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13th February 2011
Frenchman's cove

Really nice!
It looks so beautiful, I wish I was there!!
11th February 2011
Mmmmm Pies

This looks like a lovely pie!
10th February 2011

This is the CUTEST picture ever!
From Blog: Cheetah park
10th February 2011
No Chinese breakfast here

...still looks pretty good though!
10th February 2011

Great photos - will definately take the kids to Bealy Spur soon. Hope the kayaking went well.
28th January 2011

Informative Blog!
I was not aware of the camel market in Ashgabat until reading this blog - thanks for providing the inspiration to visit the city on a Sunday!
28th January 2011
Camel market 11

Flying Camels!
Wonder what is going through that camel's mind at the moment?
28th January 2011

Hi Kathie and Jordon: What a pleasure to be part of your travels. I thoroughly enjoyed the commentaries and photos. Jordon, I am so glad your mom, in her Christmas letter, felt I may be interested to follow your adventure. Thank you. Best to you both. Elizabeth Davey P.S. If you travel to Toronto you are welcome to stay here. I offer a decent hostel and the price is right, free.
From Blog: Bye bye China
27th January 2011

Sad to see it end.
Thank you two so very much for all the great emails/pictures. Have thoroughly enjoyed them all, as well, so has my daughter. Take Care - Best Wishes, Joyce Beshara
From Blog: Bye bye China
24th January 2011

Beautiful photos. Those little fellas look unbelievable cuddly and it certainly seems to be the perfect final stop in China for you! Looking forward to reading about the next leg of your trip. Take care!
From Blog: Bye bye China
24th January 2011

looks like an awesome trip! I'll have to check back on some of your older blogs that I missed. I went to China last summer and I loved it too! jiaozi and baozi were also my favorite!! No American/Chinese food comes close. I'm glad you guys had such an awesome trip. I'm trying to plan a trip to go back and see more of the natural sights and small villages too, so if you have any tips send them at me! Have fun in New Zealand!
From Blog: Bye bye China
22nd January 2011

The weather didn't improve!
Hi Jordan and Kathie, We left the morning after you - everything still shrouded in thick fog! The Belgians and the Canadians were huddled around the coal burner when we said goodbye... Now we're in Jinghong - beautiful weather - it's so nice to get rid of all the layers! Don't think you've quite reached 'your' summer yet? Enjoy it all. Stay in touch, it was great to meet you. Nice photos again by the way. Take care, Tracey and Jim
22nd January 2011
Drill Monkey

These are most beatiful monkeys i've ever seen.
20th January 2011

Absolutely STUNNING pictures! Really really lovely.
19th January 2011

You captured the beauty of those rice terraces much better than I did when I was there. Well done and thanks for sharing!
19th January 2011

Gorgeous pictures!... I'll make sure to ask you for the name of that guest house if we ever go to China!
19th January 2011

Gorgous pictures! Thank you for sharing.
18th January 2011

Amazing photos!
Wow what great shots. Poor Jordan looks like he is freezing in the lunch time shot. We aren't faring much better here. We had a bit of a cold snap but it should be getting warmer later this week. Keep warm!
10th January 2011

Sounds like you are getting China-ed out. I've heard from other people that if you want to see genuine Chinese architecture, you have to go to Vietnam!
10th January 2011

Prayer Flags
Hey, what exactly is written on those prayer flags? Can anyone put one up or is one of those buy one and put it up deals? Inquiring minds need to know!!
From Blog: Shangri La
8th January 2011

Love Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Wow... hard to believe you guys have been gone for over 5 month.. does it seem that long? Time has absolutely flown here, I hope your has gone slow enough to enjoy. Happy New Year... and nice to see you found a premium place to spend it, and with good company. Im looking forward to reading more of your travels, keep safe. Paul
6th January 2011
Uganda 3

beautyful picture
From Blog: Uganda
6th January 2011
Uganda 5

very nice picture,i like it
From Blog: Uganda
2nd January 2011

Your pictures are amazing!!! are you two not homesick yet?? LOL

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