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We decided that actually we like this campsite rather a lot. Lovely pool and the beach is just perfect. So we are staying another night which meant we could go out and about in the Camargue on the scooter. Set off at a reasonable time as I pointed out that wildlife round here has a siesta so no point going out at midday. 5 minutes along a very nicely done promenade which links this area of the beach to the town proper. Then I had to ask Bob to stop as I had spotted a market, not something to be missed. A lovely market in fact and well worth a visit, selling all sorts of local produce. We then did a circular tour on the scooter about 30 miles and it was lovely. We followed the ... read more
Camargue Wine
Bull sausage. Not sure I fancy that !
There are some flamingos on here just not very big as they refused to come closer

Really bad storm in the night. First of all we woke up soaked because it was so very hot. We opened all the windows to their maximum and went back to sleep only to be woken by the sound of torrential rain on the roof (when it rains in a ‘tin-roof’ motorhome it sounds like ball bearings !). We got up and shut the windows again and the roof vents and went back to sleep. Really rather a funny night as our sleep was alternately disturbed by the noise of the rain, flashes of lightening and violent cracks of thunder. Felt a little sorry for the campers on either side who were in tents and very wet tents they were too. When we woke for the last time, awakened by lightening so bright I thought Bob ... read more
Crossing the Rhone on a little Bac (ferry)
We are on the back of the bac :)
Our campsite beach is lovely and think there are icecreams for sale

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Cassis September 7th 2013

An absolutely excellent idea to visit Cassis by train. Arrangements went like clockwork though have to admit I had very carefully noted bus and train times. We scootered to Ollioules station 1.5 km away and then waited 20 minutes to buy our train tickets as for some reason the 4 customers in the queue in front of us must have been making the most complicated journeys and took 10 minutes each. The queue was out of the door by the time we got to the booth where I purchased our return (Oap rate €10 each) tickets to Cassis, all conversation in French, in 1 minute flat. We went on the top deck of the train, as a double-decker train was a real novelty, and arrived in Cassis station 25 minutes later. The shuttle bus was waiting ... read more
Cassis floral Harbour
Cassis Harbour lined with restaurants
Cassis view to the East and the high cliff.

Really pleased to realise when we woke that we were not driving today, not the Tandy anyway. As soon as we had had our breakfast of baguette and croissant, Bob unloaded the scooter from the Tandy garage ready for a trip to town. The scooter has spent a good part of the summer being taken to pieces, stripped down and put back together again as last time we used it, September last year, it was really struggling for power. It now has a new lease of life which is fortunate as we love our very well travelled 2003 Piaggio Diesis and would hate to have to replace it. Our morning trip took us down into town to Sanary-Sur-Mer. We know the way now having visited before and parked on the edge of the market on the ... read more
Sanary-sur-mer harbour
Sanary-sur-mer lots of boats
Sanary-sur-mer boats

We had a choice of route today. Tank it down to the coast via toll roads or use the N road alternatives or… go the long way round via a scenic route we hadn’t used before. Scenery won and it was such a good decision. We have had a wonderful drive today. Instead of immediately heading due south, we went East direction of Die. A gorgeous morning. As we were going due East towards the Haute-Alpes we had wonderful views of the folds of the mountains, slightly hazy in the morning mist. First place we came to was Crest, this is on the river Drôme, from which the region gets its name and it has a high towering dungeon overlooking the river. We were really lucky with our next village, Pontaix, as there was just ... read more
looking East over the foothills of the Alps
Pontaix - charming spot
Pontaix straight into the sun but I like it

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Valence September 4th 2013

Today we chose to drive a more scenic route. One which took us through acres of vineyards of the Burgundy region. We avoided the motorways and instead used the N roads which go through the middle of towns, sometimes hitting mini traffic jams but these just give us chance to look around. We started from Langres, a fortified town on top of a hill and, according to the number of heavy trucks we saw, a major crossroads on routes between Paris and Switzerland. We bypassed Dijon and still can’t decide if we have ever visited there or not, through Nuits Saint George and through Beaune, which we have, on our first motorhome trip in 2003. We were, for a good part of the way, following a Route du Grand Cru, which basically means that there are ... read more
Nuits st George

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Langres September 3rd 2013

03/09/2013 Heading 300+ miles south by Toll road Up and away early as a long way to travel today. As we needed to put some miles behind us we had decided to use the motorways and on this particular route, toll roads. We generally avoid a full day of motorways but sometimes it is the only option. We crossed back into France from Belgium after 20 minutes. The early morning, slightly autumnal, mist cleared to another perfect summer’s day and we hit the motorway. Very busy at first, 3 lanes nose to tail until we were past the turn to Paris and from then it was plain sailing all the way. Only went wrong once when Tandy swung onto the wrong exit road at a junction and took the motorway north instead of south. Cost us ... read more
Wondrous pool
Le Lac de la Liez
The lake

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Ypres September 2nd 2013

Finishing off a glorious English Summer with hopefully a few weeks of lovely French sunshine What a lovely summer this has been. I can’t remember when we last enjoyed such beautiful English summer weather. Hot but not too hot. Dry but not completely, not so much that the dreaded words “hosepipe ban” and “drought” started to be bandied about. And just enough rain to keep the garden alive. We’ve really been very happy with our 2013 summer. After our fantastic 2 week trip to California in June we settled down to a couple of months at home. Glass making for me and have to say that July and August have been really rather busy in the Joysofglass garage come studio. Bob found it was too hot in the loft to work on his railway so has ... read more
Menin Gate, Ypres
Under the Menin Gate, Ypres

Last Stop, Full circle back to Los Angeles again. This morning it really was misty, not cloud and most of the shoreline had vanished beneath it. After breakfast in the hotel we took a stroll along the seafront, watched some Californian ground squirrels, including quite a lot of babies, scrabbling about in the rocks where they have their burrows and we likened them more to rats than our tree squirrels. There were not many people about at 10am when we took a stroll along the wooden pier, the longest in California. Just a few people fishing or strolling like ourselves. As we walked back the place started to liven up a little. Maybe the Californians are accustomed to the daily mist and don’t get going until the sun burns it off. We got on our way ... read more
Ventura Pier and some 'characters'
Ground squirrels
Malibu Beach and more mist

North America » United States » California » Big Sur June 16th 2013

Highway 1 to Ventura How lovely. Blue sky had returned when we woke which was great news as the plan was to drive all the way down the coast, down Route 1, with the car roof open as that is just what our car, the Mustang, was designed for. A little chilly at first and Bob turned the heating on but quite soon the sun warmed up and so did we. A wonderful drive and I don’t think we have ever before made so many stops to admire the views. It had been suggested that the best way to do the drive was South to North but it was far better the other way going south as all stopping spots are on the right, coastal, side of the road and therefore far better accessed when driving ... read more
Highway 1 02
Highway 1 03
Highway 1 04

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