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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 16th 2006

JO LEUDDE..... hier mal keinen falschen Eindruck zu hinterlassen muß ich gleich was klaeren: die drei folgenden blogs (lombok-bali II und sulawesi) sind nicht in "echtzeit" verfasst, soll heissen, daß wir schon längst wieder im alltagstrott und in der homebase vienna zurück sind!!!!! muß mir also die kläglichen reste verbliebener eindrücke aus der hirnrinde saugen und in die tastatur klopf'n!!! sind also leider grad nicht mehr bei den supersymphatischen orang indonesia, aber das bildmaterial und das erlebte möchte ich dennoch bloggn! in diesem sinne viel spaß auf einen rückblick ins jahr 2006! los gehts mit......... LOMBOK, HEISST CHILI AUF INDONESISCH UND IST DIE NACHBARINSEL VON BALI UND SCHON ETWAS ANDERS..... PADANG BAI........ ein kleines fischerdorf in einer schönen bucht im osten balis! ein sehr gemütlicher, überschaubarer flecken, gleichz... read more
Lombok....Kuta Beach
Lombok....Kuta Beach

Asia May 16th 2006

The majestic Sun Temple at Konark is, like the Taj Mahal, one of India's signature buildings and Konark exists purely for it... The journey, a 56km only, took more than 2.5 hours in a local bus, but it was worth suffering for so long. It was really gorgious. For once we hired a guide who explained us lots of details. In the beginning very professionally, but after a while his explenations turned out in kama sutra expertise! " IF YOU DON'T MIND MADAM, SOMETHING FOR AFTER YOUR MARRIAGE"... heaps of inspiration, but most of them not really usefully... The guide ended with " Will you come back with your husband once?" ...... read more
Konark me and donna
this is a detail of one of the several weels

Asia » Singapore May 16th 2006

Spent 11 days in S'pore which went by rather quickly. Most of the times were spent with old friends who were very hospitable (especially Stella). It is quite amazing how I haven't seen these guys in 5 years (some a decade) and yet we all seem to gel back very well. Also it is nice to be in a city that speak English and is run with western efficiency after our brutal bus ride to Krabi from Surat Thani. It took as 8hours (instead of 3hr travel time) thanks to being driven around to bus driver friend's restaurants, tour companies, etc. Also we were forced to share the backseat of a mini van with an caucasion couple which resulted in very cramped 3 hr bus ride. To add insult to injury, because of lack of trunk ... read more
Clarke Quay
S'pore skyline
McPherson Primary School Friends

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore May 16th 2006

So I'm finally at the point where I've only got two weeks left in my course. It's been a really up and down experience, most of the downs were due to my own body however. i know so much more then i really thought that i was ever going to, unfortuantely my knowledge isn't structured very well so it would be very difficult for me to pass it on to anyone else, well in a structured manner at least. I've been teaching local classes for a bit over a month now, they're going really well. My own practice is suffering a bit though. I've discovered a new kind of exhaustion, the kind that allows you to do what you absolutely need to but nothing more then that. If i go to the pool during the day ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila May 16th 2006

What up all.. Im back in Manila for about an hour and I only have few minutes to write this. Im in an internet cafe with a bunch of Manila geeks. All these kids are gaming all around me like a bunch of dorks. Anyway I am about to go on a 9 hour overnight bus ride to see some rice terraces. Today we hiked up a volcano that is still active and blew its top in 1999. That was surreal. The night before we hit up a club and saw a real tight band with some local guys we met in Laguna Province which is just south of Manila. Me and my buddy Dan found some of these guys when we were wandering around lookin for something to do. We bought beer at this little ... read more


Asia » China » Shanghai May 16th 2006

I AM GOING TO MISS MY FRIENDS HERE SO MUCH, even though they make it absolutely impossible to even try to get any work done for my classes. I had plans to actually get motivated and do some studying tonight, but I decided that it had been another long day of bank+gym+classes+pedicure as part of my assignment for my communicative class, and before I started any work I needed some "down time." Then Shana comes in to return one of our pots, and before long we're watching Sex & the City and Katie comes to watch too and then Kelly skypes us in the middle of it and she comes down and I was only planning to watch 1 episode, but then we watched 2 and when those were done we were looking back on pictures ... read more

Asia May 16th 2006

Well on PhiPhi I learnt a very good rule only ever drink one Sang Som bucket between two people never order number two as you will be talking absolute shit to one another and be having a long conversation with God on the big white telephone when you get back. But on second thoughts it was bloody good fun and I am sure I will have a repeat incident with buckets again and again and again!! We saw a fantastic fire show done by kids and this amazing woman Clive was very miffed that kids could do it better then him and I got very excited to have a go and injured myself and gave myself a bruise on the knee trying obviously not lit with fire. Then we went on a boat trip to Phi ... read more
Phi Phi
Phi Phi

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nippori May 16th 2006

I wasn’t originally planning on updating until after Pieter and the gang came up and we had a few adventures, but the last few days have been amazing—I’m absolutely compelled to post. I’ve also been updating my photosite like mad, and finally had to buy a paid account. It’s the same web address, though. So after a busy week (I’m actually doing work!?), I decided it was about damn time to blow off some steam. I’m never going 4 days without partying again. Saturday was supposed to be the IES community service project where we clean up litter and all that, but since it rained, some friends and I went to Ryogoku. Ryogoku is pretty much a town that was established by and for Sumo wrestling. Since May is the height of Sumo season, we ... read more
My lovely Ryoko-chan
Jordan and Akane

Asia » China » Tibet May 16th 2006

my disclaimer: this will be long and there will be a rather colorful description of gross things so if you don't feel like diving into a novel or reading about poop then do not proceed or proceed with extreme caution. We just returned from a 6 day everest adventure. Most of that time was spent in a landcruiser bumping our way through the backroads of tibet. We stopped at some monastaries and small towns on the way to everest....but i've seen enough monastaries for now so i can't exactly say that was a highlight. tibetan toilets are probably some of the worst i have ever come across. I have seen some narley ones in southeast asia, but at least those had butt sprayers to compensate. The basic format for the tibetan toilet is of the squat ... read more
beautiful hands
the lake
first views of everest up close

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan May 16th 2006

Returning from Hsipaw, we stayed overnight in Mandalay (no Bay) before our boat ride to Bagan. We, of course, visited our favorite 'Chapati Stand' for a final dinner in Mandalay. The boat ride lasted approximately five hours down the Ayerwaddy River. The distance between Mandalay and Bagan is not actually far at all but the river is extremely shallow at many points. As if our boat wasn't slow enough, it needed to traverse (read: zigzag) from bank to bank for virtually the entire trip. Regardless, as the boat is only for tourists - we're probably the only people who could afford the $15 ticket - and there are hardly any tourists, the boat was empty outside of a handful of foreigners. It was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy the riverside scenery and ... read more
Nuns Donation Procession
Temple # 1
Buddha in Temple

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