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Asia » Indonesia » Timor February 23rd 2009

As I woke up this morning, having eaten very little for over 24 hours, with no more drinking water, no local currency, and a vague idea of where I was, my life had become concerned with the lower of Maslow’s needs hierarchy. Just like the original cavemen, my primary concerns were then finding water, finding food, nursing my injured leg, and finding a place to get on the Internet. I’m in Kupang, in a hotel room with a nice firm bed with a clean sheet, a fan, and an “asianised” Western-style toilet - no seat, no toilet paper and no flush. It’s got the cistern at the top, but that’s not even connected. I’m paying 100,000 Rupiah a night for it, which is a lot of money - over $AUS 13. I think I’ll stay here ... read more
Bus - East Timor
Bus - East Timor
pig pen

Asia » East Timor » Baucau February 21st 2009

I wrote this blog a day ago, on Friday 20/02/2009, mostly relating to events of the previous day. My leg is healing up nicely, so don't worry. I have to admit, back home I sometimes check SMSes while driving. This is of course illegal; back home. What I do not do, however, is check my SMSes while driving a minibus jam packed with 25 people around hair-pin bends with an almost-vertical 200 m drop and only an intermittent one-foot high guardrail, on a heavily trafficked road barely wide enough for two cars. As a general rule, I would be opposed to that sort of behaviour. Besides, I can SMS blind, which this guy clearly can’t. I can see his eyes in the rear-vision mirror and they’re firmly facing down at the mobile phone. No-one else seemed ... read more
Random photo of Dili
Random photo of Dili
Baucau and the cities of Darebin and Yarra

Asia » East Timor » Dili February 17th 2009

Most of this was written yesterday, 16 Feb 2009, or the day before All backpackers express a desire to get “off the beaten track”, which isn’t always as great an idea as it sounds, because the reason a track is beaten in the first place is because it leads to a nice or interesting place. But still, it’s an alluring dream. In my opinion, there’s two ways to get off the beaten track. One is to use your travel skills, and negotiate with locals, probably do some research on a place, maybe learn the language, etc. The other way is to go to somewhere that doesn’t have a beaten track, then you have no option. “If there’s one thing East Timor doesn’t have, it’s a beaten track” says the Lonely Planet guidebook. Of course we all ... read more
Refugee camp
Two boys
one boy

Asia » East Timor » Dili February 15th 2009

Just a quick note that I arrived in Dili yesterday. As far as I can work out, Internet is a bit unreliable, and I can't find a wireless access point. I mainly spent yesterday walking around Dili, which is quite spread out, fairly poor, and full of UN vehicles everywhere. I got bitten by lots of mosquitos already, despite taking all the precautions, but don't worry Mum I'm taking my doxy tablets :-) East Timor's very expensive compared to other SE Asian countries. They use the US Dollar as their official currency which doesn't help, and like everywhere else that uses the US Dollar, the constant struggle is to find denominations low enough to pay people with, because no-one has change! The bit I saw yesterday showed signs that it used to be much prettier than ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs February 14th 2009

It was only as I drove out of Melbourne on Saturday Feb 6, that I found out that while I’d been having a good time the night before and doing the final cleaning up of the unit I was renting, to move out, that Victoria had had the worst bushfires ever. At the time they were saying something like 68 people dead, but this number is still climbing and last I heard sat at over 180. The destruction in the Bendigo/Eaglehawk area was evident from the massive numbers of road closures. After two days in Bendigo visiting my family, I took the coach from Bendigo to Adelaide. Downtown Adelaide on a Tuesday night turn out to not be a terribly happening place. The next day I walked to the Ghan, and just made it on time. ... read more
Red Service diner
the ghan
Port Augusta

Oceania » Australia February 3rd 2009

OK, I woke up at 04:20, which is too early to go to work and too late to go back to sleep, so I thought I'd try writing my first real blog entry. Unfortunately my USB cable for my camera is packed away deep in some box, so I can't upload any photos of Melbourne in here at the moment. I guess I didn't realise how much stress and hassle the last week would be. As well as trying to finish off all the odds & ends at work, there's the usual stuff associated with moving house, and other stuff for the trip. I've changed my address and redirected my mail to my parents, who'll open my mail for me while I'm away. Last weekend I moved all my stuff up to their place for storage, ... read more

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