Top 10 - Things That Surprised Us In Vietnam

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July 9th 2013
Published: July 9th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

1) Traffic - you hear about it but nothing can really prepare you for the swarms of motorbikes racing at you.

2) Not getting food poisoning and we weren't even careful (sorry mom/dad)

3) 20 cent beer

4) Finding out that the Ho Chi Minh Masoleum isnt a city museum but really a dead former President that has been preserved for viewing.

5) While hawkers might be aggressive, we experienced the best customer service and friendliest people from the south to the north.

6) Apparently Vietnam ceased to be a country post 1975. Seriously though, the museums and tours fail to portray anything from 1975 to now. For a country with such an interesting history, we were disappointed by this fact.

7) Good luck getting on Facebook. Freedom of speech isn't a thing worldwide.

8) You can find Oreo cookies even in a remote village in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

9) As much a we didn't want to believe it, we did see dog meat on a menu.

10) The ability to judge a cab driver by the music he plays in the car. If it includes words that are too pornographic to be played in Canada, the driver is not legit. If he plays classical music or bad karaoke versions of Journey, he is likely to bring back your hiking boots you left in his car.


10th July 2013

Love it:) Had me laughing as usual. Can't wait to see you both!

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