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17th January 2014

Yakki Dai
As you can see I have no idea how to spell this well known and well used Welsh greeting but I'm reliably informed that I pronounce it like a native. I hear on the grapevine that the National Trust are to issue a new £4.00 coin for use in their car parks. It's called the Fossey and in true National Trust spirit it's only available to members for a nominal handling fee of £1.00. Buenos Notches
13th January 2014

Quelle fromage!
Sorry, I did of course mean 'quel dommage'! What a pity we all have to wait another couple of months in grey old England for your photos of this lovely region. We can still enjoy a pint and a pie at our local 'Tankard and Jug' though!
4th January 2014

Beautifully written...
I could picture everything, and it reminded us of our canal boating in Holland a few years ago. Thanks for starting to catch up on your blogs for travels in 2013.
12th January 2014

Hello Bob, An enlightening experience indeed and one we may one day repeat should the mood take us. Sorry there are no pictures. We're presently in Spain enjoying a little sunshine over winter - and we forgot to upload photos on to our laptop before leaving! The Wales edition to follow shortly, will suffer the same fate I fear, until we return home. David and Janice
3rd January 2014

Ah... what a lovely read. You have followed some of my journey when I lived in China - In April this year, I will also visit Shimla and Dharamsala. Your story has made it a little more exciting. Tracey :)
6th July 2013

People. More People.
I like the photos of locals, esp the one with "little brother" ( i smile each time i read how you call mike "little brother ). Enjoyed this blog, as with your many other blogs. Working my way through the ret on India now.....
9th July 2013

Hi Lili, You might realise, Mike is a professional i the Travel business, having worked at very senior level for a major UK Travel Company in his day. We've grown to know each other in recent years, though I'm nine years his senior. (hence the little brother) It's the people of India we shall remember, the colour, the aromas and the culture. I'm getting Mike's bad habits; we've been three weeks in France and a week in Wales since India and I have yet to write as word. Life in retirement is hectic for us. Long may you continue to enjoy my ramblings and long may you keep travelling yourself! David
6th July 2013

Mike as Guide
Do i have to be born to the same family to have the same perfect guide? [:)]
3rd April 2013

Welcome back home
I've followed your journey and am still following Mike's updates as they trickle through, thanks for sharing. Hope you return to India one day.....
8th July 2013

Welcome back home!
Hi Doggins, India rates highly on our long list of favourites and yes, we do hope to return one day, perhaps to the south. India has all those magical ingredients; colour, perfume, wealth and poverty, but most of all it's the delightful people and their culture. Thanks for following our travels through life. Mike, like us, is well into retirement and forever busy! There's only one life and you have to fill it. Keep sliling, David
22nd March 2013

Wow, glad you made it to this location
Your trip has been wonderful. It has been great traveling along with you to absorb each locations, the colors, sounds and smells that you have described so wonderfully. Your eye continues to capture amazing things and this blog is loaded with many great photos but this one is my favorite. [photo=7434394]
22nd March 2013
The Golden Temple

This photo is just awesome. Simply awesome.
22nd March 2013
The Golden Temple

Hi Anastasia, We fell in love with the stunning colours of India. Our final week saw us amongst Hindu, Muslim, Bubhist and Sikh in all their glory! David
21st March 2013

Well done, another great blog
Looks like you've really enjoyed your time in India. We've enjoyed following along. Humor is often lost in translation.
21st March 2013

Humor lost in translation!
Hi Dave and Merry-Jo, Mike had to continuously remind me that they will invariably miss the point - sometimes on purpose. I even have problems with my humour in England! Hopefully you'll enjoy the next one as I sign off from this amazing experience. We have to go back. David
21st March 2013

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14th March 2013

Yes it is true that the Taj mahal is the pearl of India..........enjoyed reading your article
22nd March 2013

The Pearl of India
Hello Chuttimakers, We discovered the Golden Temple at Amritsar too. That's pretty high on the wow scale, but you're right - the Taj Mahal blows the mind! David (What's a chutti and how do you make one?)

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