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31st August 2010

Venezuelans in your classes
Hei Liiiis, Are you meeting Venezuelans in your classes? Do they take English while you take Spanish? Are they in your botany/history classes? How is it going for your commute to and from school? Do you go with your host mom? Are your siblings in school at this time of year? Do they go to private school? What are you eating? Have any recipes to share? Thinking about you, Momba
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26th August 2010

Glad You're Safe and Sound
So glad you've arrived safe and sound at your destination. That 3 day trip sounded long and exhausting, but you seemed to come through with fflying colors. Loved your photos showing the beauty of the Andes and I think through your telling of your experiences, I will learn alot about that part of the world. I've only read terrible things about the crime, etc in Venezuela, so it was nice to read about your hosts and their family and how nice and caring they are. I'm especially glad that your "Mama" is riding with you on the bus to school. How great that "Papa" drives a taxi! And your sisters look very cute. Hope all this portends to a very happy and wonderful stay in Venezuela. I'll be very interested to hear about what classes you are taking and what the college is like. Very hot here--around 105 for the last few days. Suppose to cool down considerably on the week-end. I'm very happy about that since I have a team match on Sunday morning. Take Care! Much Love!
26th August 2010

Hey Cuz, Grandma gave me this link to your blog and it was so cool to read about your trip and first few days! Can't wait to see what else you experience, looking forward to reading more!!! Stay safe and have fun!!! Love ya!
26th August 2010

Hey Mar, Everything's pretty awesome actually. Raquel LOVES the Barbie, though it has created a non-sharing problem in the house, and Rebeca was showing me drawings she had done before I arrived so the art stuff was great for her. My papa transferred his stuff to the wallet the moment he saw it and threw his other one out the window. He is hilarious. The film festival sounds great! I dropped my film class so I can travel on weekends since the buses leave at like 9 on Thursdays and the class gets done around then. I'm taking business Spanish instead, which should be really useful and interesting. I'll write a blog about classes soon. Love ya!
26th August 2010

looking good
hey dweebs, Things are looking good, and you look like you've really lucked out with your host family. How did they like the gifts that you brought with you? I hope everything went over well. Things up here are going fine and dandy, and im volunteering at the upcoming Latin American Film Festival. I get to be a door girl on opening night where there will be a speech by Escobar's son!!!! Im going to have a moustache on my finger just in case i need it :P Keep us going with updates!

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