretty smelly and hot but a good introduction to India, we spent a couple of days there because there was a government strike on our second day which meant all shops and flights into Chennai were closed / cancelled - it was a bit surreal ... read more
Allo Allo
Fishermen's Boats

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt February 26th 2007

After the six month trip to South America it was important to get back to work and start earning some money again! What better than running a ski and snowboard course in Zermatt! Ten weeks of fun in the snow with a bit of work thrown in is a perfect way to ease back into the working lifestyle! Well thats what Nick did anyway, I just came along for the ride for 6 weeks to be the cleaner, washer upper and ski bum extrodinaire! Zermatt is great, a stunning old Swiss Alpine village set in a steep sided valley. The Matterhorn mountain towers over the village at one end and at 4478m looks pretty awe-inspiring on a blue sky day, apparently the infamous Toblerone bar's shape was based on the shape of the mountain! In the ... read more
Great View

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco December 21st 2006

With only a couple of weeks left doing all of Mexico was going to be impossible. So, we limited ourselves to a couple of places with the priority being sun and relaxing - it is hard work travelling! Chasing the sun, paradise beaches and the chance of some diving we headed from Flores (Guatemala) to Tulum in Mexico, via Belize. This was a gruelling journey of about 16 hours but we finally made it. Unfortunately we were only rewarded with a beautiful beach as the weather was awful. We spent a couple of days in Tulum walking along the beach (in the rain), visiting the ruins, and also caught up with a friend from home, Amy, who has been teaching English there for a couple of months! Hi Amy! We couldn´t hack any more bus journeys ... read more
Acapulco Sunset
Tulum Beach
Driving a local Taxi!!!

We spent our first couple of nights in Guatemala in a pretty town called Antigua, it used to be the capital until it got destroyed several times over by earthquakes. Antigua is a very touristy town but nice to be in for its creature comforts: cappuccinos and what not. The day after we arrived, we climbed Volcano Pacaya which I had climbed 8 years ago when Amanda and I had visited Guatemala. - even the volcano had changed with a nice walking path up the side of the volcano and official guides to accompany you. We went on the tour at dusk so got to see the sun setting behind the foggy sky :) On arrival Nick bought a walking stick, well it was just a stick, for about 25 cents and some Skittle sweets, the ... read more
Lago De Atitlan
Cool Tree in Tikal
Temple V

Our initial plan for Honduras was certainly more than it turned out to be. We blitzed the journey from the border North in order to go to the Bay Islands - tropical paradises with amazing and cheap diving, only to realise that the weather was terrible and there is nothing worse than being on a sandy island in the rain! So instead we went straight to Copan, a famous site of Mayan Ruins. We were slightly delayed in the morning of our second day as we had to get a police report for the things that were stolen from Sallys rucksack on the bus the night before. The cheeky buggars took her sandals and flip flops, fleece, ski jacket and also strangely her bikini bottoms and contact lenses! Never mind, we were not harmed and we ... read more
Macaws guarding the gates to Copan Ruins
Scarlet Macaw
Copan Stelae

After a long, hot and sweaty journey from Costa Rica we made it across the border and into the port town of San Jorge in Nicaragua where we caught the ferry to Isla de Ometepe. The island looks the most impressive from the mainland as it is made up of two volcanoes joined in the middle with a small strip of land in between, pretty stunning. After a good nights sleep we ventured off for a day of exploring the island on a local's moped that he graciously hired to us for the day (Nick wanted to go for the more poweful dirt track bike but I had my reservations after seeing how the locals drive). Our first stop was to a beach and a nearby lagoon whereupon we discovered we had a puncture in our ... read more
Isla Ometepe
Hammock Making
Old Hospital - Granada

After a long long journey through Chiquito´s huge banana plantations (think of us when you are next tucking into your bananas), we arrived in San Jose, to those of you who were no good at Geography at school, that´s the capital of Costa Rica. After telling our cabbie which hostal we wanted to go to, he warned us how dangerous that area was by signing his throat being slit - what a nice introduction to Costa Rica. Turns out they just want to get commission from taking you to there own hostals, cheeky little things. Well, we were a bit lazy in San Jose and just saw our hostal and a local shopping center where we went to the cinema. One of the joys about not being multi-linguistic is that we sat down to enjoy our ... read more
Waterfall in La Fortuna
A Natural Jacuzzi

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