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Dad & Lizzie's Trip to Europe

The fun and adventure (and struggles) of a father-daughter trip of a lifetime. Although it wasn't planned this way, we are going to Europe (or at least part of it) for three weeks. Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland by train, boat, bus, car, and funicular. I hope to post a daily journal (that's the goal anyway) and some pictures for everyone back home. If our experiences interest anyone, we are more than happy to have you follow along as well.

For the record, we are planning our trip with the intention of meeting real people and trying to experience the culture of the places we visit rather than just simply sightseeing as we pass through. If we are lucky, we will connect with someone interesting along the way at least once and have a unique story with which to remember our trip by.

North America » United States » Georgia » Columbus September 15th 2012

Pictures from Max's graduation from Jump School at Ft. Benning.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 23rd 2012

Well, we're back in France as promised. Left Switzerland just as the skies were beginiing to clear and arrived in the beautiful Alsace region of France Sunday afternoon. After a pleasant stroll and a great lunch we did our laundry while we waited for the owners of our pension to return from their vineyards. Monday we went to a great museum with some Martin Schongauer works and the world famous Isheim alterpeice. We also rode bikes around town and Lizzie did some clothes shopping. The whole town is just so quaint and picturesque, and our pension is just like the rest of the town - not a square corner, a straight street or a non-sagging roof anywhere!... read more
courtyard below our balcony
That's me working on the blog!
another view right from our balcony

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 22nd 2012

Well, the weather didn't ever clear for us, but the good thng about that is Lizzie got to play in the snow!! We put on our warmest clothes (Elizabeth was even equiped with a pair of my wool socks in her jacket pockets to use as mittens) and headed u p to the Jungfraujock. At 11,333 ft. it's Europes highest train station. Quite impressive even without the views.... read more
Yeah!  Snow
Thanks Dad
Father-Daughter at the Top of Europe

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren July 22nd 2012

The first day in Switzerland we decided to delay what is supossed to be the highlght of the trip, an excursion to the top of the Jungfrau, until tomorrow in hopes of better weather. Today the weather is cloudy with occasional sprinkles. But its great hiking weather even without the views. So after breakfast we rounded up some picnic supplies (we actually planned ahead and purchased everything we needed, except some cheese, down in the valley the night before) and headed up to Allmenburhl for a couple of hour hike back down to Murren which was mostly downhill. While in Murren it actually started to rain, so we curtailed our sightseeing and popped into a fancy little hotel for a warm drink and some dessert. We had a greaticnic lunch on the mountain but no dessert. ... read more
Making an inquiry with farmers wife about cheese acquisition.
Not sure why this excited Elizabeth so much.
Youth Hostel were I stayed 35 years ago!

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Friedrichshafen July 22nd 2012

OK. The roller coaster topped Hairspray. Elizabeth just looked up from napping (on the train) and informed me she wanted to go on the roller coaster again. I'll admit, at over a mile long, it was a BLAST!!!Today started off gorgeous, but it has grown increasingly cloudy as the day has progressed. Let' hope the weather cooperates while we are in the Alps. We caught the bus at 7:23 this morning to Oberstaufen where we had time to buy a train ticket to Friedrichshafen and grab a bite to eat. Actually, I bought the tickets and carried our bags up to the platform while Elizabeth went in search of food - let's just say Oberstaufen isn't that big and there was nothing or no one in the trainstation at 7:45am. When we got to Friedrichshafen we ... read more
There he is between the red and yellow flower in the middle with the white background.
We decided to go back and ride the Alpsee coaster at night.
Just as fun... would have been more scary if it had been totally dark.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Immenstadt July 21st 2012

Riesen Haare! Riesen Musik! Riesen Spass! That is the description for the musical Hairspray. Roughly translated it means : Big (or huge) hair, big music, big fun. And it certainly was. Although Lizzie doesn't speak German, she understood every word because she has seen the movie so many times (and sings along with the CD). And although we did not get home until nearly midnight and we still had to pack and catch a train this morning, it was worth it. So now we are on the train to Immenstadt, just a wee little town in southern Germany between Munchen und the Bodensee, or Lake Constance as we call it, on our way to Switzerland. And we aren't even staying in town but out in the country at a little Inn run by the Family Herper. ... read more
Elizabeth's standard on-board position
Requisite "countryside from a moving train" picture
I see mountains !!!

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 21st 2012

Before anyone gets too excited over the last blog, I was duped by technology again. Although I had entered Interlaken as our location because our tiny mountain village isn't listed on the map, the iPad's automatic location detection outsmarted me by using the weather station on top of the mountain next to us. Sure, it's the closest weather station, but it's also 6000 feet higher in elevation (we are only at 5000 feet here in Gimmelwald). So, the bottom line is no snow. It's 48 degrees and it looks as though the light rain we had earlier (at breakfast) has changed to drizzle and it's not as foggy so the clouds must be lifting somewhat. We are going to get on with our day and hopefully get caught up on the blog very soon.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 20th 2012

OK, this is not a regular post, but if the weather report is accurate it is supossed to snow tomorrow! I'll believe it when I see it, but that's the forecast right now (almost midnight) it is 34 degrees and foggy. The fog is right, but it doesn't really feel that cold of course its dead calm out there so maybe it is that cold. Supossedly the hogh tomorrow is 33 and the low 26, but the weatherman hasn't been right so far on our trip so I'm not going to start believing him now. More news later. Pictures at eleven.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 20th 2012

Today we got up earlier than the day before for breakfast, hoping to get a head start so we could see more stuff. But, we had a few technical difficulties. Elizabeth and I found out about this theater that was performing Hairspray and decided it would be fun to go see the performance that night. All went well picking out our seats online, but when we tried to purchase them of corse everything was in Deutsch! I didn't want to buy them and then discover I had to print them out (which I can't do with my iPad) instead of picking them up at the box office. So I tried to get the lady at the front desk to help me- which long story short took forever and I ended up having to go get them ... read more
Guests could fill their wine glasses with the wine that poured out from the mermaids boobies
The nossels
Elizabeth in the courtyard

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 17th 2012

These are a few days old, but there so many good ones of Elizabeth that I decided to post these anyway.... read more
Castle at Night
pretty good for no tripod
along the trail up to the castle

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