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26th November 2009

Loved This Entry
Having lived in California all my life it was great to read your blog and get the traveler's perspective. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and you were treated well by all of us you encountered. Happy Travels!
26th November 2009

Stunning Photos!
Yosemite is one of my favourite spots as well - breathtaking! congratulations to both of you on doing this with a one year old :)
11th July 2009

Where is the write up for Honkers.?????
4th July 2009

Nate is a superb traveler!
I have traveled with a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old before.....but not with anyone as young as nate! No wonder he wowed many locals. Nice blog, and nice references. I can use this next visit I make to Japan. I have only been to Tokyo, and been planning on the other areas like Kyoto. I, too, was wary of the strong yen!
3rd July 2009

you can
almost smell the guano!
2nd July 2009

Glad to hear you had a great time here :-) Sounds as though you made good use of the time. I get to see my sister/brother-in-law/ 7 month old niece (coming from the UK) at the weekend - can't wait!
7th June 2009

How did I miss this?
I don't understand how I could have missed this. But anyway, thanks a lot for sharing. Those pictures are awesome! Well done.
26th February 2009

Looks incredible. Could be one for my list.
30th November 2008

quite happy to be idiots... :)
me, bec, wotto and sammie are going on a trip inland/coast of australia, well actualy its just a pipe dream , BUT, the cool thing about our trip idea is that we are going "unplanned" and our only true trust is our petrole station markouts on the map and petrole money.... we wont even use the map unless we want to.... witch we wont... Same as in the young days so where just going to drive off to some random place in the sunset and see what happens and get bored and then keep going elsewhere untill oneday we wanna head home.... we did this as kids after only just gettin our licences, we are outbackins, we know our limmits so safety aint a prob bob... but its gonnna happen, i can feel it... the reason its a pipe drem is because now where like 21 ish so we have stuff going on..... commitments and other stuff, but i just want to say, Fuck yeah! no showers and a bunch of servo food with nowhere to crap.. lol, life dont get much better! FUCK THE RATRACE GUYS, ITS A WASTE OF MOMENTS............. go on, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st February 2008

Your catching up!
Great blog Michael l,m afraid you had me crying in the end.Have a great time with your mum @ dad in Honkers
17th February 2008

how long did it take
hi guys im going to oz later this year with the misses and are thinking of doing the same buying van ect ect. how long did the drive take and was it easy to get fuel. any good tips will be good. take it easy
14th February 2008

Hey both, Long time n speak, Happy New Year to you both. Everything still looks amazing. Cant wait to try your cooking bet it beats take out any day. I look forward to the next installment..... It certainly makes my dull days seem even duller!! Take Care and Keep having a fantastic time xx
2nd February 2008

hey....after a long time
hey guys!! I'm so glad you're still travelling and that everything goes as planned. Once I promised to be with you...and read all your journals... i'm so sorry I didn't do it. but I do have the subscription so from time to time I check on you... it seems like you're having a wonderful time... Well, enjoy!! :)) Greetings from Croatia! Angela
30th December 2007

good piccies
the pictures are great! keep up the photography. see you in Honkers, love Dad! XXX
30th December 2007

Yay for Sea slugs
Just wanted to say that it's great to hear more about your adventures. It sounds like it's been great. I'm in Amsterdam - first getaway in ages. Keep having fun and I'll keep reading about it and daydreaming while in the classroom...
1st December 2007

its a long trek!
We are going to book tickets for Honkers for Feb, take care, Its great to see the world in your pictures and stories, See Yah! XXXDad
21st November 2007

coppers everywhere!!
Glad you got some good dives in! Bloody coppers, good piccies. take care Love Dad!
6th November 2007

Diving must have been great.
I trained to dive 20 years ago - would love to go to the Gt B Reef. You lucky bu**ers. Best wishes from all at Unipath/SPD. Glad your health check was OK.
5th November 2007

Good Question!!!
That's what everyone wants to know... how do you keep clean? I'd like to say we're hardcore and didn't wash, but hey that's not the case.... It's amazing where you can find showers, and you do get stared at when you're at the beach in the rinse off showers with shampoo and soap! :) We were also lucky enough to have a power shower (cigarette lighter) in the van, though we had to be really careful with water usage, in the outback you choose life over being clean!!! :) Good Times!!!!
31st October 2007

Thats my one question. Where did you shower?
29th October 2007

Really gripping stuff again. The pictures are amazing I love the boxing Kangaroo's and little nemo and I could just about make out little mr platypus - I will say it again because I am awe struck with it all - AMAZING. Cant wait to hear about the next part of the adventure, where are you of to next????. Love always to you both xx
29th October 2007

Hiya guys, so glad your both still having a great time and i'm chuffed that the results in Sydney came back negative! So where you going next? I'm sure you will have a few cherries to see when you get to Asia! I'm so jealous I wish i was back out there haha Glad to see you both well anyways, keep enjoying your trip! Steph x
27th October 2007

You must be Knackered!!!
Excellent write up I really enjoyed reading it lots of love Me!
7th October 2007

Well worth the wait Michael.Another great blog with fantastic photos. Love and missing you both xxxxxxx
6th October 2007

the long drive
hope you are having a good time, Stay safe, I'm glad you enjoyed a good dive in The barrier reef, so you change your name to Aquaman. Dad xxx

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