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Europe » France » Auvergne September 22nd 2012

We have experienced our third rain shower of the holiday and, just like the first, all the rain fell while we slept. Something rather magical about that. Up and ready to go bright and early today. In fact at reception ready to pay before they were open. Then discovered they don’t take card so had to wizz along to the Intermarche to get some cash and while we were there top up with cheap diesel (£1.07 a litre, not to be missed) and pick up the coffee I forgot yesterday. Still on our way from the campsite by 9:30 and with the errands done so a good start to the day. The first section of the drive was sensational. We went cross-country along a spectacular river gorge and the scenery was made more dramatic by the ... read more
A low low tunnel through the rock but Tandy coped well as always
Pretty villages as we climbed up and up ... and up
Bob, Tandy and a low cloud

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Salavas September 21st 2012

Having decided to stay put for the day we also agreed on a lazing about sort of day but with lunch out. If it had been as sunny as yesterday we might have thought about a short canoe trip but a bit too cloudy for that as really need full sun if you are sitting in a canoe on a wide, deep and very wet river. We scootered instead, late morning, to Vallon and found it to be a very different place once all the stalls of the weekly market had gone. Still plenty of shops to browse and lots of choice, too much really, for lunch. We exited our first choice of restaurant quite quickly when we realised the quiet musak outside was deafening inside. Soon found somewhere a little quieter and sat on a ... read more
Vallon Pont D’arc looks a bit different when the crowds and market stalls have gone
Vallon Pont D’arc. The mairie
Vallon Pont D’arc for lunch of galette and crepe.

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Vallon-Pont-d'Arc September 20th 2012

Had a lovely, quite busy day today. We started off with a leisurely scoot into Vallon Pont D’arc town – just a couple of kilometres across the bridge and up the hill. We had no idea what was there so we (me especially !) were delighted to find a market. Not a little market either, but one which filled nearly every street in town as well as a big area down at the bottom. Had a lovely wander and found some Montelimar nougat, just what I was wanting as well as a few other must have bits and pieces. A most eclectic selection of goods on sales really and not all traditionally local. Provencal yellow and purple tablecloths, of course. Lavender, Sausages, olives, cheeses, local wines but also mattresses (!?), Thai ornaments, ethnic clothing, lots of ... read more
Market stall in the main square at Vallon
Loved the tables at this restaurant in Vallon
Bob sunning himself on the banks of the Ardeche

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Vallon-Pont-d'Arc September 19th 2012

Bob managed to get the scooter back into the garage again but only after moving the Tandy down from its ramps and out of the olive tree where it had taken up temporary residence with the ants. Once the scooter was in place and the garage repacked we set off for our next campsite, heading North. This direction was very important as, so far we have only been going south, but have now run out of south to go to. North is a bit scary. We are hearing tales from home of ground frosts and needing cardigans, sweaters and central heating ! We really have, to date, done exceedingly well, weather wise and the plan, to spend the time on the south coast as late as possible into the trip, to make the best of the ... read more
Last view of the vineyards on the south coast backed by the row of rocky hills
Marseilles is not a great place to drive through
Avignon on the other hand Is always a pleasure to see

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Sanary-sur-Mer September 18th 2012

Despite the rather pessimistic weather forecast there has been plenty of sun around today. We have made the most of it as tomorrow we start our slow drive north and the temperatures can only go down from here onwards. Bob, having read my blog of yesterday, very kindly suggested we spend the morning in Sanary-sur-mer as we did yesterday but this time with the shops open. Great idea. We scootered in and then went our separate ways for a couple of hours. Bob armed with his book, me with my shopping bag. As we arrived on the harbour front the sun came fully out and it was gloriously hot for the rest of the morning. I was delighted to discover that the small fresh food market of yesterday was hugely expanded today and included several fish ... read more
The French call these crevettes which translates as shrimps. Never quite sure how big they have to be to be classed as prawns !
14th century tower now part of an hotel on the seafront
Lovely shops

