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25th January 2014
Polar plunge

Polar Plunge
I did this on New Year's Eve 1989. Wow, it was cold. We cut a hole in the ice and jumped in naked.
25th January 2014

In 1989-90 I worked at McMurdo Base on the Ross Sea for 5 months. It was an experience of a lifetime.
22nd January 2014

Wow O.o Love the pictures. But it sure is cold there. Looking forward to the next part of your adventurous trip (^_^)
22nd January 2014

Amazing !!!
Stunning shot.
21st January 2014

City of Penguins in the Land of Penguins! It looks like an untouched part of the world. Amazing how thick the glaciers are there. Sherry and Jim
20th January 2014

Thanks for sharing Dave! Did any birds come up to you? Good luck, xoPammie
17th January 2014

hi Dave, here is a poem from Penguins, \"\"Our wings serve as flippers that carry us across the ocean not in the sky. Why us penguins have so much fun time in the water. we don\'t even want to fly, it is in one of my magazine,
16th January 2014

Lost for words
Lost for words also...just amazing.
16th January 2014

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Stay safe.
15th January 2014
Hundreds of thousands

Lost for words
No kidding, i'm so glad you guys took on this adventure, wow, thanks you reo, for living part of my dreams........
15th January 2014

South Georgia
Thrilled that you are having this experience. Sounds amazing! The photos say it all.
15th January 2014

LOVE these amazing photos! Must be an incredible experience for you; thanks for sharing it and allowing us to experience it through your words & photos!
14th January 2014

1970 trip to Churchill
when we went up to Churchill, we walked out to the ship on the one day when it was the lowest tide of the month and spent a lot of time beside the ship because the only way you could climb aboard was up the rusting steel cables hanging down. We were told by the locals that it was a former Mussollini's troop ship converted to a cargo ship and the crew got into the vodka she was shipping back to Europe (lol) and ran agound. Still a beautiful Manitoba moment! and Churchill is a must see before you die.
13th January 2014

Get a change of clothes to blen in a little and then get a shot of yourselves in amongst the flock so that I can make a * ? where s Theresa and Dave card ( There\'s waldo type of card) You go to do this! Too cool cuz............ Thanks for sharing :) XOXO
13th January 2014

Awesome! Thanks Dave and Cheers and Hugs!! Rachel and Carter
13th January 2014

Hello From Montreal
Awesome photos! Can't wait to here more...
13th January 2014

Absolutely spellbinding! Wow! Best to you Dave!
12th January 2014

Hi Dave. Wow lots of penguins, we see lots of it on discovery on tv. What a nice trip that your at. Theresa is anxious to be there with you and se all those things. I really enjoy reading all your trips. the two of you. Well have a good day. Enjoy it all. Mom Crann
11th January 2014

Great post guys. What an amazing experience. Thanks for the amazing post!
8th January 2014

What can i say other than lucky.
8th January 2014

We enjoyed reading this one Dave; quirky Brits and impatient scampi! Great pics. Take out there. Sherry and Jim
7th January 2014

What a fabulous adventure!
Congratulations on the new job. How wonderful. I worked in Antarctica for 5 months back in 89. It was fantastic. Looking forward to reading more. Your photos bring back some great memories. Your visit to the Victory Inn sounds priceless. A perfect day.
5th January 2014

Ref. above reminded me of a quiz night I NATO years ago with Tom and Lindsay and Lynda and Seamus. They are keen quiz types, I was only there for the lager. Anyway the question came up about where was the land of fire. They conferred and drew a blank but somewhere out of the dusty recesses of my brain I dragged out the answer! I felt like a superhero, lol x just thought I\\\\\\\'d share that with you. Hello, hello! Have you fallen asleep......
5th January 2014

The Birds and Falklands
Cool blog - thanks for sharing Dave. I particularly like the picture of the King Penguin (?) chic (so cute) and the whale skeleton (how cool). But what's monster crunch? That's ok, I'll Google it. lol Have fun, Happy New Year. Oh BTW, Santa stopped by, he knew you were away so he came here instead. xo PS

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