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Asia » China » Hangzhou April 17th 2014

Saturday was a pretty intensive day - after a small, carb-filled breakfast (bread rolls galore!) we set off on the coach for the Grand Theatre. Our rehearsal consisted of numerous seating rearrangements, dangerously unstable and uncomfortable rostra and plastic stools, and of course, fantastic singing from us and the soloists ;-) Having survived this, we returned to the hotel and popped across the road to a lovely Korean restaurant where the cutest young woman named Kizzi served us. She was at the Hangzhou Normal University studying to become an English teacher and frequently practised with us (both at lunchtime and in the evening, as we decided to return to the same restaurant after the concert!). The concert was pretty amazing - a great response from the audience, especially when we started singing Mo Li hua. They ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Baguio April 17th 2014

Rumble strips… the bumps on the road made to keep the driver awake. Who knew that these things would serve another purpose… to entertain a group of juvenile adults (if you knew my friends and me, you would know this is not an oxymoron) on a road trip. I will not explain how a highway safety device can be used for something other than its intended purpose for fear that my kids might read this blog and lose all respect for me (haha), but you are free to let your imagination run loose. I can try, however, to explain the phrase “juvenile adults”. Picture 18 adults, all hard-working, all seriously committed to their chosen fields of profession or vocation, all individually well respected in their own right. When these guys get together and go on a ... read more
The great karaoke challenge - the challengers
The 99ers
The glad-this-isn't-your-day-job winners

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 17th 2014

On a atterri à Hong Kong. Y'a le même décalage que pour la Chine, 6 h. On voulait partir en ville mais finalement, on a mangé des sushis à l'aéroport dans un resto super bon que Clément connaissait... Ensuite, arrivée à l'auberge Yesinn @ Causeway Bay. On est dans un dortoir de 9, et Trapouille dans un de 21 !! Les lits ne sont pas très grands mais ça va, on rentre tous ! À 9 dans une chambre quand les gens veulent prendre des douches c'est pas hyper rapide ... Pour monter à l'auberge avec les sacs c'était sportif, on est au 5ème étage mais les marches sont hautes ;p On est un peu fatigués. Il fait super chaud, ça promet pour demain ! Demain on essaie de faire les endroits à ne pas rater ... read more
Le super resto de sushis
Miam !!
Notre chambre à Hong Kong

Asia » China » Shanghai April 17th 2014

I really can’t say enough about the Shanghai Westin on the Bund. This is a great place to stay and it’s understandable why it is the preferred hotel among our many fellow Viking Cruisers. Our bed is a very comfortable king, and I’ve mentioned the spectacular view from our corner room. The ceiling above the bed is recessed, and that is recessed again above the rest of the room and adjoining bathroom, so immediately it becomes and interesting customized living space and not just some boxy hotel room. I marveled for some time about the circular cut-out design in our granite bathroom floor. The walls and floor and shower are done in an attractive black, white and gray granite with a smooth marble-like look. I next noticed the circular recessed ceiling above the floor design to ... read more
Sparrow wings
Tea House by Yu Garden
Yu Garden

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 17th 2014

verzeiht bitte die verspätung…aber nach sieben wochen hat mich asien doch noch vergiftet! das lächerliche daran: ich habe den ganzen gestrigen tag nur westliches essen gegessen…obwohl meine vermutung ist, dass mich das morgendliche thunfisch sandwich in der french bakery in saigon meine magen-immunität gekostet hat! am flughafen hab ich noch an markus' burgerking fries geknappert und nach zwei glorreichen stückchen guter alter rittersport schokolade zu mittag hat mich das unglück ereilt. schön, dass ich so einen liebevollen mann habe, der sämtliche einreise-formulare für mich ausgefüllt und ein tuktuk zum hotel, golden mango inn, organisiert hat. ab diesem zeitpunkt gibt es für mich leider nicht mehr viel zu erzählen, weil ich nur noch das (gott sei dank schöne!) zimmer von innen gesehen habe… was mir allerdings bereits erfreulich aufgefallen ist, ist die tatsache, d... read more


Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan April 16th 2014

As I parted ways with Kyoto, it was a pleasant farewell as I was looking forward to expanding my introduction to Japanese Buddhism. Koyasan was first settled in 819 by a monk named Kukai and is the birthplace of the Shingon sect of Japanese Budhism also known as Esotentric Buddhism. I hopped on the train which began to wind it's way through the mountains. It was nice to get above sea level and as the ceder trees began to line the tracks, it felt a little bit like home. It was cool to see some rural mountain Japanese homes dotted throughout the hills as well. The train reached the end of the line and it was time to ride the cable car up to Koyasan, which was an experience in itself. I managed to find the ... read more
My room
Strolling through Okinuin

Asia » China » Liaoning » Shenyang April 16th 2014

My dear readers; Once again I thought to give you some information about the city I am in. That city is Shenyang of Liaoning province. Shenyang is the largest city in Liaoning as well as Northeast China with a population of a little over 8.1 million people within its administrative area. The city was once known as Shengjing or Fengtian Prefecture. In the 17th century, Shenyang was conquered by the Manchu people and briefly used as the capital of the Qing Dynasty. It also serves as a transportation and commercial hub of Northeast China particularly with Japan, Russia and Korea. The name of the city literally means, ‘The Yang side of the Shen River’. A reference to the Hun River which was formerly known as the Shen River is on the city’s south side. Archaeological findings ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo April 16th 2014

10thApril Colombo, Sri Lanka Another early morning arrival into Sri Lanka, we berthed at their container port and when we got onto the coach for our trip it took about ten minutes just to get to the port gates. Colombo is Sri Lankas capital city and is at the crossroads of the great spice routes where cultures and races have combined for centuries. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) became a British colony in 1802 after being ruled by the Portuguese and latterly the Dutch. Plantations were established (coffee) and was a leading export until destroyed by disease. Tea was introduced and Sri Lanka is now the fourth highest producer in the world. The majority of the country’s earliest inhabitants were Sinhalese from northern India, the Dravidian (Tamil) invasions from southern India caused the Sinhalese to abandon the northern ... read more

Asia April 16th 2014

13thApril Mumbai, India People’s views of India differ whoever you speak too. We have tried to keep an open mind of what to expect in Mumbai. It was always going to be an eye opener. We had opted for not the City tour or Highlights but a trip by boat (another one) to Elephanta Island to the Elephanta caves. More of that later. India’s capital Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is a city of stark contrasts. Modern towers stand next to stately stone colonial buildings from the days of the Raj. Mumbai is a huge commercial capital but a large percentage of its population live in slums without running water or electricity. Begging is prolific and people sleep on the streets amongst rats (dead & alive) and human filth. There are over 12 million people in the city. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 16th 2014

I have been bad and not written things down for a while, so this may not be as in depth as the previous ones, but I will try. After Bali I Flew to KL again for the Future Music Festival Asia. Lissie and Arie were already there and had been to the first 2 days of the festival, I only bought a ticket for the last day as that’s when all the artists I wanted to see were going to be on, also wasn’t sure of the situation, whether I was going to like it or have anyone to talk to etc.. any way I met Lissie and her Swedish friend on the Saturday morning so we could sight see and things before me and Lissie headed to the festival later that day. It was strange ... read more

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