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22nd June 2012

Ft Churchill and Ithaca
I was surprised to see that the Ithaca was even there anymore. When I was 11 years old (1961) my father was stationed at Ft Churchill, as a USAF liaison officer. On one day during the summer we went with a few other families for a walk out to the Ithaca. At the time her hull was quite solid, as a result we weren't able to get on board. I found out around 1980 that the Canadian AFB had been razed, from a young lady I met in Mexico. She was a teacher at the town of Churchill and thought I was lying to her about being there as I had asked her for a dance and was amazed to hear where she was from. Her sister told her that there were still foundations of what used to be housing quadraplexes connected by corridors. You can see the original buildings in a picture taken from the air by googling Ft Churchill under images. Your article has great interest for me.
1st May 2012

Thanks for blogging about your adventures in such brilliant detail through both word and photo! I love being able to tag along on your amazing journeys!
30th April 2012

Home again
Great to read about your trip and that you once again survived and had a amazing trip. I'm sure that many of us are very jealous of yur wanderings. Dave left off your pedometer steps as it sounds like you did thousands but that would be an interesting thing to track and i have on some trips. take care for now and we wait for your next adventure Take care you two sharon
30th April 2012

Hi you two, OK, I am ready for your next trip, when I get tired of travelling, my bed is just behind me, so see you on OUR next trip!!!!! LOVE, MOM
30th April 2012

"It is quite amazing that in a world consumed by and infatuated by different forms of communication, that there are still so many misunderstandings... " Hmm. I think about this a lot in the work I do. There's material here for an evening together. If you come back to Sioux Lookout, please give us a call. That "misunderstanding" thing I would like to discuss with you. I want to know if you think technology is having a net benefit in the towns and villages you have visited. I have enjoyed your blog. I can get off on a good vicarious experience! I have several suggestions for travel, actually many. Ulan Bator? Les Iles de la Madelaine? Iceland? I would love to take Andrea to the islands off the coast of East Africa. India has always been a dream but it would have to be several months. I could go on .. ! Enjoy Churchhill. It has its own (particularly Canadian!) charm, yes? Brian
30th April 2012

Just totally amazing.........what else can be said.??
23rd April 2012

The adventure continues...
Thanks Dave and Theresa for your continued postings. They are fabulous. Wish I was there instead of working. Stay safe. Bob
22nd April 2012

square tree
For squares? LOL Very cool..the whole species are like that? Way should try and get a slab of it for a table top, that would be amazing.....
22nd April 2012

What a trip you guys, beautiful country side, and lots of maze or fog, Sure like that golden frog, should put him in The Golden Unicorn. sure enjoyed reading everything you two did, thank you, for the trip I made even if I was at home, LOVE, MOM
20th April 2012
Smelling dinner

Dang, that polar bear is big!!! He's soooooo cute too!!!! He's very long too. That must have been scary!!!
From Blog: A frozen sea
6th April 2012

Great stuff!
Beware the american crocodile in those swimming holes! I'm doing the Whoop Whoop now, and my co-workers are looking at me funny, is that normal? Keep up the posts, us armchair travelers are reveling in you albeit hot adventures! I believe you're not farm from one of the big banana research areas from the 40's, 50's, 60's...
From Blog: Way Too Hot!
5th April 2012

Glad to hear with all that heat that you guys didn't
From Blog: Way Too Hot!
5th April 2012

way too hot?
We are having a snow storm! Too hot? NAAAHHHH..........impossible!
From Blog: Way Too Hot!
3rd April 2012

travelling man.....
llove your new title man of travel......lovely pics once again. the sloth reminds me of someone....someone from the fleece likely......
3rd April 2012

Hi to both, I haven't commented on most blogs cause I'm in awe!!! What beautiful places, wildlife, etc that you are experiencing!!! How wonderful for the 2 of you to be living THE life!!! My hat's off to you. Enjoy! Hugs
2nd April 2012

love your trip
Thanks for all the pictures, I feel warmer....... - 17 this morning
26th March 2012

beautiful places
after staying in those beautiful hot places, are you ready to go back to good old churchill and freeze your butt off, Ha! Ha1, get your underwear out,. saw you on the bike, and Dave near the lake, There is a beautiful silhouette of the Fairy Tale Island,. Maybe I could do a silhouette painting of that island??? maybe, Hasta la proxima, MAMA
23rd March 2012

magnificent northern canadian beauties
i have been infatuated with the natural world all my life and these are just one of the most magnificent churchill, man. photos i have ever seen!
21st March 2012

Wow what atrip to take with vomiting tourist. yakkkkkk one place Iwould not go, you sure have beautiful place to stay in, hasta la prosima, MOM
21st March 2012

more awesomeness (that is a word...)
guys, great post, and please note that I'm enjoying reading about all your travels through CA. If you are getting this reply, drop me an email because I've probably responded 20 times and have no idea if you're getting these. Is this mechanism broken? El Bob, from Chicago
20th March 2012

Your description was extremembly visible in the readers mind. i can see why you took a flight back to mainland. take care
19th March 2012

Masaya . . yah!
Great blog! That was a bit nostalgic for me, seeing your photos of Grenada, the market and the volcano. Those fumes WERE pretty strong. That was an extremely interesting volcano. I had never seen one with that kind of inverted cone. And we loved hanging out in that square in Grenada. Keep writing!
19th March 2012

bring it home
Nice bird on your arm, are you allowed to put it your pocket pants and bring it home !!!!! I know, I guess not,
18th March 2012

I've only ever been to Costa Rica among the central American countries. Your blog is making me think I've been missing a lot by only going there. Is it fair to say that even the small countries still feel "big" once you're in them?
From Blog: El Salvador
18th March 2012

El Salvador
Hey Eric! We are in Costa Rica at the moment. And the other countries are different than it, more so due to the less infrastructure and less westernization, which is a good thing in some ways. You get a real flavour of culture and the latino way of doing things. Costa Rica has had such an influx of ex-pats from N.America that it is comfortable, but something is lost through this. Stay tuned for our future entry on Costa Rica....
From Blog: El Salvador

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