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9th October 2012

Glad to know your trip was wonderful and you made it home safe and sound. Funny, one day you're becoming vegans and the next you're cooking Thumper! Hahaha
4th October 2012

Thankfully you'll not have to endure any horrible Red Sox games when you return home..
1st October 2012

Wow! Sounds like you've been doing a lot of traveling since you last posted. I'm sure New Orleans was a welcome change after The Sand Creek Massacre. Isn't Burbon Street the party place?!!!!! Where's the next stop? Hope to hear soon...safe travels -- Ginna
1st October 2012

Great to see you!
We loved having you both hear, and I'm glad you got a little rest and Arrested Development in! See you soon (hopefully) and drive safe. Ang, you should turn your lights on so you are more visible to the tarantulas and other drivers.... love, kim
27th September 2012

Arches sounds so cool! I loved reading about the sandstorm and the German friends you invited for breakfast! Please continue to enjoy and be very careful! May God bless you with more wonderful experiences and safe happy trails! All my love and tons of hugs and kisses!
26th September 2012

Vicarious trip
Hi guys, Am enjoying your trip. How exciting to learn about your adventures. Your mom is getting a kick out of it too!
25th September 2012

Glad you were able to see San Francisco, hang out with Lane, wade in the Pacific, and view Alcatraz. What a joyous journey. I'm so happy you're sharing this experience together. Unforgettable, phenominal!
25th September 2012

Sounds like you're having the time of your lives seeing so many places and meeting up with such interesting people along the way! It's been fun keeping up with your travels. Kim & Brian are looking forward to your visit to N'awlins. Safe travels! cuz Ginna
20th September 2012

Las Vegas
You will LOVE Las Vegas. Even Dad is impressed. Just walking around people watching, taking in the magnificent sights, lights and sheer size of the place is unbelievable. Be careful at crosswalks...apparently pedestrians are fair game...when the light changes the cars proceed..fast. Check out our place Marriott Grand Chateau on 75 East Harmon, right off the strip...(Harley Davidson is on the corner of E Harmon). Definitely take a ride up the Eiffel Tower at night, to see an amazing view of the strip all lit up. Some of the casinos offer free shows, check the times..especially Treasure Island....a fun Pirate Show with lots of action. When you head out of LV if you go NE on rt 15, look for a town named Overton, then for Valley of Fire State Park...brilliant red rock formations..worth seeing
20th September 2012

Jealous. :)
19th September 2012

Thanks for the blog
This is so cool! Your Mom told me about your travel blog. Love the pictures and all the info, especially about all the animals you're seeing. Enjoy your adventure! Liz
18th September 2012

Great Adventures!
I Love reading ALL your stories (great writing BTW!!!) and seeing the photos! I can imagine ALL the others we will see when you get back! So great you both are having a Awesome time and Once in a Lifetime full of new adventures and experiences - TOGETHER!!! Yo Go Girls!!! ;])
17th September 2012

Such a descriptive journal entry from Yellowstone -- such a majestic place. So glad you two stopped there on your journey. Stay well and enjoy -- Gin
15th September 2012

You are doing a terrific job!
You are both doing a fantastic with pictures and entries. I am so happy that you are experiencing history and our country's beauty. We all miss you! Please be safe and think wisely! We love you! Auntie Marie
From Blog: Wyoming!
15th September 2012

Your blog is so descriptive I can almost visualize what you're seeing through your words. What a tremendous experience
14th September 2012

Oh Canada!
Ladies, You both look great, nothing like having the opportunity to travel with your sister and best friend! spending quality time together,You are both blessed to have one another. Have a blast be safe,be smart,Be careful! love you!xxoxoxoxox........SheShe P.S. Nice feet Geela LOL keep those pics coming, Living vicariously through your travels.
13th September 2012

Hey gals -- with any luck, you'll see some bison at Yellowstone. My favorite National Park thus far! Be aware - -you're no longer in black bear country --"them there" grizzlies roam in that part of the country -- trying my best to sound like I have a "Western drawl" -- ha! Somehow it doesn't come through in written form... So glad that you're taking in so much of our beautiful country -- there's so much to see, so much to savor. I knew you would fall in love with The Badlands -- they're awesome. Did you get to Little Big Horn? Have been enjoying your blog -- brings back wonderful memories of years ago traveling cross country. Where are you off to next? Looking forward to hear. Stay well -- cuz Ginna
13th September 2012

US Border
So was it the numbered envelopes that caused the customs personnel to have suspicions? Well i think you are going to have to start earning them very soon....Be careful, continue to have lots of interesting adventures..Love you guys !!!
12th September 2012

Sounds awesome!! Get me a Harley shirt from sturgis! :)
12th September 2012

Sounds awesome!! Get me a Harley shirt from sturgis! :)
11th September 2012

It's Premier, not Prime Minister.
From Blog: Into the Wild
12th September 2012

Thank you!
I knew I had that wrong. Thanks for the correction!
From Blog: Into the Wild
11th September 2012

Back in the US Back in the USof A
Congrats! But you guys can't do without the drama! Oh well! Glad you were able to see some football. The Pats did well but tennis was wonderful. Can't wait to hear your song! Rest up and drive carefully! I love you muchly! Your blogs are fabulous! So informative! Thanks for sharing!
11th September 2012

Thought I'd drop by and check out your blog. Looks like you're having a great time. Post more pics! Take care and enjoy!
10th September 2012

Hey ya'll -- sounds like you've been packing in the miles each day...but so glad that you've been able to enjoy the sites, the scenery, the people along the way. Your blog is great -- it's nice following your venture. So glad that you've been camping at State parks -- there's always something to offer at each -- such as the beautiful waterfall that you found. You'll love South Dakota -- guaranteed. The Badlands/Mount Rushmore/Deadwood, etc. -- such a rugged and gorgeous area. Are you planning to travel back into Canada? Gosh, those border guards certainly found you two suspicious -- for sure. I would recommend Alberta and British Columbia -- but I doubt you want to go through the hassle again! Stay in touch when you can. It's been fun tagging along. Safe travels -- Cuz Ginna

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