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Asia » Malaysia April 30th 2006

First of all thanks for all the comments and messages from you guys back home - its really nice to hear from you and that you are finding the blogs entertaining! So, here goes the food journalism for today! Left the skank hotel also known as 'The Shining' yesterday - thank the lord it was ming a ding ding! Got to the bus station for our transport to Singapore - bought more eye candy and a lipstick which you can eat! Very amused yet again waiting for the bus. A strange guy was hanging around us asking people if they wanted a ticket to singapore, so we ignored him and acted tough, then he came over and asked if we have a ticket to singapre, and of course we did, so i stupidly showed him and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City April 30th 2006

Today has been crazy! As we said on our last blog we were uninspired by Melaka so we have done a bike tour today to take us out of the city into the countryside to learn and mingle with the locals. It's run by a guy from the hostel, Alias (spitting image of Andys mate Arthur Ball). The same guy who sent us to the language school. We had read comments on the tour which all said it was great, so we had high expectations. We were picked up at 8.30am along with 2 danish girls. 25minutes later we were in the countryside at his house immediately being attacked by mozzies even though we had sprayed. From here we were given our transport for the day, a mountain bike each. We rode through palm oil plantations ... read more
Steady on there girl.
Rubber tree.
Woman getting her rubber

Asia » Cambodia April 30th 2006

Our last night in Sihanoukville was eventful ... Finding ourselves starving in a beachfront bar, the owner left his otherwise deserted pub and drove us down town to eat. He dropped us off and waited outside while we finished our dinner, what great service! The cambodian restaurant was deserted apart from us and the entire family of the owner who seemed fascinated by the "barang" and all sat around and watch us eat our beef with pineapple!!... I doubt we will ever again have service like it! Several plates of nibbles were brought out and our beer glass was rarely empty! However freaky it was to have 16 people watch you eat, we won't forget their friendliness or great food in a hurry. We felt a bit guilty about the bar owner outside so the least ... read more
Martin Brennan
Cambodian Cuisine

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan April 30th 2006

The trip to Gili involved a 17 minute flight and terrible harassment from the locals in Lombok... Steph, Sally and I were glad to get over to Gili (by ferry) where everyone is way more laid back... The islands -- there are three; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air -- are quiet during the day and a divers haven. At night Trawangan would turn into a party beach... each night a different nightclub along the beach would have a "party" which would involve loud music and dancing often until the sun came up. The accommodation on Gili is varied, but since the girls had convinced me to "rough it" a bit, we stayed in little huts for about $10 a night. For the first two nights we shared a little hut -- it was ... read more
Moi, avec le chat!
Steph n Cat
Here comes the Sun...

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai April 30th 2006

From Mamallapuram went back to Chennai for train to Madurai. It was so hot when I arrived in the station that an Indian family were fanning themselves so I asked if I could have some of their air and this is how I met Sudha, She was also travelling to Madurai for her grandfather's 80th birthday Madurai was crowded with holiday makers and people visiting the Meenakshi Temple which has wonderful carved and coloured gopurams and a fabulous inside although non Hindus cannot go into the Meenakshi shrine. The Gandi Museunm was also worth a visit as it presented the story from a different perspective from the British history books ... read more
Meenakshi Temple
Meenakshi Temple Detail
Meenakshi Temple Detail Ganesh


Asia » Sri Lanka April 30th 2006

On our way to Kandy we decided to stop off at little town called Nuwara Eliya which has a reputation of being just a little English, white picket fences, rose bushes etc, so we thought why not stop for a cup of good old tea... Once again the scenery was very green and hilly and we managed to find a very nice English hotel which was just beyond our budget - I really have forgotten what a hostel looks like never mind a dorm bed but we tell ourselves it's just for one night... And as it's only for one night we decided to live it up and eat at the most expensive place in town, at "The Hill Country Golf Club". Only one snag, we have to find it first. Now on the map the ... read more
Suzanne at the "club"
Steve propping up the bar...
Suzanne enjoying a cocktail

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City April 30th 2006

Just a quick note guys to make you all jealous.... I am at this very moment getting a Chinese foot massage and have had a facial, sauna, skin scubbing, milk bath, hair wash, ear cleaning (bizarre to say the least). Next on the list is manicure, pedicure massage and mud bath as well as cupping! I'll be a new woman and men will fall at my feet! All for 15 dollars - that's 8 quid!! Love u all and im sure now u all hate me! By the way Im Portuguese to the dude who left me a comment. Sorry cant remember your name Im far too relaxed!... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor April 30th 2006

Hello all, Now I know that I sent you all a blog only a few days ago, but since then I have been to Angkor Wat and have several photos you may or may not wish to see. Further more, I've been in a car crash.... At this point you should probably know that the said crash was in fact a collision between an electric bike (or more accuratly American Andy's electric bike) and a young ladies moto. Regretfully she clipped the back of the bike, where I was and wiped out. However, both myself and Andy were unhurt and apart from a slight graze and the expected shock she was as well. For those who may care a little more for Dylan or Liz than for me, no they where not involved and were not ... read more
Angkor at Sunrise (again)
Dill on his Electric Bike
Angkor across the water

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu April 30th 2006

The highlight of Chengdu is without a doubt the Panda Centre. Less than 1400 Pandas remain alive in the world today, and I saw about 10% of them on display. First things first, Pandas are utterly adorable: big, black and white fluffy teddy bears with the energy of a sloth. I took about 70 photos, but have only had the time to add a few to this blog... Here are some interesting facts about Pandas: - Pandas tend to live alone in the wild, although like to live in groups when food is freely available. The wild Pandas have a lot of trouble breeding as they have high standards and won't just mate with anyone. All in all, they are totally my kind of animal. - Similarly to Koalas, Pandas can't get a lot of nutrients ... read more
Sounds good to me...
Just hanging around

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya April 30th 2006

(Daryl) Well folks, after a few days, we got outta Bangkok, but left some Bangkok photos here as an encore. We headed 5 hours southeast to the hedonistic city of Pattaya, where the women are hot, but their diseases are not. This is a city that's based on it's overcrowded beach and its thriving sex industry workers that you run into EVERYWHERE. Anytime the three of us would walk by one of Pattaya's many bars/brothels, we'd hear 10-20 "ladies of the evening" shout in Thanglish "Welcun you hansun men" with the hopes that we would stop and take them "out." All of us got our butts grabbed on more than one occasion. Pattaya did have a nice, cheap buffet though. (A side note: If you wanna get Kev's attention, all you gotta do is mention that ... read more
"Somebody love me!"
The world at his feet

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