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26th September 2011

Sounds great - still having cold weather. Hail in Bathurst and snow forecast for Wed/Thurs - stay as long as you can. Love Paul
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23rd September 2011

Sounds great
Sounds like you are having a great time. Brings back great memories when you talk of Wales. Loved Wales. How are you managing with the accents? Always great being in a Welsh pub with a few under the belt listening to locals. Got nothing! Look after yourselves. All good here. One more week of term. Take Care. Lots of love. J S C J and R xx
18th September 2011

It's not cold like the beer!!!
Thanks for your messages, we having a ball xx
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18th September 2011
One of many pints!

Dont they have Champagne?
Glad to see you having a lovely time we are jealous are you doing this as a fact finding mission to set up a pub at "Rob Roy" wouldn't that be hoot.
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18th September 2011

Will you be back before Xmas
Hope you are doing ok! Everything here is Ok Just talked to your Aunty Helen her legs are getting better and she is doing what she is told, thats a surprise! She sends her love & regards big fire here on Thursday but now under control so now for the clean up now we are wondering how long before the cover up? Di sends her love & asks can you give our regards to Lizzy & Phil. Love Brendo & Di
14th September 2011
British Fish & chips!

Mushy peas!
Over boiled peas are a British speciality. As is pickled onion. Which you appear not too have!
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14th September 2011

Hi Just to let you know the owners of the Santorini accomodation are going to pick you up from the airport. They are called Eddie and Sarah, I assume they will have a sign held up for you, I could do with the flight details to pass them over to them though when you get a chance. Katherine xx
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14th September 2011

Good to hear you are having such a great time, I am jealous. Only just read all of the blogs in one go as I haven\'t logged on since you left Ged. You know how it is when all you do as the bookman is look at the bloody screen not to mention the fact that I am in front of the screen all day at my finance job. Anyway I am really impressed with the blog website, never seen one before. Sounds like you guys are making the most of your time there. Have a drink for me. The place you mentioned that encourages dogs sounds like my sort of place and Sampsons mind you, he would go balistic. Ged, looking forward to you coming back to help deflect Joe, don\'t know if I can handle much more, come back Ged. I will keep an eye on the rest of your blog and try to sort out the download of photos, would be good to see some. I did see the one of Michelle in front of her old house. Cheers guys 437 Morto
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4th September 2011

Happy Birthday
Hi Michelle, Glad you had a great birthday, sounds amazing. It is great reading the blog. Hope you enjoyed the london eye :-) Sharon xxxxxx
31st August 2011

Have a safe and wonderful trip! Look forward to following your adventures :)
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3rd July 2011

Trip U.K
Looking forward to more News
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28th June 2011

I cant wait either
Just checking this is working... :-)
28th June 2011

Photo, travel and MKR
This is cool. Nice photo. The two girls in the photo will get you into MKR but not sure about the ol' bloke on the end? Hope all is well. Hope we catch up before the 1 September. Griffith Morrisanos xxxx

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