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Sanary-sur-Mer September 17th 2012

Happy to report that the crocodile did not get me. Bob had quite a struggle getting the scooter out of the Tandy as not much room to manoeuvre and the back wheels are on ramps which has made the garage higher than normal. Had to use brute force to get the scooter out and no doubt will have to move the Tandy in order to get the scooter back in again. We scootered down to Sanary-Sur-Mer centre reasonably early as we wanted to catch the market which, being French, is only open in the mornings. Bought some lovely fresh fruit but failed to get fish as the fish market had already sold out. We obviously should have got up at least an hour earlier. Sanary is a lovely harbour to walk round, one of the ... read more
Sanary-Sur-Mer a rather traditional type of French seaside town
Boats boats and more boats
Lovely style of buildings outlining Sanary-sur-mer harbour

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Sanary-sur-Mer September 16th 2012

Another glorious day. We are being so lucky with this lovely weather. Only had two lots of rain so far, once overnight and for one morning. This sunshine is especially welcome today as we head for the south coast at Sanary-Sur-Mer where we plan to stay for a few days. I really, really want a swim in the sea. I was outside campsite reception before 8.30 determined this time to get a baguette and croissant for breakfast. Very first in the ever lengthening queue when the door was opened at 8.35. Bet there was none left by 9 am as the campsite is completely full and campsite management don’t seem to have expected that. We had lots to pack away as the scooter was still out of the Tandy garage after last night’s trip down ... read more
Note here to visit some of these hilltiop villages next time we pass this way. Will have to use the scooter though as Tandy too big to get through many of them.
A very scenic offshoot of the Marseilles Canal
Across the plains of the Luberon before we started to climb up through the rocks

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Gordes September 15th 2012

Thank goodness for that. At some point in the night the wind decided to take a rest and when we woke it was to a beautiful day. Blue sky, superb view from our pitch across the Luberon with wisps of mist rising up the hills. Great start to the day. Attempted to get bread from campsite reception having been told no need to reserve it. Went across at 9am to discover it was all gone (reception only opened at 8.30am !). Must try harder tomorrow or it will be cereals again. No matter, scooter out of garage and off we went down the hill to Gordes. The walk down is apparently 25 minutes but but you can triple that for very steep walk back up. No decision really, who would walk when they have a scooter. ... read more
Scenic view over the Luberon
Managed to get the two of us perched in front of Gordes
Lovely narrow streets of Gordes centre

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Gordes September 14th 2012

Up and off today as we had a long way to go. Longest daily distance since our day 1 drive from home. The first quarter of the drive was beautiful. First of all through the fields and rolling hills and then along the beautiful Tarn valley. We stopped at a couple of particularly spectacular spots on the river (Lincou and Brousse le Chateau). Then unexpectedly found ourselves crossing back to the north side via an old unlit, single track, railway tunnel. We stopped a third time near Broquiès when I spotted a sign ahead which said 3 ton and 1.8 metre width limits. We might have got away with the weight but even with the wing mirrors retracted and both of us breathing in we would never had made it over that narrow bridge ! Instead ... read more
Lincou on the north bank of the Tarn
Brousse le Chateau on the north bank of the Tarn
A rather narrow bridge and tunnel to get us across the Tarn. Clarissa Tomtom never mentioned that !

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Cordes-sur-Ciel September 13th 2012

Rain in the night and still raining when we got up. First we have had for over a week and in fact the first daytime rain. We have been very lucky ! Fortunately we had expected it so everything was tucked away in the dry under the awning. Not a very early start today as we weren’t going anywhere until and unless the rain stopped. Sue and Keith got on their way up to the Dordogne and we settled down with our books for a lazy morning. We were thinking that if the rain carried on we would stay for another day as we have some ‘spare’ days in the plan for the south coast. Fortunately though, after a final heavy downpour the rain stopped as suddenly as it had started and within 5 minutes the ... read more

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