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24th September 2013

Great observations in 2004 about climate change...
in 2013 the average global temperature hasn't increased in 16 years, and the IPPC has fallen into disrepute...about to release version 5 of their reports.
24th September 2013

Good decision...
not going back to seven to seven, traveling while living off your IT skills, and keeping Travelblog (in caps) going.
From Blog: Homeward Bound
24th September 2013

Your hopes were fulfilled...
more than a few people are now writing on this site. And thanks for allowing the "diaries" to be back dated, which allowed me to go back all the way to 1949.
24th September 2013

Travel blogs have come a long way since your first Travelblog...
and TB has a long way to go still. Thanks for making this possible!
25th August 2013

The state of the interwebs...
11 years on (2013) I just took a look at the links I posted on this blog back in 2002, not one of the three are relevant now, Lehman is bankrupt, Old Spitalfields has a proper domain now, and Wetherspoons let the domain lapse. Time to update the links.
13th August 2013

Thank you
I have been reading various Travel bloggers for last so many months.Thank you very much for coming out with such a nice travel site.
6th July 2013

This site helped change my life.......
My whole travel experience was made just that bit more perfect with this site. I have always thanked you for creating it as it helped create the new me, and the sheer goodness that has come from this time. The changes I was forced to make in 2007 were challenging and at times painful, writing my experiences here not only brought back my creativity but helped others too, in 2013 and in hindsight these were the best days of my life without a doubt. Although better days are here now as a direct result. Ali thank you for your vision dedication and for giving me the confidence to scuba dive and teaching me how to roll backwards off a rocking boat at sea and for your continued friendship. I think the entire travel population on here wish to thank you for making many lives happy.
20th March 2013

I've just been in the Ijen crater and saw that guys. I do agree - it's the worst job one could think of. But I don't feel sorry for them. From what I've seen they just don't care about their life at all. They live no longer than 45 years because their lungs get burnt. But they don't even cover their faces when they get into clouds of volcanic gas. Moreover, inhaling that pioson every day is not enough for them, most of them smoke! I just can't imagine what must be in their heads to kill themselves like that.
25th February 2013

Wow, Iceland!!!
Never been to Iceland and your blog gives me idea! Thanks for sharing - great pictures!
22nd November 2012

Lord of the Rings photos! On our way back to Oz in January from UK we are having a week on Pangkor Island. Unfortunately not around for a Christmas get-together in KL but would hope to come back to Malaysia another time.
18th October 2012

Man, thanks!
I feel great just seeing these photos ... You are an excellent photographer! You will have great success in your career :) I wish you luck!
18th October 2012
Goðafoss - Waterfall of the Gods

It is awesome!
You are a genius of the photografy... I admire you so much!
16th August 2012

Great piece of advice. Go! I'll be adding it to the ol' list then. :o) Pictures are fantastic by the way.
15th August 2012

Fab photos!
Such intense colors and great framing! Clearly it's also your great eye and not just that impressive lens you're carrying. I'm impressed that a natural slow traveler can pick up the pace when necessary. Hope working in SF isn't too intense--there's great county around there for visits, adventure and photos--enjoy!
12th August 2012
Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Wow Ali, great picture.
10th August 2012
Linda Hamilton and sister.

'Neigh sayers'
Looks like you met a few 'neigh sayers' in Iceland. :)
8th August 2012

Beautiful photos
Your photos are magnificent Ali. The colours are simply unbelievable. I hope to get to this magic destination one day!
8th August 2012
Rio Carnaval 2008

imi plac pozele dar ma intreb cum de primul barbat din poza a reusit sa-si faca ochii galbeni
8th August 2012
Goðafoss - Waterfall of the Gods

Oooooo this photo is spectacular... Love the HDR pics too... but then I am a sucker for HDR! :)
7th August 2012

amazing photos!!
7th August 2012

Truly magical photos!!! And what an amazing place! one day...
7th August 2012

Thanks for the comments!
Alas, I did not dive Silfra. With only 7 nights and a loop to make there was no time on the schedule. Just one more reason to stop over again :)
7th August 2012

Stunning Photography
Great photography Ali, what a beautiful country, I cannot believe that we have landed there in the past and stayed no more than an hour! Next time.....
6th August 2012

Finally blogging!
Hi Ali, nice to finally see one more of your had fun with that camera!!! But these pics are still wow...and you didn't go to diver...can't believe it...ok, that leave you something to do on your next visit!
6th August 2012

great photos, Ali, wondered when the blog would come up, think I'd like to see it at the end of season when the big black skies start to form!

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