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North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 27th 2010

Sooo not sure when I last updated but I'll try and do my best to review. Weds we went out in the field to ten mile canal pit again and manatee park. There was a manatee with some very fresh wounds, pretty deep that the docents were concerned about so we took photos and made sure they called the right people(which they did). Saw a lot of manatees at the pit, maybe upwards of 60? and a lot of mom/calf pairs, nothing like take your calf to the pit day right? We even saw this manatee that was blowing bubbles in the water with its lips, so funny!Weds night was fun, went dancing at bc and a LOT of people came out, upwards of 7 intern/former interns and some of their friends, very fun! Thursday we ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 23rd 2010

So it is coming to an end, how quickly it went. Yesterday we got to go help put stakes out on Lido Beach in preperation for turtle season which begins May 1 and goes until Oct 31. It was pretty neat work, setting stake markers in the beach every 200 ft so that when observers come out during season they can have points to indicate where nests are located. Ran the ringling bridge last night also. Today Kim and I went down to matlacha isles and burnt store marina by ourselves and got to take photos and record data, a great day for it. Saw about 50 manatees total between the two sites. Then I came home and ran 5.7 miles and felt pretty good, we'll see how i feel in the morning. my route is ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 20th 2010

Went out in the field to Ten Mile Canal and Manatee Park today. It was pretty awesome, I got to take photos today with the short lens camera, very sweet. And good practice for going out in the field on tuesday on our own. It was a long day though, there was a sickly looking calf at manatee park and we had to call the fish and wildlife commision to report it, and then we had to find a volunteer to stay with it until someone came ,all the while trying to take our data. Thus, we finally left at like one but still had to drive like 15 minutes to get to Ten Mile Canal so we got there around 2-2:15 and the conditions turned super crappy. Lots of wind and glare , and we ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 18th 2010

So there are many activities at mote coming up I will get to do before I leave. Tomorrow we are going out to Ten mile canal in the boat but only the three of us, jenn has a lot of other stuff going on she has to attend to. Monday we get to go put stakes out on the beach to set up for the turtle season which I found out runs from may to oct and of which they need interns around april(unfortunately same boat unpaid). I am going to try and see if I can go see what the turtle training/care program does so I need to email the person in charge of that, and then next friday I get to go out on the dolphin boat. Additionally, we are potentially going to get ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 15th 2010

So this weekend has been very fun. Went to Siesta key beach yesterday around 1pm. It was a zoo! Drove around the parking lot for twenty minutes before finally caving and paying 10 bucks!! to park about a block and a half away at this motel.All those people on spring break , I tell ya! Alice, Kim and I hung out there til around 5 and then stopped by daq deck for happy hour and then got dinner at Siesta Key Oyster bar. I got calamari again and this was definitely the best calamari I have had since being down here, the sauce with it was fantastic! Then went home and carpooled back to go dance at beach club. Very fun and good music. Today again went for a run and then met up this time ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 13th 2010

So first of all apologies to you loyal readers I have been terrible at updating this but I will do my best to keep the entries coming as my internship winds down. Here is an album link to whet your whistle since I've been so bad at updating, enjoy! I'm going to just start with today and work backwards as that will be easiest I think. Today we got a lot of rain, the retention pond back behind my office filled up and we were worried it might flood. Also our boat, Dory, was the only one with its boat cover on which we found kind of comical, hopefully all the other boats drain quickly ha ha. Did a lot of data entry today, and talked to John about anatomy and some manatee research ideas ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 25th 2010

Yes it will be down in potentially the 30s again this evening, boo, hiss. Aside from that everything is going fine down here, am really enjoying my internship. We went down to manatee park yesterday and out to Estero bay ten mile canal on the boat, beautiful weather, tons of glare and not too many manatees,but still a good time. The new intern Kim has started , we seem to get along so that is good. While we were at Manatee park a funny thing happened. I had just come out of the restroom and was catching up with jenn, sheri and kim and this docent(person who does talks at manatee park) came up to them and was like "RACHEL, RACHEL, which one of you is RACHEL" and i was like (a) first of all who ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 22nd 2010

To pick up where I left off last which was the day before valentines day i believe, I ended up finally getting an oil change for the car and then Alice, Mar and I took caitlin out to ale house so her bf could make her some chocolate covered strawberry's. Was pretty fun , and then the next morning met up with alice and marisa for brunch at perkins. I ended up getting lost in the sams club parking lot and had to call to find out where the perkins was which was slightly embarrasing, especially when i realized that the gas station (which was across from the sams club and on the same side of the street where the perkins was) was also the station we use to fill up at on our way back ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 13th 2010

Apologies for the long drought since I last updated this. But here we are, so let's fill you in. I went flying on the 3rd with Candace and the pilot Lew. We flew over Sarasota Bay and kind of the southern area near that we drive past when we go down to fort myers(so the Charlotte harbor, englewood area). It was a very neat experience and I had a map of the areas we were flying over so when certain land masses stood out I was able to match them up with my map so I could tell where I was, very cool! I took some photos so will be getting to post those relatively soon. We didn't see that many manatees, perhaps 8 but I still found it to be a great time. I only ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 1st 2010

So I am a little behind on keeping up with this so let me fill you in on what's been going on down here. Thursday: Ended up going out in the field, just me Jenn and Sheri. We went to Manatee park first for about an hour, I got to scrape a manatee that was hanging out beside the sea wall, although I only did get a tiny bit of skin from it. I hope it will be sufficient for the genetic sampling. Then since the weather was so nice we ended up not taking the boat out but went to Matlacha Isles and did our rounds of surveying from people's docks. We were at this one site I think 7A and this guy across the canal was like "Hey, you can come use our kayaks" ... read more

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