Peruvian Teaching Adventure!

a trip by Monique Hagel
From: June 9th 2012
Until: August 9th 2012

I'm spending the summer teaching English in Peru!
Trip Length: 9 weeks
Blog Entries: 18
Photos: 45
Words: 11723

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
June 11th 2012 Let the adventure begin! South America » Peru » Lima
June 12th 2012 That's just not safe! South America » Peru » Lima
June 12th 2012 Ojos elegantes South America » Peru » Lima
June 15th 2012 That was sassy. South America » Peru » Lima
June 16th 2012 Mmm. Chipotle. South America » Peru » Lima
June 17th 2012 Try that again (with a side of pollo a la brasa). South America » Peru » Lima
June 19th 2012 Ceviche, a weird green drink, and a large market. South America » Peru » Lima
June 19th 2012 Large earrings, pottery, and ancient instruments. South America » Peru » Lima
June 20th 2012 What? There's brown bread? South America » Peru » Lima
June 20th 2012 The never ending dinner. South America » Peru » Lima
June 21st 2012 And that's why you have to pay attention. South America » Peru » Lima
June 23rd 2012 This is a BEAVER... Not Justin Beiber. South America » Peru » Lima
June 25th 2012 Sandwiches, ice cream, and a game for the car. South America » Peru » Lima
June 26th 2012 Catacombs, outdoor food fairs, and Pizza Hut. South America » Peru » Lima
July 3rd 2012 Sickness, a drive through the mountains, and wedding invitations. South America » Peru » Lima
July 4th 2012 Triple birthdays and dancing. South America » Peru » Lima
July 5th 2012 Fourth of July... Peru style! South America » Peru » Lima
July 14th 2012 I'll never complain about a small classroom or no technology ever again. South America » Peru » Lima
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