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19th March 2007

North Americans...
Yeah, apperantly us North Americans can be pretty slow when it comes to slang from abroad. Though those girls you're working with sound exceptionaly ignorant. I met an American while I was traveling who had never heard the expression "taking the piss"...
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18th March 2007

Of cabbages and kings . . .
No cuddles, Mormons *and* cloth nappies?! Oh dear . . . you're not going to go all broody, are you?
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8th March 2007

Oh my GOD! You actually found some llamas! [jaw drops in awe]
7th March 2007

We miss you!
Hey, not sure when you´ll get this, but just thought I´d let you know it´s our first day without you Cuenca guys and we miss you! Went to see our placements today, all looking pretty good apart from that CENIT is run by and EXTREMELY irritating American woman. But she´s leaving in about a month :) Anyway, good luck with stuff, speak to you soon! My mobile number is 091487775, let me know all your numbers when you have them and I´ll pass them around. Chao chica!
5th March 2007

what do you mean you couldn't eat all the food?
Well that's more adventurous, picnics in the park! Sounds very relaxing. Wish I could. It's back to the gremlins this morning with more questions to answer.Love Me. P.S. internet was playing up yesterday. Hope you got the emails? Have a great last couple of mad days in Quitto
4th March 2007

Wow, salsa dancing!! Looks like you sort of know what you're doing, you can put my two left feet to shame when you get home!! By the way why do you look so white? You've complain enough about the heat and the sun... hasn't it had any affect on you yet (tan-wise I mean!)? Fried banana sounds like an interesting experience. How is it done? Should I just fling one on the frying pan at home do you think?
4th March 2007

beautiful views
Hi Kat!! Absolutely gorgeous photos but are you telling me you couldn't get just a tiny bit closer to the edge for that photo? From what you've been saying the buses seem to take you right on the edge, I should have thought feet were safer!!! By the way are all the other people in your group really tall or have you just shrunk?!! Love Anna.
3rd March 2007

how are your two left feet?
Well if Anna brought us Bollywood from India, you'll certainly be bringing us Salsa back from Sounth America. Only three in the morning? Thought you could keep going longer!! Love me
3rd March 2007

Wow . . .
Hey Katherine! Love the views in your photos - I look forward to seeing the lovely album I'm sure you'll make when you finally return. I have a question, however; what happened to the 'no cleavage' idea?! And *how* are you managing to look quite so pristine in such a climate? [feels dishevelled and grimy whilst looking at pictures]. Ugh, v jealous, as always ;-) Also, did I see the word 'postcards'? [pricks up ears] Keep having fun! Ellie x
1st March 2007

Superb Views!!
Hi Kat!! Wow those views of the city are amazing. A lift in a cathedral though? How bizarre! Quite surprising for a Catholic country! Good luck with your Spanish... are you going to survive with it in Cuenca??? Looking forward to receiving your postcard. Speak to you soon.
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28th February 2007

Hi Katherine! Hope you are enjoying yourself there. They are lovely photos - keep putting more on. We love to hear about your adventures. Hope to hear from you soon and take care of yourself. Have fun! xxxx
28th February 2007

Where is your shopping stamina?!
Nooooooo! You simply MUST haggle! Do not abandon your bargain sense - I know you can be stubborn if you want to be! Ugh, massively jealous of 1) all the lovely hand crafted stuff in pretty colours 2) good weather and 3) the prices! :-0 And who says you can't wear blue? E xxx
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28th February 2007

Hallo! Or should I salute you with 'Hola'?! Sounds like you're having lots of fun - well, apart from the buses, obviously. Do any of the bugs in the photo find their way onto the local menus? ;-) I'm quite disappointed that you opted for burger and chips (although I do understand the comfort element) - honestly, you go halfway around the world and you eat burgers, find bakeries and pharmacies and have free salsa lessons . . . I don't even get that here! [glows faintly green] When are you off to the Galapogas islands? Take care, E xx
27th February 2007

Oh Pretty Waterfalls
Hi Kat! Lovely photos. It's so nice to see all the places you talk about. I love your travel blog - well done! Hope you feel much better now. Don't let puking slow you down (it's all part and parcel of the gap year experience anyway - and you must be a pro by now!) Take care and have fun!!
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27th February 2007

Never trust bus drivers....
Sounds like you had a genuine gap year experience with that lying bus driver. Why is it only on gap years that people happily hop onto buses without checking where they really go? Glad you seemed so completely unconcerned about finding yourself miles from home and not knowing your way back...... hope you have many more crazy adventures! (Just try to come home in one piece too!!)
27th February 2007

Wow!! That looks like one super-duper shopping centre. I'm afraid I can't compete with scarves and wooden spoons, but I have just got a laptop (and I still get to watch Desperate Housewives!!) Still very jealous though - say hello to the equator for me!!!
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26th February 2007

Whoo! Finally managed to get photos the right way up. Go me!
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26th February 2007

looking at the scarf piccy im sure you could blend in if you wanted
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21st February 2007

Life of luxury
Hi Tats! This is what you call a Gap Year! Tea, food cooked for you, free salsa lessons?!? You certainly know how to do it in style! No roughing it for you obviously. When is the hard work going to start? Wish I could be there with you, Your Wonderfully Jealous Big Sister, Anna.
20th February 2007

Yaaaay you made it Katherine!!! I bet you didn't think you'd ever get something from me huh?? Any ways I'm so l glad your having a good time! Here, to keep you up-to-date with our President's stupidity, I'll send you quotes whenever I write something. By the way, is it hot over there right now??? -Keely I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them. - W. Bush
18th February 2007

Hey Katherine!! Sounds like an exciting trip! Tell us poor folks at home all about it! Make sure you have lots of adventures.... it makes for more exciting reading! Love Anna.
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