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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 14th 2010

This was the last day of my hike and it was supposed to have the best scenery and as a result is one of the most popular routes in the area. After the downpour the day before the sun was out again for the hike to Vassbygdi. I set off with my Belgium chums and on the way passed a German couple that had been doing the same journey from Finse. There are 2 options for this last part of the journey, you can follow the river, which is basically flat or climb 400 metres up Bjornstigen, this is ominously called the bear trail. Obviously wanting to make things as difficult as possible I chose the bear trail, and regretetd it immediately. It did off amazing views but I was that exhausted when I finally got ... read more
Loads of shrooms
Osterbo to Flam
Osterbo to Flam

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hardanger August 12th 2010

The sun had come out for the start of my hike from Finse to the NTA hut - Geiteryggshytta, the distance was 18km but I would have to traverse numerous peaks of between 1300m to 1600m. The path is clearly waymarked with red T's painted on rocks along the way, this didn't stop me taking a few wrong turnings along the way though. On the way I bumped into Milla again - real name Charlotte and her 2 chums from Belgium, we were doing the same journey so walk together most of the time. The journey took 8 and a half hours and I was knackered at the end of it, I wasn't sure which hurt most, my shoulders (from carrying my rucksack), or my feet. The Geiteryggshytta had much better dorms than Finse, they had ... read more
Finse to Geiteryggshytta
Finse to Geiteryggshytta
Finse to Geiteryggshytta

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hardanger August 11th 2010

I didn't have the best nights sleep, but my spirits were cheered as tucked into a very impressive breakfast. After a while i noticed that most people were making themselves a pack lunch from the breakfast buffet to take with them so I did likewise. I also did this for the next 4 days at the hostels I stayed in. It was only when I was talking with someone later on that I was told that you were supposed to pay for the sandwiches at £1.30 a slice - I did feel slightly guilty that I hadn't paid but that soon passed. I had booked with to go Glacier walking which cost 490 NOK, I met the guide at the railway station at 11:00 and we hiked for 1.5 hours to reach the base ... read more
On the way to the Glacier
On the way to the Glacier
kitted out

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hardanger August 10th 2010

So I am off on my travels again and this time to Norway, the land of the midnight sun, fjords and home to gorgeous women:-) After the 1.5 hour flight from Liverpool a free bus service takes you to the train station ready for your onward journey, for me it was on to Finse via Drammen. The main attraction in Finse is its glacier but it does have a very interesting history... Finse is at an altitude of 1222m and is snowbound most of the year, the previous winter it experienced temperatures as low as -40c but -20c is the norm! In the past arctic explorers such as Shackleton, Amundsen and Nansen trained at Finse before departing for their expeditions. The population blooms to nearly a hundred in the summer but there are only 6 people ... read more
the Dorm room in Finsehytta
the Dorm room in Finsehytta

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Naivasha June 16th 2010

My good friends Maggie annd Paul whom I met in Jordan had kindly let me stay at there house in Naivasha for a coulple of nights before I relocated to their other house in Nairobi before I caught my flight back to England. I say house in Naivasha but it is more like a safari lodge -very luxurious, especially compared to where I have been staying elsewhere on my trip. On the drive up to the house we drove past a hippo who was feeding outside the water at night!! On my first morning in Naivasha I had a wander round the lakeside, it was part of a private wildlife park but my hosts worked for the people who owned it. It was fantastic as it was very similar to Hells gate NP as you could ... read more
Giraffes in Oserian Park
Lonely Lion
Tawny Eagles

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls June 12th 2010

So after yet another cold shower I was off to catch the bus to Jinja. Jinja is the No.1 White water Rafting town in Uganda and is famous for its grade 5 rapids on the White Nile. The bus departed at 09:00 and the only other Muzungu’s on it were a Christian missionary from South Korea - who even gave me a pamphlet to read on his church - I told him I was a lost cause. And a woman from Norway with a moustache, a bloke’s tattoo and comfortable shoes - needless to say I steered clear of both of them. The journey was 9 hours long along sometimes atrocious roads and the entertainment was provided by a dvd of the latest African soap - “Caught in the act” in which the acting was so ... read more
View from Explorers campsite
View from Explorers campsite
oeganda juni 2010 017

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » East » Goma June 9th 2010

I was up bright and early, despite having a hangover, not the best prep for what was in store! I left my big pack at the Auberge and set off with my day back to catch a boda-boda, to the border I had to wait a bit for my visa as the man with the stamp wasn't there. Once I had this I was walking off to get another boda-boda when I heard someone hissing at me (they don't whistle here), I knew this was trouble so I quickened my step but the guy started running and grabbed my arm. I looked round with a "Oh, you meant me expression" and he asked for my yellow fever certificate. I immediately knew I was doomed - I had left my form in my big pack - doh. ... read more
The 4 soldiers that would trek with us
On the way up.
Another crater on the volcano

Africa » Rwanda June 7th 2010

It took just 1.5 hours to reach Gisenyi, which is Rwanda's version of a seaside resort, (just like being back in Blackpool:-). They are not on the cost but they do have the beautiful Lake Kivu - a freshwater lake. I was supposed to be in Gisenyi for one night as I was to depart for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) the next day - best laid plans though. I stayed at the Auberge de Gisenyi which is the place in the town, it is packed with diners every day and the buffet is always busy, especially for 1,500 RWF - my plate was always overflowing with the usual, chips, platain, rice and beans and some chilli sauce for good measure. As a price comparison a 750ml bottle of Primus, the best beer in Rwanda ... read more
Goma from a boda-boda
School kids in Goma
Goma from a boda-boda - again

I knew I had booked into the cheapest place in town in Musanze as I was the only Muzungu in the place and the rest of the occupants were tour guides! I had a day to kill in Musanze so I updated my blogs and arranged a lift to the Gorillas with Amahoro tours, fortunately I was able to join a group which meant I spent US$15 instead of $80. The next day I was up bright and early 05:30 to be ready for my pick up at 06:00, the LP said we had to get there for 07:00 otherwise you would lose your place and waste US$500 - this turned out to be rubbish as the rangers were still hanging about at 08:00. By 06:30 I had been waiting at the guest house since 06:00 ... read more
My close up meeting
Charles - The Silverback
My David Attenborough pose

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 5th 2010

I spent a day chilling in Arusha, then took the plane from Kilimanjaro airport to Kigali in Rwanda. The rest of the afternoon I spent in the bank of Kigali trying to obtain some money for my gorilla trek. Kigali is very expensive and unremarkeable I was planning on staying for 2 nights but bailed out early and headed off to Musanze for the Gorrila Trek. There are not many whiteys in Kigali and during all my bus journeys so far I have been the only one!! Everybody in Rwanda refers to me and other whiteys as Muzungu, which is good cos at least you know when they are talking about you. However, before leaving I had to visit the Rwanda Genocide museum. During the genocide nearly 1 million Tutsi's and moderate Hutus were killed in ... read more
Inside the Lobby of Hotel Rwanda
The mass graves
The eternal(ish) flame

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