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22nd July 2010

Great entry
This is a great entry M! Keep on writing them. And also, don't forget it was the MBA's in Wall Street that brought down the world economy... :-) Except Canada's, of course! You guys are awesome!!!
24th May 2010

mazing pictures, M!
23rd May 2010

I loved Egypt too. Miss it so much. Where else in the world have you travelled?? - M
22nd May 2010

Hellooooo from California! ha ha ha ha The scarves picture was a great laugh. :) I freakin LOVE Egypt. Been twice. Tour peeps and locals were a BLAST! Noreen
22nd May 2010

19th May 2010

Hotel Indiana!!
I stayed at that hotel a couple times. LOL Wow,...I was cracking up when I recognized the lobbey. :) Noreen
14th April 2010

one word. AMAZING!!!!!!!
20th August 2009

Like you, when I left the confines of my limited world (Manila, Bacoor, Las Pinas, Makati, Alabang, Paranaque, and ocassionally beyond) I had learned to spread my wings and become more open to the idea of exploring and more importantly learning more about this world we live in and the people we interact with. Not sure if London offers the multicultural mix that Toronto does but when I arrived here my views have exploded beyond what I had ever imagined life can be. Inasmuch as the world has opened its doors, I also find myself going "home" to the place I grew up in so I can (1) root myself to my modest beginnings and (2) help remind me of my goals, hopes, and dreams that have been and yet to be fulfilled. I'm glad that you are choosing TO LIVE YOUR LIFE and not just EXISTING IN IT. Enjoy the journey ... every moment of it. =)
17th August 2009

So happy for you
Praise be to God for answering everyone's prayers. So very glad everything worked out well and yes, you're so organized just like your Mom (as pretty too!). Enjoy your stay in London and do travel Europe whenever you can. Shall continue to pray for your safety, success, and joy. Tito Gene and Tita Linda
14th August 2009

A New Beginning
Congratulations M! All the very best! I am very happy for you! You definitely inherited a lot of Winnie.....minnie winnie. I can't wait to the the pictures. I am glad that everything is turning out you expected and more.
28th July 2008

LOVE the pics M!! Keep em coming. MISS YOU!!

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