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Africa April 16th 2010

Hi Everybody! Our trip has turned out wonderful! We have been to three parks (Kreuger Nat'l Park, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve Zululand, and St. Lucia Estuary) to see the African animals. I uploaded as many photos as I could today. I had trouble with a few so may try again later. If you happen to be a person who enjoys watching birds, you should consider coming to South Africa and Swaziland. I have seen so many beautiful birds. Yesterday, we saw a number of different kinds of heron. I also saw a couple of African fish eagles and white backed vultures. We passed one tree with about 50 nest hanging from it. They were made by the weaver bird and were hanging at the end of branches. They place them there so snakes can't get them. I ... read more
Baby Zebra
herd of zebras
White Rhino

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng April 11th 2010

Hi Everybody! Walt and I started our adventure in South Africa in Johannesburg, the largest African city south of the Sahara. It was built on top of the gold mines that gave S. Africa its wealth. These mines have produced 40% of the world's gold. The last of Jo'burg's mines ran out in 1970. The mines left behind huge yellow mine dumps. The dumps resemble mesas with their flat tops. Cyanide which is used in the gold mining process is found in some of the dump's dirt. The city is flattening the dumps and trying to reclaim the land. Some vegetation grows on the dumps but I think the cyanide acts as a poison to other plants. While we were in the city, we visited one of the homes of Nelson Mandela, saw his current multi ... read more
Soccer Ball & E at Jo'burg Airport
South African Youth Choir
Gold Mine Dump

Africa » Egypt January 11th 2010

Hi Everybody! I am just going to do pictures for Egypt. I am glad that we came and had an opportunity to view the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Cairo Archaeological Museum. I would not necessarily encourage others to visit here. I would put Machi Pichu and Anghor Wat ahead of the Pyramids. I enjoyed Peru and Cambodia more than Egypt. The majority of the people in Egypt are Muslim. The women are not required to wear the head covering but choose to do so. Egypt is a very dirty country. Occasionally, we would see a pretty landscape attractive area - such as the port at Alexandria and the hotel in Cairo where we had lunch. The country's cities are overcrowded and terribly polluted. Many buildings are black in color from the soot. One interesting tidbit ... read more
Pyramid at Giza

Europe » Andorra January 7th 2010

Hi Everybody! I really planned to just do a photo blog on this trip. Walt and I are cruising in the Mediterranean. We went to Barcelona a couple of days early and took a side trip to Andorra. Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. It has a population of around 77,000 people and an area of only 468 sq km. Andorra is known as a great place to ski and for its tax free shopping. There were many huge electronics stores there. It took us 5 hr. to travel to Andorra from Barcelona and 3 hr. to return. We passed by beautiful lakes, rugged mtn., old stone ruins, and many dairy farms. I wish that I could have spent more time in Barcelona. I hope to someday return ... read more
Barcelona- Museum
Barcelona-Bullfighting Ring

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region October 19th 2009

Hi Everybody! A few belated notes about Chernobyl. The tour-bus ride from Kiev was about 1.5 hrs; about 28 people, mostly Brits were on the bus. The Brits were in Ukraine for World Cup Soccer (England lost). The tour began at Hotel Rus--a fitting start. The Chernobyl disaster occurred Apr 23, 1986, when a safety test went wrong. Radiation from fallout was at least 100 times that of Nagasaki and Hiroshama combined. 40% of Ukraine forest was contaminated; 6% remains contaminated today. Ukraine estimated 25,000 to 100,000 fatailities (I bet they understated by 50%). Initial winds were to the North, so Belarus got biggest initial fallout chunk. Winds then shifted to the West, producing a classic cigar-shaped fallout pattern. RADIAC meters carried by our guide consistently showed at least 15 micro-roentgen per hr--a small, but measurable ... read more
Riga's Old Fort Walls
The Freedom Monument
W & E in Bastion Hill Park in Riga

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius October 16th 2009

Hi Everybody! I am going to get Walt to write a summary of his visit to Chernobyl later. This is a very old computer. I am having to hit most keys more than once. I apologize in advance for errors. I do not always have time to proofread my entries. I know the when to use "there and their." I cannot tell you why I sometimes type the wrong letters. I have had to go back repeatedly on this blog and reinsert apostrophes and ts. They keep disappearing. Our train trip from Warsaw to Vilnius was uneventful. The scenery was pretty for much of the way with the snow covered fields. Most of the land was flat and farmland until we reached Lithuania. Then, we approached rolling hills like we have in Alabama. Traveling by train ... read more
Shop full of Amber
View of Snow from Train
Beautiful lake in Poland

Europe » Poland October 13th 2009

Hi Everybody! I started this blog in Kiev and am finishing it in Warsaw. Before I finish telling you about Kiev, I want to tell you what happened to us on the train. We left Kiev on Monday morning at 9:30 and rode the train until 1 AM. For many miles, we just enjoyed the scenery which consisted of beautiful orange and yellow folliage and farmland. On the farms, we could see piles of pumpkins and cabbages. We saw one of two men and women working on individual plots using hand tools. We often saw a horse pulling a plow. At the border, we remained on the train while the wheels were changed out to a different size. This took a good while - easily over an hour. Shortly after this, the Polish border guards came ... read more
Museum in Kiev
Cemetary on Monastery Grounds
Church on Cave Monastery grounds

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev October 10th 2009

Hi Everybody! Walt and I enjoyed our overnight train ride from Odessa to Kiev. Before boarding the train, we were approached by a nice young Ukranian woman. She asked us to watch her baby while she went to the restroom. Later, she explained that she was an internet bride. She met a man from Arkansas, married him, has had 2 sons, and is visiting Ukraine for the first time in 10 years. We enjoyed the time that we spent with her. When we arrived in Kiev, we decided to go ahead and purchase train tickets to Warsaw for next Monday. This was easier said than done. No one spoke a word of English. Every sign was in cyrillic. A young Peace Corp worker overheard us talking. With her help, we were able to buy the tickets. ... read more
Monument to Brothers who founded Kiev
Arch of Friendship
The Dnieper River

Europe October 7th 2009

Hi Everybody! Yesterday, we took a bus from Odessa, Ukraine to Chisinau, the capital of the poorest country in Europe. Moldova is in SE Europe between Romania and Ukraine. It is a scenic country full of green rolling hills and river valleys. The earth is so dark that it looks black. Moldova is known for its wonderful wine. This weekend, there is a wine festival in Chisinau. We passed many vineyards on the side of the highway. They are also known for their excellent cognac and beer. In 2007, the Bere Chisinau was awarded the number 1 Gold Metal at the Nuremberg beer competition. Beer is very cheap here - around $1 US. Children are given wine at a very young age. Until they are young adults, it is mixed with water. We saw many community ... read more
Moldova's Statue of Liberty
Moldova's Arch of Triumph
Fountain in Chisinau's park

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa October 5th 2009

Hi Everybody! Things have improved since my last blog. Yesterday was a beautiful day! The rain disappeared and the city warmed up. We were able to spend the day in the Old Town section of Odessa. We walked to the Odessa Opera and Ballet House. Nearby was a cluster of museums - Literature Museum and an Archaeological Museum. There were many monuments and parks in this area. We saw a statue of Catherine the Great, Duke Richelieu, and many more. It was fun just to people watch in the park and promenade areas. One photographer had animals hanging around his neck and his his vest pockets. He was trying to get mothers to have their child's picture made with one of the animals. He had an alligator with the mouth taped shut, a rabbit, and some ... read more
Odessa Opera House
Shop Owner in Odessa
Grand Prix Cafe

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