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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh April 20th 2014

Well after a 24 hour delay here I am a few days into my big adventure. Due to traffic on the M25 I missed my flight grrrrr! However I rebooked to fly out the same time the next day. I recovered my bag from the relevant area of Heathrow and decided to accept my fate. So I are a hearty breakfast at Cafe Rouge, took the National Express to the Ibis and had a restful day safe and sound. The next day I was awake mega early and headed to the airport and negotiated checking and passport control successfully. The flight to Amsterdam was delayed due to a no show and their bag had to be removed from the plane for security reasons. I thought blimey that was me yesterday lol. I began to panic and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor April 20th 2014

der duft von yasmin und frangipani durchsetzt die bereits vor sonnenaufgang sehr warme luft. mit unserem liebgewonnen tuktuk driver, ly, fahren wir noch in dunkelheit zum phnom bakheng tempel. relativ hoch auf einem hügel gelegen sehen wir nicht nur die sonne sich aus ihrer morgendlichen dunstglocke über den baumwipfeln erheben, sondern haben auch noch einmal einen neuen blick auf angkor wat. unsere heutige tour führt uns zu prasat preah khan, prasat preah neak pean, prasat ta som und schlussendlich, als glorreichen abschluss zu dem ausgezeichnet erhaltenen prasat banteay kdei. mit einzelheiten zu jedem tempel möchte ich euch verschonen, um ehrlich zu sein ist es nach drei tagen auch für uns schon schwer, die einzelnen tempel auseinander zu halten. ich bin zwar noch nicht ganz so weit, zu sagen: “i kon kan khmer mehr sehn!” (zitat hansi), ... read more
gods against demons
tree against temple
entrance gate

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh April 20th 2014

Evening everyone! It's 21.11 here in Delhi. We'll I've now met my travelling companions for my trip. Latoya from USA, Mary from Canada but she has been in Tiwan for the last. 3 years teaching English and is very much the traveller and heading back to Canada via a few countries, and intends to head to South America ASAP after working temporarily to get some money together. There is also a couple from Preston Chris and Steph and then there is our tour guide Dushyant. He is lovely, easy going, has a sense of humour, and tells us he is a male model (yes ladies I will get a photo or two of him for you to check him out). He also works for G adventures to supplement his income. We've had the welcome meeting and ... read more

Asia » Singapore April 20th 2014

3 whirlwind nights in Singapore....where to start?! We started with an 8 hour flight to Dubai. I'd managed to get us seats together 'in the middle in the middle in the middle' of the plane, which I soon lived to regret. 2 wonderfully robust gentleman appeared either side of us fussing with their bags. I found myself praying that these gentlemen were hovering over the seats Behind us. But no, no. Hayley and I were rapidly condensed to a seat and a quarter. After the cramping, invasion of personal space and constant elbow/jaw bashing, the seats 'in the middle in the middle in middle' we're definitely not a great plan. STA had sold the 'quick' stopover in Dubai as 'just long enough, not much waiting around'. In hindsight I fear STA failed to mention that we ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Three Gorges Dam April 20th 2014

Easter Sunday began for us on the Yangtze River with the first glimpse of the sun we’d had all week. We went up to the fifth deck Lounge to see if we could connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi because the connection in our room this morning was spotty. We also decided not to do the Tai Chi class this morning. Sharon was able to upload yesterday’s blog as well as some pictures. We went to breakfast and ended up joining a table that filled up with travelers from Canada. At 9 am we went to a lecture by Bob on the Three Gorges Dam which we will be visiting this afternoon. This dam is the world’s largest generator of electricity by a renewable source. The need for this dam has been recognized for about a century, ... read more
Sai Pan boats
Lock from practice Dam


Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island April 20th 2014

Experiences depend of places...but more than that...of people! We had a great time in Malapascua, if it was not for a simple guy that I would have rather never met....but more on this further... We left early morning Boracay for our flight from Caticlan to Cebu on Cebu Pacific. For once, the plane was on time...At Cebu airport, the original idea was to take a taxi to the bus station for the atrocious bus ride to Maya. That one can take up to 5 hours. But a little discussion with the taxi driver...and a price I couldn't refuse sent us directly to Maya pier in less than 3 hours...small roads...big traffic, as it is just short of 140km to get 3 hours! From Maya pier, it's just over 30 minutes local boat ride...and you reach ... read more
Mandarin fishes
Size, less than 12cm...venom...enough to kill 26 adult humans...

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City April 20th 2014

I was 10 years old in 1970. My father became friends with a pharmaceutical representative who had four sons and one daughter. Our family had three daughters and one son, me. Once and awhile, my mom would send me to play with the boys and take their daughter home to play with my sisters, presumably to give me some exposure to testosterone and their only daughter some exposure to estrogen. On one visit, their father and the oldest son (Dale) were glued to the TV set. Dale was wondering if he would be drafted to go to Vietnam that day. He was not drafted that day, but I think he was later. He was one of the lucky ones. He didn’t come home in a box. Luckily, I was too young to go to Vietnam. 18 ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 20th 2014

8h08 heure de Hong Kong : On est à l'aéroport, on embarque à l'instant... Bisous 13h32 heure de Pékin : On est bien arrivés à Pékin, après un controle de sécurité hyper long et parfaitement inutile, nous voilà dans le vol pour Paris. Plus que 12h de vol ! Biz Bon voyage et essayez de ne pas ramener le mauvais temps avec vous :-) ! "Dans l'avion pour Paris , on avait 4 rangées de 3 pour nous 8,du coup c'était pas mal, on a pu avoir un siège de libre au milieu à chaque fois, c'était plus confortable. On est arrivés à Roissy avec de l'avance, les bagages sont arrivés direct, tranquille ! On a donc laissé Gabrielle et Dom qui ne pouvaient pas passer de Hong Kong à Brest sans une escale parisienne comme ... read more
Dans l'avion pour Paris

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan April 19th 2014

Alright, it’s just my feeble attempt to annoy Sharon with a hint of my favorite “camel commercial” from last year, you know the one… (about hump day). I could have waited until next Wednesday, but she might have seen that one coming! We awoke closer to a normal time this morning, but were still a little anxious as our stay in Shanghai is coming to an end. We enjoyed a somewhat leisurely breakfast; although, it took Sharon a while to get someone to make her a pancake. I took the eggs over medium that had already cooked when I got in the omelet and egg line. Once I realized the eggs were up for grabs, that worked for me! After breakfast I got change for some of the 100 Yuan bills I exchanged earlier this week, ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka April 19th 2014

India on a Shoestring - Part 3 Monday 7th This morning saw us rise before the damn sun again! I thought I was travelling to get away from my alarm clock but it appears not! 4.30am the alarm went off, we left at 5am to catch the sunrise at the Taj Mahal. We were first in the queue and some of the first people into the Taj that morning, that enabled everyone to get some good clear shots. This time I decided to not really take any photos as I already have hundreds this gave me time to watch and appreciate rather than snapping away! We had a couple of hours at the Taj then headed back to the hotel for a rest! At lunchtime we all headed next door to Pizza Hut which was relatively ... read more

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