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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin April 28th 2006

We decided to be active today and go rock climbing with Noah and Seb, who were leaving in a few days so they wanted to do some Yangshao touristy things. Yangshao has some of the best climbing in China, the mountains are amazing to look at - they kinda all have this rounded top that you don't really find in Europe. We met at our climbing instructor, Echo, cafe, and she gave us all our shoes - that you can't wear with socks or you might fall, and climbing gear etc. We got a little mini bus out of town and then were faced with this rock face...sure there we had been thinking that we would just go to a straight-ish wall with a couple of foot holds and hand holds sticking out....hmmm, apparently not! So ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta April 28th 2006

The Mekong Delta, rich in diversity, people, vegitation and oh yes WATER, lots and lots and lots of water. The quote for the trip "man we have crossed so many rivers", by one, Luke Matthews ... like duh!... read more
Sssssso whats that on your neck?
Look at the tourists!!!
Food Market

Asia » Hong Kong April 28th 2006

This was the beginning of our two year adventure - a five day stopover in Hong Kong. We didn't really rough it, and stayed in a great hotel in Kowloon with a truly jaw-dropping view of the Hong Kong sky line. We travelled on the Star Ferry, shopped at Stanley Market, and went walking on Lamma Island. And ate chinese food! And after the months of packing and flat-letting, we also slept quite a lot...... read more
Street markets
Roof top swimming pool!
Lamma Island

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 28th 2006

Just to reiterate I may have gone a little crazy with the old shopping in Bangkok. For your pleasure here is a mildly abbreviated summary of activities to date. 5 x polo shirts 3 x collared t-shirt (assorted brands) 3 x tailored business shirts 1 x tailored blazer/ Jacket 2 x Jeans (rip off Levi's/ Diesel) 1 x black work pants 4 x boysy war dvd's 2 x Football dvd's 1 x giant collection of scented soaps 6 x boxer shorts 4 x pairs of socks 1 x dickies shorts 1 x leather sandals 1 x Arsenal badge and finally 1 x gigantic useles bag, already semi broken, containing 26 kg's of excess pap. All for around 550 NZ dollars, not bad eh? I may be inadvertantly supporting sweatshop labour, and my environmental credentials are now ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 28th 2006

so we were out of the smoke and into the fire. the overland journey from the cambodian border to siem reap is legendary amongst the traveler community. everyone you speak to that has had the pleasure of the 7, or 8, or 9, or 10 hour journey will have a different tail of breakdowns, floods, dodgy roadside cafes, and their time spent in a vehicle that would struggle to drive to the mot centre, let alone pass one! our particular journey had the inevitable breakdown where the driver pretends there is a major problem with the bus (in our case the steering) and proceeds to get out and fix then unfix the problem as many times as possible. the deal is this; when you get on the bus at 4.30pm you are told that it will ... read more
bob the bodger
our first moto ride
wheres the pavement?


Asia April 28th 2006

Well we have spent a few days here and time just flies in Paradise. We took a boat trip for the day to 4 Islands. We were extemely lucky with the weather as it was really calm and at each spot you can have snorkel. On Poda Island, our first stop as soon as I put the snorkel on and my head under the water I could see we were surrounded by colourful tiger fish. They are so exquisite and inquisitive they come up and look at you and may even nibble you a little. Then it was off to the next place where we just anchored off a reef and jumped off over the side of the boat. The coral here was awesome and there were a whole lot more varieties of fish- parrot fish, ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh April 28th 2006

Phnom Penh has definitely been the biggest eye-opening, shocking place I have been to so far on this tour, and I doubt anywhere else will be like it. The city itself is ok, a lot more developed than I expected, with lots of bars, restaurants, book shops etc etc, the city's exterior doesn't really reveal the shocking secrets it hides within. Our full day in Cambodias capital started normal enough, a visit to the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, both of which were very nice and grand buildings, that was followed by a visit to The National Museum which i'm sure was very good but as soon as I set foot into any museum my brain just turns into mush! I just don't do museums! Then on to Wat Phnom which again was very nice, ... read more
Skulls at the Killing Fields

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Chamba Valley April 28th 2006

Chamba Valley (Himachal Pradesh) India The district as a princely State was under the rule of progressive and staunch Hindu Rajas and a large number of temples owe their origin to the princes. One of them, Raja Sahil Verman in the tenth century was particularly noted for his religious zeal and was apparently a staunch believer in Vishnu cult. Most of the Vishnu temples are concentrated in Chamba town and Lakshmi Narayan temple is the most important one. The temple of Nar Singh at Bharmaur, Thakur Murli Manoharji at Raj Nagar and of Nar Singh at Bart gal in Pargana Bhalai is some of the other important Vishnu temples. The cult of Siva is more ancient and has a wider sphere of influence. This is natural because the Himalayan range, her many peaks, the Kailash mountain, ... read more
Chamba old View
Chamba old View
Raja of Chamba Kingdom

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin April 28th 2006

We got two flights, a taxi that basically refused to drop us to the bus station until we bullied him and then a bus to Yangshao. And then as it happened, we literally stood up to get off the bus and Dan sauntered up - he was just randomly checking to see if we had arrived! It was Kate’s last night in Yangshao so we went out to Bar 98, then Charlie, Dan, Seb, Noah, Irene and I moved onto this other bar where Charlie knew the manager and bargained him down to 5 quai a beer….it was supposed to be a karaoke bar but it seems the machine is always broken! Marketing mechanism! The next night we went out to Monkey Jane’s for a few where you and Charlie did a bit of singing with ... read more
Irene getting Noah progressively drunk
Karoline and Noah
The girls

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Nishinomiya April 28th 2006

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