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Asia » China » Shanghai August 28th 2008

I've decided to keep a blog of my time here in China. This way I can tell you all about what I'm up to, without having to e-mail everybody. (I'm very lazy!) I'll post whenever I can, or feel like it, or have something reasonably interesting to say. Who knows?! I've never written a blog before so if you like it or you think its crap and I should shut up please leave a comment or message me! Clare and I set off from Manchester airport about 21:00 on Thursday 27th August. After a 7 hour flight we arrived in Dubai at about 7:00 Dubai-time. The heat was incredible. A real oven-like baking heat. It was very uncomfortable, not made much better by my first foreign challenge of having to go to the toilet in a ... read more
Jing'an Si
Nanjing Dong Lu
The Bund

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