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South America June 30th 2010

So I muddled my way across the border, my first unseriuos seeming one (reminds me of South East Asia and Africa; two shacks on the side of a road). Changed the remainder of my Soles into Bolivianos and made my way to Copacabana, of course not the beach in Rio, but something a little bit pleasant. I forced myself through the city for an hour or so before finding myself at a nice cheap hotel. I made a few friends from the ride over and we all made our way to Isla del Sol together the next morning. Now, in Copacabana and on Isla del Sol there was no ATM which means I was left to see how long $50 could last me, and apparently the answer was four days. Which is fairly impressive considering the ... read more
View From the Beach
Lake Shore
In the Town

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno June 27th 2010

So I finally got out of Cuzco, much to my own relief, it is a neat town but I think I was there far too long. There were things to see and do there, but it was too expensive and touristy (and i dont mean the other tourists, i mean the products of so much tourists: shoe shine boys, drug sellers, clothing sellers, honking taxis whenever you go for a walk, etc.) My experience wasnt really helped by staying in the shittiest hostel in the world (though cheap). My favourite memory will be from returning for Machu Picchu when we stopped for lunch and the bus driver didnt have enough money to pay for his meal so we werent allowed to leave until the restaurant owner was satisfied with the promise of repayment next time the ... read more
Looking at Puno
Blue Building

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 24th 2010

Inti Raymi meant lots more parades. I was in the parade. It also meant lots of people drinking (and I mean lots). I danced and drank. Now I am exhausted! But what a celebration! Now I am exhausted.... read more
Parades like crazy!
The next morning, more parades!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu June 23rd 2010

So I made it to the famous Incan City of Machu Picchu. The bus ride was 6 or 7 hours, I went in and out of consciousness and the other tourists seemed to not be so chatty either. When I got to the town at the foot on the mountain I basically went to sleep after dinner and 8 for 1 happy hour (crazy eh?) Woke up at 3am and climbed the mountain and got to be number 25 in line. This meant I was allowed to climb Wayna Picchu and get some good views of Machu Picchu from above. The city was great, definitely a good place to visit. Now I am tired and not looking forward to the 6 or 7 hours bus ride back (the roads aren´t great either!)... read more
Construction on a New Inca Trail
Macchu Picchu

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 21st 2010

So the bus ride from Arequipa was longer and less comfortable than I could have hoped for, but I did get to see a lot of mountains and llamas; so many llamas that I would say I now consider them a little bit boring. I arrived in Cuzco pretty late and basically went straight to bed. I must have gotten some of this famous altitude sickness because I felt a little out of breath even when I was just walking casually. It has worn off now. This city is much older than anywhere else I have been in South America (or at least it seems to be), a lot of the old churches here are actually built on top of Inca temples, and a lot of the churches and other buildings date back to the 16th ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon June 18th 2010

So I went for a bit of a walk: 3 days, up and down 1000m. It certainly wasn´t the toughest trek I have ever done, but it did offer some interesting things. First, it really showed me how intertwined Catholicism has become with Peruvian society. There are all these unique Indian things that always seem to have that Catholic twist. Second, is that Lonley Planet people exist in South America. This trek was the most similar thing I have ever experienced to being in South East Asia. First of all, everyone I went with has been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand; we have all done the same things too. But there is one big difference, the Lonely Planet (Or ´LP´ as they call it) really is their bible. They are following the path that it ... read more
The Top of the Canyon
In the Canyon
More in the Canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa June 14th 2010

So I made it through Tacna and back onto the more well traveled road. This isn't exactly a tourist center but there are a few other tourists around, i think it is a stop people make when they are spending significant time in Peru. It is nice to wear a t-shirt and sandals and not to be sleeping on a bus. I am back into the territory where it is cheaper to stay the night at a hotel than it is to go to a hostel, so I am stay at an ok little hotel with a writing desk and my own washroom. I went to the Santa Catalina Monastery and also read my first little bit about Peru. There are lots of options in this country it seems, we will see if I manage to ... read more
Plasa del Armas
Big Nice Building

South America » Peru » Tacna » Tacna June 13th 2010

Ok, So now that I am updating on other computers I am going to have to upload pictures separately from my blog updates because not all computer labs let you upload photos. So I left Santiago with a good farewell (but a crappy last day of classes, just a test and then watching the football game while our tests were being marked, i felt ripped off). The bus to Arica was 28 hours, and well, it actually wasn´t too bad. I looked out the window, then I read (thanks mom!) some of my new book, continued to hammer away at the spanish translation of Old Man and the Sea, practiced some spanish verbs and vocab, watched some awful movies with spanish subtitles (similar to studying) slept a whole bunch (i think i actually slept 8 or ... read more
Some Art on the Hill
Just in Case you couldnt read it

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 9th 2010

So I should be doing homework, and that means it is perfect time for... doing something else that I wouldn't normally do! Update my blog when nothing has really happened. So I have been going to school and that means I wake up really early, go to school, study for 4 hours, get confused and tired, return home siesta after eating lunch, wake up and study... My class is interesting, there are 5 other people and the contrasts are interesting. I know by far the least amount of vocabulary. And I have the second worst "gringo" accent (there is a guy from Kentucky who sounds so brutal...), but I destroy people in conjugating verbs and verb tenses. So that makes me feel good. I am also definitely the funniest and play with my sentences the most. ... read more
Through My Window

Wow, Things are going great here. First, it is kind of nice to be in a family house again. The De La Sotas have been awesome; it is kind of easy to see why my parents got along with them so well. Last night I went out with Fransisca and had some fun with her friends; I really enjoyed myself. BUT I did get back to the apartment at 3:30am or so and had to wake up for 7am to catch my bus to Valparaiso. Fortunately I made it with with no problems beyond wanting to sleep more. Today was my first day not studying Spanish in awhile and I think I needed it, because I think I was trying to force things too hard and not learning anything beyond greater confusion. Today I actually remembered ... read more
Houses on a Hill
Navy Headquarters
The City Littering the Hillside

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