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May 1st 2010
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Feet rowingFeet rowingFeet rowing

This is a skill in itself
I decided to go to Ninh Binh as several back to back public holidays meant that room prices and train/bus tickets doubled or tripled in price. Being a dot on the map town Ninh Binh accomodated me for $6 night which included hot water, TV and privacy.

I wanted to go to Ninh Binh as it is the place to stay if you want to go to the National Park (Cuc Phoung). I had oringinally intended to stay overnight in the National Park but it simply wasn't in my budget. Instead I took the 120km round trip on the back of a motor bike for $12. My back pocket thanked me while my butt screamed in agony from the bumpy roads and confined space. It was definately worth the pain though as the views were spectacular. In fact, it must come close to being my favourite day so far. The mountain air was fresh and clean and my driver Hub took good care of me.
I was in a state of bliss walking through the park, just myself, some frenzied mosquitos and the scenery. My peaceful state was only interupted by my celebrity-ness. For some reason I was greeted by
Soaking up the sunSoaking up the sunSoaking up the sun

This was just before they handed me a paddle! Yes, I rowed my share that's for sure.
the local tourists with great enthusiasm, taking photos, touching my hair and pinching my cheeks. It was incredibly funny as I was decked out in my grottiest clothes and posing for close to 1 million photos. They didn't seem to mind though!

The day before I had also met John and Lauren, a couple from NSW. They took me under their wing (along with another girl from Austria) and it was wonderful to have beer o'clock with them. We also hired bikes and rode around Tam Coc. That day the weather was clear and the view- magnificent. That day cost $4 including bike hire, park entry and a boat ride up the river. I love the freedom of riding a bike and in the park we were away from the hustle and bustle of the bus, car and motorbike noises. Another great day.

This morning I had breakfast in our hotel, and began talking to some young girls deciding what to do in Ninh Binh. We ended up having breakfast together and it turns out these girls are future volunteers at Seametrey. Yes, Ana and Lena will arrive at the end of May for 3 weeks at the
Nice ViewNice ViewNice View

View from the top of Bich Dong temple
school. Another crazy coincidence.

So I'm back at the Hanoi Backpackers for at least tonight and maybe tomorrow too. I'm trying to get a train ticket to Sapa but I might have to take the bus if things get desperate. What are your plans this weekend? Any wild plans anyone? Mum, are you home tonight or tomorrow for a Skype catch up?
Love you all. x

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River LifeRiver Life
River Life

Life on the river looks pretty relaxed.

Coming out from one of the grottos. It was pitch black going through these little caves so coming out the other end made the colours appear more vibrant.
Australia RockAustralia Rock
Australia Rock

On my walk through Cuc Phoung National Park I stumbled across this rock which made me think of home.
Cuc PhoungCuc Phoung
Cuc Phoung

The landscape was beautiful despite the cloud cover
Hair celebHair celeb
Hair celeb

My new friends and I pose for ANOTHER photograph
Water BuffaloWater Buffalo
Water Buffalo

These lovely creatures and just so cute
Big TreeBig Tree
Big Tree

This thousand year old tree is sign posted for tourists to see as 'Big Tree'. The aren't kidding although I'm sure we have bigger!!!

1st May 2010

Yes to skype
Hi Chloe, I will be home tonight and tomorrow night if you can skype. Not really as boring as it sounds, as I have been out almost all day and am glad to be at home. Just returned from my cafe francais in North Perth. Dawn is wonderful to meet with Felicity, Susana and I and help us as we stumble through our phrases. Great fun! What amazing coincidences you are having...meeting Ana and Lena. I bet they were so glad to hear your experience there.... you no doubt reasssured them about the experience. Looking forward to your call. Love, Mum.
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