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Hi, I’m Desiree. I hope to travel all around the world with my husband, family, friends, fellow travelers out there, and even with our future kids. To live a life to the fullest with no regrets.

“It is the experiences, the memories, the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found. God it's great to be alive! Thank you. Thank you.”
― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

My travel blogs are composed to not only give you a matter-of-factually account of events, but also aim to motivate and inspire you to break free of the 9-to-5 lifestyle every once and a while.

I have adapted to the travel name "Kickapoo" because of my cultural adventures. Like the name “Kickapoo” suggests, I stand here and there

Morning dew glistens across the rolling fields of green and a kaleidoscope of – deep wine, violet, pink and white - wild lupines edge the red dirt road as we creep towards our destination of New Glasgow, in Prince Edward Island. Terry and I are celebrating our second year wedding anniversary. Our first stop is breakfast at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company nestled picturesquely into the hills surrounding the River Clyde. The Preserve Company is a solid tourist destination because of its location, restaurant, assortment of homemade jams, teas, fine bone teacups from England and China, and beautiful “Gardens of Hope.” Arriving early in the morning we were surprised to see the restaurant humming with the sound of people from three coaches. However, the staff handled the crowds with absolute professionalism. We were seated, everything ... read more
The Secret Beach
Prince Edward Island Red Fox
The River Clyde

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Terry and I have been embarking on an adventure – a true Maritime experience. We decided, on a whim to move away from Ottawa and everything we knew, and buy a house in the smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island (PEI). It still feels surreal. Maybe it’s because winter has finally stopped crapping on us and the summer sun is shining along the Atlantic seaboard. There’s a stress-free vibe settling over the PEI beach-fronts, and the fishermen are out catching lobster in the coves. It’s a parallel universe. Terry and I dig our toes into the warm silvery-white sand and gaze out across the ocean. Our two dogs run playfully free. The waves gently lap onto the shore. "To hear the water and to see the coastline is so ... read more
Basin Head Beach
Anne of Green Gables

Europe » Isle of Man » Douglas April 1st 2014

Orbital Space Tourism is not the first thing you think of when considering the Isle of Man as a holiday destination. Amongst the controversial world championship series of TT motorbike races, cultural heritage, and outstanding and diverse natural beauty. Yet the thought of exploring the Milky Way or other galaxies takes a quantum leap out of the notebook of traditional tourism. No longer can it be said that the island of Manannan Mac Lir (the legendary Celtic sea God) lies remote and mysterious beyond the horizon of mist and fables for 21st century holidaymakers. I drive. Slowly, with dawn, the island comes to life. I watch in a worshipful silence as the sun farewells the moon in a dazzling ray of sticky heat. Around me are a group of raucous Seagulls. They contrast with the throatier ... read more
The Calf of Mann
Corrin’s Tower

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montebello March 25th 2014

Oh Canada! You’ve got over 194 species of mammals, 426 species of birds, and not to mention reptiles, fish, insects, arachnids and crustaceans! But you don’t have to travel the entire length of this vast country to get close to where the wild things are. Yesterday was my birthday, and instead of the obvious date night out with my husband, Terry and I decided to celebrate the day with an adrenaline rush into the wild. Without hesitation, I decided on the outdoor adventure because ever since leaving the United Kingdom in 2011, I’ve been wide-eyed fascinated at Canada’s wildlife wonders. Watching wildlife in the UK mostly involved hedgehogs and pigeons, so it’s no surprise I fell so heavily for Canada’s menagerie of photogenic fauna. Camera at the ready, our adventure commenced from the capital city, Ottawa. ... read more
Winter Wonderland
Got any carrots?

