Claes and Sven

Claes and Sven

Claes and Sven

Who we are and were we heading........

WE are two guys in the beginning of our forties, friends since teens, born in Gothenburg and grown up under the influence of metal music.
I (Claes) have been living in Norway since 15 years back in time and been backpacking around in diffrent part of the world and seen alot of Asia, apart from Sven, that been on a roadtrip in America and been visting France and Italy and couple of other parts of Europe.
This blogg will start with our first visit to China and from there it will end up after 2 month in Thailand. Along the way, we will be in contact with diffrent communities from the "" and try to hook up with some locals that hopefully have the time to show us around.
BEWARE......I can not guarantee you exitement reading this blogg, because im miserable writing about myself. That will say that im not even capable to write a serious cv or contact add
I will try to do my best and if i fail, you can look at the pics that im putting in.


Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin January 5th 2012

We arrived yesterday to Guilin, by train from Shenzen (HK). It took us awile finding the ticket office in Shenzen and to order the tickets. The guy in the office repeted many times that "train no tickets tomorrow, today. What time you go ?" After some more confusions he got the manager that helped us book 2 tickets for soft sleep carriage in the afternoon. When we got on the train we gladly saw a sign telling us that this was a non smoking wagon, but it did not took a long time for us to realize that they dont give a f##k. Lucky for us they did not smoke inside the sleeping compartments. My cold that i had from the AC from the hotel in HK had now got worse and i got to bed ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak January 2nd 2012

I starting by telling some short description of the looong travel from Sweden to China. Check in at Landvetter airport thursday at 11am took a beer and headed for the gate. The plane to Istanbul was on time and the food was brilliant comparing to other meals i had before. In Istambul we took a cab to find a nice resturant were we could relax a little between transit. If the traffic wouldnt had been so badly in Turkey, we could have had some more time for sightseeing. After arriving in Guangzhou we had to catch a bus to the city from the airport that took another hour and had to hook up with the train to Hong Kong that took another 2 hours and after going trough endless bordercheckings and passportcontrols we had to cath ... read more

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