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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg September 15th 2010

Salzburg I met up with my friend Miguel from Madrid (saw him earlier in my trip!) he flew out to Slazburg to meet me for a few days. I was couchsurfing and he stayed in a hotel. We met at the station and went for a walk along the river into town, having a catch up! As we were walking I got a message from a couchsurfer who was also staying with my host, an English guy called Sam, so we met up with him. We walked around the town a bit, got a beer, and went for some food. Austrian food is really good, like German, I had schweinbruter - pork and potato dumplings, yum! Our hosts work at a hostel in Slazburg, so after eating we went to see them and get the key ... read more
river in Salzburg
Salzburg at night
palace gardens

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne September 15th 2010

Geneva When I stayed in Berlin my host, Claudia, told me about her friends in Geneva and said when I go there I should ask if I can stay with them. So Chris and I did, we stayed with Guiseppe and Claudia’s ex Carlo, two Italians who work in CERN in Geneva. Their house is quite far from Geneva centre, in fact it is in France! They were so lovely, they showed us around the town a bit, we saw the bridge over the river and the huge fountain which goes 40 metres in the air or something. We went to a restaurant for some fantastic chicken and walked around the old town. Chris and I went to explore the town in the morning, we walked a lot! We went on the pier where the huge ... read more
Chris and Anya jumping in the river
me jumping in the river!
the Alps from the river

Europe » France » Brittany » La Gacilly September 15th 2010

My parents have a house in Brittany, in a small village called St. Martin, they were going there on holiday so I went to see them for a week. It was so great because I hadn’t seen them for 3 months! And my grandparents went as well, they didn’t know I was coming so it was a surprise when I turned up! The house is right in the countryside and we have a huge garden so it was so calm and chilled while I was there, such a difference from cities! For the first day I did not much and chilled out, my family had just arrived as well so we didn’t do much, just ate lots of food! My auntie and uncle also have a house near Guemene so they came to visit us for ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne September 7th 2010

On my way to Bern I stopped off in Zurich for a couple of hours to have a look around. The Swiss say Zurich is the worst city in Switzerland, people from Zurich think it's the best, so i was intregrued to see it. I followed the walk on my map and it took me to the river, through the cute winding streets on the edge of the river, and to the lake at the end. The buildings were nice, the weather fine, and the people out and about, so I had no problems enjoying myself in Zurich! Then it started to rain so I had to dodgethe raindrops a bit as I walked though the town on the other side. Even in the rain Zurich isn't such a bad city! I got some dinner and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz September 6th 2010

Konstanz is in Southern Germany on a huge lake (Lake Constance), that is in three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Austria. I arranged to meet three of my friends from Peru there and have a little reunion. Sebastian lives there and we stayed at his place. He met me from the station and we had some lunch, then went to meet Marlene (who I already went to see in Trier earlier in my trip), then later on Astrid arrived, on a boat from Austria. It was great to see them all! We walked around the old town, pretty old streets and a huge cathedral, the beautiful lake stretching into the horizon with the huge statue of a prostitute on the pier, which turns around so you can see her from all angles. Great symbol for a city! ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 31st 2010

In Luzern, Switzerland, I stayed with a girl called Sarah. She is a student, but on holidays, is really good at singing and playing guitar, and has excellent music taste! She met me at the station with her friend Martina, and we went to her house on the bus. That evening we made some samosas together, which were yummy! And then we went out for a drink. Luzern is a bit strange because during summer break all the bars close, so it took us a while to find somewhere that was open! We had a drink in an Irish bar, sat outside by the river with the cute wooden roofed bridge going across. Then we found another bar and stayed there a while, before Martina had to get the last train home. Next day we ... read more
church, Lucerne
restaurant where we ate in Lucerne
view of lake Lucerne

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Avignon August 28th 2010

Sue and John met me at the station and it was so good to see them again, sit out in the garden and have a glass of gin and tonic with Sue, and finally get a few swims in the pool! They looked after me so well, just when I needed a break from traveling and to get a few good nights sleep, it was perfect! We spent a lot of time around the house, sunbathing and in the pool, it was so relaxing. We had a few days out; I went to explore Avignon one day. I saw the Pont d’Avignon, which is a bit useless as it only goes half way across the river, and no one was dancing on it either. I saw the impressive Palais du Papes, with its lovely gardens ... read more
palais du papes
river in Avignon

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona August 23rd 2010

My journey from Marrakech to Madrid to Barcelona took me about twelve hours so I was very tired when I arrived at the station. My cousin Gemma was there to greet me, excitedly running up to me and giving me a huge hug! She and her friend Ed had driven from England, got the ferry to Santander and drove to Mequenenza, about two hours from Barcelona, where their friends live. They stayed there a few nights then drove, with one of their friends Jen, to Barcelona to meet me. We stayed in a lovely campsite near a beach and about half an hour from Barcelona on the bus. That evening we just chilled out a bit and went to bed pretty early. I was woken up the next morning to the smell of a proper English ... read more
Las Ramblas
port in barcelona
me and Sagrada Familia

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech August 21st 2010

Casablanca Megan and I had an entertaining journey to the hotel in Casablanca. First of all we arrived in Casablanca airport and the captain said ‘’welcome to Marrakech’’ everyone panicked for a second before he hastily added ‘’oh sorry I meant Casablanca!’’ Then we had to get the train to Casa Port station, but didn’t realize we had to change so we got to the end of the line and thought, hmm… where are we?? So we had to get another train back to Casa Port, the first of which didn’t turn up, so we were stuck at that station for about 45 minutes. Eventually we got to Casa Port and got a completely pointless taxi to the hotel, just round the corner from the station, where Michele and Matilda were eagerly awaiting our arrival. They ... read more
museum, Casablanca
our guide with Megan and Matilda
baker man

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 2nd 2010

My friend Miguel met me at Madrid airport. Megan and I used to go salsa dancing with him when he lived in Chippenham but he had to move back to Madrid about a year ago. We had about 3 hours to kill before Megan arrived so Miguel took me to a cafe near Nuovos Ministerios, quite a built up area of Madrid. We had a good chat and went to meet Megan at one. Megan and I were staying at my friend Suzie’s house (who I knew from uni and Megan had never met before - very confusing with all these people I do apologise!) It was great to see Suzie, I hadn’t seen her in two and a half years since I went to see her when she lived in Warsaw, but she hasn’t changed ... read more
palaca gardens
bar with nice view
square in Madrid

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