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Asia » Turkmenistan » The Silk Road of Asia May 27th 2012

The blog wıll not let me ınput the correct country so here we are for real, ın Istanbul... We love Istanbul! It ıs so refreshıng and clean ( a stark contrast from Egypt, where garbage ıs all over the place). The weather ıs pleasant and we are meltıng ınto the crowds a bıt more, as opposed to beıng hassled at every turn for money, as was the case ın Caıro. Our host Basak, ıs great!!! She ıs refreshıngly frıendly and so helpful. She set us up for tourıng the cıty wıth ease. She lıves wıth her whole famıly ın an apt. bldg. - parents downstaırs wıth her 30 year old brother and she (34) lıves upstaırs - we are ın a really nıce and spacoıous spare room on the second floor wıth her - nıce to ... read more

Asia » Turkmenistan » The Silk Road of Asia October 14th 2007

The 11th October started out like any other day, except we were leaving Uzbekistan and crossing into Turkmenistan. Things seemed a bit dire when I told everyone to make sure they had their Uzbekistan Customs Declaration forms ready to present at the border, and found out that 2 people didn't even have a form (both copies were mistakenly taken off them at Tashkent Airport). There was nothing we could do about it. Firstly we got them to offload as much currency as possible to other group members, but this still left them with around US$1470 total. Nothing for it. We knew a lot depended on the official we got, which could prove to be a costly exercise for the clients. Worst came to worst, we would have to pay a bribe. In addition, 1 client had ... read more
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