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South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines February 10th 2011

Hey everyone! So, we spent a few days in the Nazca area! Nazca is in a baking hot part of the northern Atacama desert. Our daily highs were well into the 30s and it was super dry! The whole area has a lot of history, the main attraction of the area is the mysterious Nazca Lines. About 300 or so figures were etched into the desert sands about 1200 - 1500 years ago by the Nazca people (Pre-Inca). The figures range in size from about 25 metres across to over 250 metres across. Perfect images of hummingbirds, spiders, trees, other animals and fish and even human figures. What makes them mysterious is the fact that they can only be seen from the air. From ground level they are hardly visible, and as a result were undiscovered ... read more
Residential Nazca
On our way to fly over the Nazca Lines
Aerial view of the desert

South America February 9th 2011

Hola! We sped out of Puno faster than the Millenium Falcon and headed to the city of Arequipa. The city has a lot of old Spanish colonial buildings and is situated in the shadow of three mighty volcanoes. We also dropped a couple of kilometres in elevation so theres no need to chew on the controversial leaf of the Erythroxylum coca or to drink coca tea. The cocaine plant has a lot of medicinal qualities to it, easing the strain of altitude sickness is one of them. One of the highlights was a visit to the Santa Catalina Convent, a Spanish-built building dating back to the 1500s. Hasta Pronto. T and D... read more
on the road to Arequipa
Arequipa pigeons
in the Monastery in Arequipa

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca January 31st 2011

Hi everyone, After almost two weeks in the sacred valley region of Cuzco, we moved south (and up hill) to Puno on the shore of Lago Titicaca (pronounced "Lago Titi haha") or Lake Titicaca. One of the highest navigable lakes in the world at 3820 metres above sea level. We visited 3 islands on the lake. A floating Island, Isla Amantani, and Isla Taquille. The islands were almost in a different time period (which is a possibility as our bus driver drove at the speed of light to Puno). The inhabitants still wear traditional handmade clothes and they still practice a trade/bartering system and eat what ever is in season on the islands. The people remain vegetarian except on special occasions when they feast on their chickens.. Another great part of the island life is that ... read more
Floating Islands
Tasty reeds
How to build a floating island

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco January 29th 2011

Hello! Wow what an amazing week! Dave and I split up to see Machu Pichu, the Inka ruins, in different ways. So we now have different stories to tell! We are learning lots about the ancient civilizations in Peru and other regions through the museums and our tour guides at the top of Machu Pichu. In part of our amazing journey, was an interesting visit to both our intestines, of travelers diarrhea (from local bacteria! yay!), both of which are better now. Nothing like really appreciating a nice solid bowel movement after you experience the Machu poo poo! Haha! This is what makes the adventure so much more magical. Appreciating the small everyday things. Much love from Peru! Enjoy the pics! T I Hiked the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu, a grueling 5 day, 87 ... read more
Inka gravesites
Flute playing guide at Pisac Ruins
Inca engineering

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco January 16th 2011

Hello Everyone, That's right, we are currently in Peru! Having spent a few days in Lima, Peru waiting for our bags to do a scenic route, we finally got them. Now we are in Cuzco in the mountains. A beautiful day of hot sunshine in both places, and a bit of rain in Cusco so far. The altitude is 3300 metres above sea level or so. That is over 11000 feet! Did someone turn on the gravity switch? We are feelin' pretty heavy! No other symptoms of altitude acclimatization so we are good to slowly adapt over a few days. No need to take any medicinal treatments at this time, although they say coca tea works well. It is served at every place you go. We had a cup today, so perhaps it worked? Spent the ... read more
Young Love
Morning breaky at Pucllana Hostel in Lima
Market in Lima

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Yellowknife January 11th 2011

Hello from the Great White North! We found that Churchill just wasn't north enough for us so we ventured on up to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Theresa has just completed her 3 weeks of work at the Stanton Hospital. Now holidays have officially started! We have enjoyed the nature walks around Frame Lake, especially because we didn't have to watch for bears! The crisp air and the orange skies of sunrise and sunset in the short daylight hours are magical and the people are really hospitable and friendly. We had a great Christmas with Theresa's cousin, T-BO, the well-renowned artist of Yellowknife and his lovely Jacklyn. We both really enjoyed the North and its quirky atmosphere, however we have decided to migrate south for a wee while to get a bit more sunshine and warmth...? ... read more
On the frozen sea.
Sledding with Blue-sky Gerald.
Frozen Hudson Bay.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park November 30th 2010

The bear season of 2010 has come to an end. The bears are still on land as the Hudson Bay has not yet frozen over, but hopefully it'll be frozen in a few days from now. The weather has remained mild for the most part, although there was a day when me and the boys had to battle arctic winds and low temps to do some essential maintenance on the lodge, all of us got some mild frostbite...! The town is quiet now, nearly everyone has left and most businesses are closed until spring. There was some real good bear action out at the Cape. Great light and healthy bears! These are probably the last bears we'll see until spring. Enjoy.... read more
Facing off
Play fighting.
Sparring bears

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 20th 2010

Hi everyone, While Dave is out on the tundra, I have had some wonderful moments of exploration here in Churchill. Here are some inspiring scenes as the Hudson Bay transforms from a liquid to a solid mass of pancake ice.... read more
Starting to freeze on land
Ice fog
fresh water freezing

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 31st 2010

Hello to all our loyal blog readers. It's quite the spectacle to see a normally very sleepy town become a buzz of tourists and travellers from all over the world. Bear mania has sprung upon us once again! The lakes are starting to freeze over and the bears are certainly scattered all over the area now!. We saw a mother with triplets on Foxe Island, several seal kills and many more bears scattered along the coast, although, surprisingly, we did not see any bears at Cape Churchill, which normally has lots of bears? We had a nice blizzard for a couple of days too, a nice intro to the winter! The season is moving quickly, in another 4 weeks we will be a sleepy wee town again, and all the bears will be out hunting on ... read more
Red fox
Arctic Fox
Ptarmigans on the ptundra.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 3rd 2010

Despite our busy schedules with Dave's crazy hours and Theresa flying in and out of town to her other remote regions... we managed to have some nice moments of hiking and photography. Here are a few photos of our fall experience...enjoy!... read more
The Smurfs.
Under the lights.

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