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5 mins ago - BKKCYCLIST published a blog
Dushanbe photos
July 25th 2014
Photos that wouldn't upload last blog: ...
9 mins ago - BKKCYCLIST published a blog
Dushanbe to Istanbul
July 25th 2014
DUSHANBE WEDNESDAY 23.7.14 My second day in D. Again very hot 35C. Receptionist told me that in winter the av. day temperature is -15C. I wouldn't like to live here because of those ranges! ...
11 mins ago - D and S published a blog
Day 4 - Baseball Again and the EMP
July 24th 2014
Sean has truly enjoyed the last 2 days filled with baseball. Today we did a tour of Safeco field in the morning seeing all of the behind the scenes stuff including the press box, the owners box, and t ...
11 mins ago - China Jolly published a blog
to the Rhine
July 23rd 2014
390km to Kongswinter. Small village on Rhine. Easy jolly, now 34C. Rhine is big fast river, with lots of barge tragic, which makes slow progress upstream, we saw so many near misses - an opinion ...
1 hour 59 mins ago - SlimJim published a blog
Moseying on the Mosel
July 25th 2014
We are moseying, well, cruising, on the Mosel River in Germany. Tall hills on both sides of the river, and most of the hills are covered in vines -- as in the grape variety. The Mosel is noted for som ...
2 hours 1 mins ago - Hawaii2014 published a blog
Surfing, Sun and Humuhumunukunukapua'a
July 25th 2014
A somewhat more relaxing day today. We started with our surfing lessons at 10am from the Big Kahuna Surf Shop. After some land-based practice and a safety briefing, it was out to the waves. Small wave ...
2 hours 35 mins ago - HeatherLauren published a blog
Hike in Saguaro National Park
July 25th 2014
Although the temperature was predicted to be in the triple digits today, I still wanted to explore a national park that's only about a 40 minute drive from our new home. We just decided to get an earl ...
2 hours 43 mins ago - Don Rodolfo published a blog
Wohin der Wind uns trägt
July 24th 2014
144.8, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 68.5 7'001.8. Konnten heute etwas länger liegen bleiben da das karge Frühstück im Motel erst ab 08.00 h zu haben war. Fuhren dann um ca. 09.15 h los. Suchte in ei ...
2 hours 53 mins ago - China Jolly published a blog
July 23rd 2014
Into big city for coffee. So many bicycles and canals. surprising what entertainment U can buy before 11am in this city. We move on after an hour. Already ,above 30C. ...
2 hours 53 mins ago - The Krenns published a blog
tortuga bay
July 24th 2014
goodbye, san cristóbal! wir verlassen die kleine insel mittels schnellboot, auf dem markus innerhalb kürzester zeit tropfnass gespritzt ist während ich von meerwasser geschützt in der kabine sitze ...
3 hours 15 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Esashi - Hamatonbetsu - Sarufutsu - Cape Sohya (110km) (Total 27732km)
July 25th 2014
-SP- Oso no ha habido, pero hace un viento de mil demonios, del oeste, y mas o menos calculo que entre 30 y 50 km/h, segun lo expuesto que este el sitio y el momento del dia. Asi que viento lateral ...
3 hours 58 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Monbetsu - Esashi (115km) (Total 27622km)
July 25th 2014
-SP- Ha llovido un monton toda la noche, ha debido parar un rato en la madrugada porque a las 5 estaba la tienda seca. Pero no he aprovechado el momento para desmontar campamento, y ha empezado a l ...

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