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Adventures in Pennelope

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 21st 2014

Last Day in Paradise I slept til 8:30am making it an 11 hour sleep. Must have been really tired. It was a slow morning after that, just puttering around putting this away and that and wondering how the sequence of events would go. All I have planned to do today is get ready for an early start in the morning. I want to visit a friend for lunch in Palm Beach Gardens and then get to Flagler Beach where I have a reservation for Saturday night. Yes, sad but true it's time to get back in the ice and snow. Booooo There was one store I wanted to go to and my neighbor told me about this great little resturant tucked away only the natives and boaters knew about it. So off to the store first ... read more
coming for gas
view of the ocean
local color

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 20th 2014

The alarm went off at 6:30 and jolted me out of a really deep sleep. I had to get ready to go fishing. Today was the day for real that it was going to happen. The Tuesday trip was cancelled because of rain and high winds but today is calm and promises to be 77 degrees. I arrived at the boat on time to see a line-up waiting to register. A beautiful day brings out the crowds so good for the ship owners. My seat was up front and I was happy for that so I didn't have to breath the exhaust of the engins. We were given a pole already rigged and a small pail of bait that 2 people shared and instructions on how to operate the rod and reel. So when the engine ... read more
shoreline going out
look at all the poles
my first fish a grunt

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 19th 2014

It was a very calm day so I was sure the kayak trip was on. I was at the Ranger Station at the designated hour to be told the trip was cancelled because 2 Rangers called in sick and they couldn't run it. I decided to go anyway so I rented a kayak and started out. First I went around the beach area, then past the grassy picnic area and on into uncharted waters, for me anyway. I went between 2 islands expecting to see many birds but I didn't. Don't know what happened to them. I found the little channel that connects the 2 water-ways and went into a tunnel of mangrove. It was really neat being in there, winding your way through, then under the bridge. You had to be careful not to get ... read more
beach area of the park
more beach

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 18th 2014

It was a really hot and muggy night and sleep was unsettled. My alarm was set for 6:30 because I was scheduled to go fishing on a party boat and I had to be there by 8 am. Since morning is not my most productive time extra time was needed to wake up, walk Oscar, make my lunch, get the cameras ready etc. I was at the dock at the stroke of 8 but the parking lot was almost empty, bad sign. The weather was stormy but forecasters said it would clear by 9:30, and don't fish bite better in the rain? Too many had cancelled and they didn't have enough to meet the quota so the morning run was cancelled. I rescheduled for Thursday morning and went on to plan B. I got back home, ... read more
tumors are being removed
emergency room

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 17th 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day. The weather has heated up and become more muggy. The forecast is for thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow morning along with 25 mph winds. At 8 am the temp was already 77. I know boo hoo for me! Today was the day for exploring Long Key State Park which is about 17 miles north of here. I packed up the cameras, water and Oscar, put the top down and off we went by 10 am. Now that's early for me.. The drive was beautiful and when we got to the park we found the hiking trail right away. It is a small park so not a lot of confusion finding things. The first part of the journey was on a board walk over wet lands filled with mangroves. Oscar became very nervous when ... read more
crab holes
mangrove roots
little blue flower

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 15th 2014

I am combining 2 days since I did the same thing both days. Just hung around the campground and enjoyed the show. Saturday was the old car show on the beach picnic area and Sunday the kite surfers were incredible. The car show was not a big deal but interesting and the boy scouts were selling a fund raiser coupon book and the volunteers for the park were selling hot dogs and hamburgers to make some money, so I felt good to contribute. We had nice walks but most of the two days were spent on the beach photographing the kite surfers or reading my book. The weather has been incredibly beautiful but windy so the surfers love it and we get to watch them perform. There are random shots of birds that caught my eye. ... read more
interesting shaped bill
white egret
graceful fliers

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 14th 2014

blog 03-14-14 It was a great start to the day, I got to wish my sister Pat a happy birthday. As the morning rolled on I discovered that a hearty breakfast was in order so I made oatmeal pancakes with walnuts on my new coleman grill outside. The grill came with 2 tops, the regular grill and a grittle that is perfect for pancakes. No mess inside. Then it was time to give Oscar a special treat. He has been walking the same loop here and he needed a change so we went for a 2 mile hike in another part of the park across the highway. We had to drive to get there then find the entrance to the trail but once we did he was off like a bullet. We came to an opening ... read more
trail through the jungle
black bead in seed
thatch palm and a cactus

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 13th 2014

I decided it was time to see sunrise so today was the day. A little bleary-eyed walking down the beach, I met one of the workers here and she told me there was a sting ray laying eggs in the sand if I wanted to see it. Dah! Here was a sing ray a few inches from the edge of the water, just enough water to be submerged, and she was "flying" with her body to create a hole in the sand under her. She got down a few inches and then must have deposited her eggs there. There is a picture but the sun was not up yet so the lighting is not the best, but then she might be noticed by a predator. That woke me up! As the sun started to brighten the ... read more
stingray digging in
clouds add so much
another OH God shot

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 11th 2014

The day was another beautiful day in Paradise so I decided I would go down and enjoy Key West for the day. It is about a 1 1/2 hr. drive and I wanted to stay for sunset, and that's at 7:30, so I had to board Oscar overnight. I found the local vet was very professional and friendly so I dropped him off about 11 am and headed south on US 1. The traffic was terrible, seems like everybody had the same idea. It was bikers week in Daytona last week so a lot of bikers are here along with spring breakers. It makes for very crowded roads and there is only one that goes to Key West. But OH what a road. The views of the ocean and the gulf are breathtaking. The blue of ... read more
a typical house in Key West
Furthest point south in the US

North America » United States » Florida » Long Key March 9th 2014

It was a wonderful easy start to the day and after walks and coffee time, I hit the beach. There isn't much of a beach but it's beautiful and inviting so after walking some of it I settled into my chair with a book and camera by my side and just relaxed. I am getting so brown now I only use sunscreen on my face. There was a perihelia around the sun from some high clouds overhead so I took a picture and to my surprise it came out fairly well. The water is warm but very shallow, you have to walk out quite a way to get chest deep. Another little walk and more exploring I found the small boat launch and a channel that goes around our little island. Then I found out from ... read more
iguanas are a real problem here
our beach

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