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau February 20th 2014

Gatineau Park boasts snowy trails, pristine pistes, abundant sunshine and an impressive winter sports season between November and April. It certainly lived up to its reputation on our first day, as we parked the car, strapped on our snowshoes, and simply clambered over two feet of snow at the side of the road onto deep, undisturbed snow on route 60. Terry and I had joined a group of outdoor enthusiasts for a walk on the wild side, in provided snowshoes, as part of the Winterlude Festivities. Our English-speaking guide gave our group a 15-minute presentation on the ecology of winter, how to look for wildlife and their signs, and gain insights into how the animals in the park cope with cold temperatures and deep snow. The first point of interest was a tree pecked out in ... read more
Nature Trek
Black Bear Claws
Sun Sets Over the Park

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 5th 2014

Well I can’t believe we are already in the month of February. December only lasted around thirty seconds and I’m pretty sure we just skipped over January… Maybe it’s the blizzard-ridden icy grips of the Canadian Sub-Arctic that has put everyone in hibernation, but the capital of Canada is fighting off these wintery blues with a vengeance. Winterlude in Ottawa has finally arrived. People from around the world have put on their mitts, hats, and coats, and come out to celebrate the winter festival, which lasts from January 31 to February 17, 2014. Towering snow and ice sculptures, a playground, Beaver tails, Maple Taffy, singers, comedians - and best of all - the Rideau Canal (the world's longest natural skating rink) are all part of Ottawa's unique winter festival that takes place every year this month. ... read more
War Memorial
2010 Olympic Torch
Mermaid blows her horn

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls December 28th 2013

It’s the start of winter. Terry and I decided to spend a few days away in Niagara Falls before we travelled onwards to visit family for Christmas. The waterfall has a special place in our hearts. It’s the location of our very first date in 2006. Although we have been to the falls a few times now, we still always find new and exciting treasures, like the Hersey Chocolate Shop. Despite all the endless museums, Festival of Lights, casinos, and themed restaurants, the wonder-of-the-world waterfalls are still the sweetest eye candy. Ice dipped tree branches and massive clouds of steam are ample reward for braving the cold and frosty walkways during this season. It’s also the quietest time to go, with a lack of lineups at the Bird Kingdom, Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum and ... read more
The Ontario ice storm
Fallen trees and broken hydro lines
Winter at the Falls

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher November 6th 2013

I had been fantasizing about this moment, seeing The Cliffs of Moher with my husband for many weeks, but now that we were finally here I almost didn’t care. Time collapsed minute-by-minute as we trekked. I understood on some dim detached level that the earth beneath my feet was a spectacular sight, but I struggled to focus as I squeezed through the traffic jam of tourists. They had gathered to view the 214m (702 feet) cliffs at their highest peak. The clouds were darkening and swelling. The mob was getting anxious as the Heavens were about to burst. On a clear day you can see the Aran Islands and Galway Bay, as well as the Twelve Pins and the Maum Turk mountains in Connemara, Loop Head to the south and the Dingle Peninsula and Blasket Islands ... read more
A bleak, but beautiful sight.
Terry stands at the edge of the world

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 31st 2013

Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows. – Pope Paul VI, Italian Pope (1897 - 1978). Since it’s that time of year again – Halloween – I will tell you about the haunting adventure I had in Rome. I had only heard of Capuchin Crypt by word of mouth. But, the further I investigated the more intrigued I became in discovering this out-of-the-way chapel made entirely from human bones. Located on Via Veneto, near Barbarini Square, we (a traveling companion and I) arrived at our destination. Entrance is by donation, the door manned by a forceful Italian ... read more
The Soil In The Crypt Came From Jerusalem
Wild cats

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 12th 2013

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost There's something wonderfully romantic about a real Canadian log cabin break. It's an escape in the true sense of the word: nestled away in the woods and alongside a peaceful lake - there's nothing to distract you but your traveling companion(s), a bottle of wine, wildlife and bird song. With Autumn finally hitting home, Terry and I decided to experience the great Canadian outdoors in the best way possible. Forget sleeping bags and soggy ground mats - this log cabin came complete with a steaming hot tub, wood burning stove and quirky interior design. We waved goodbye to city life and delightfully retreated to our rustic hideout. Located in Lone Wolf Forest, ... read more
Inside our cosy cabin
Fishing in the secluded lake.
A work of art

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