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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao March 1st 2014

So it is off to Kah Tao, the last Island adventure of this leg of Thailand, quite possibly the last Thailand beach I will get too. After a rocky ride we get to the island safely I was a little concerned for a bit. It was a pretty bumpy ride, and I didn’t take any anti nausea pills. I had figured that I had been o.k s far so I should be right, how ever I didn’t take into account that the reason I had been o.k on other trips was because I had taken the pills, it was a little bit of a fail for me. At least I wasn’t the worst of there, there was this poor lady with a very painful broken leg, who was having a mighty rough time of it. It ... read more
Menu of Restaurant in Aranyaprathet
Lets get cooking
Getting my Cook on

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 28th 2014

Tuesday Well today I packed and spent the morning in and out of the pool and reading on the sun lounge (in the shade of course). When I arrived in BKK I assumed that my red belly was from the heat, till I saw the pattern on my chest of my bikini top. Sun burn, darn it. But not serious. I had a few more photos taken with mine host, Manu. He was always taking photos of me. And the girl from down the road, who spoke good English confirmed my decision to return by mini bus rather than the train. Quicker, cooler and cheaper. At one point we were held up for a short time by an accident. As we slipped past I saw it involved 3 cars. The last car, a large ute had ... read more
the pool and the colourful cabins
one of the tree stump cabins
the Asian pied starling

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 28th 2014

Saturday, Feb 1 Hard to believe it's February already. The past few days have been nothing but Chinese New Festivities. I had no idea CNY was so big in Thailand, but once you get outside of the tourist areas, it's huge. While I was unable to make it to Chinatown (unfortunately) my local mall did have some lovely decorations. And I brought mini oranges in to work yesterday. I'm celebrating the CNY like I always do: outside of China. Tomorrow are the elections. Protesters marched through Chinatown today, possibly confusing everyone by switching from yellow to red shirts for the CNY. Tomorrow they're expected to be everywhere else, most likely including the district office and parking lot conveniently located across the street from my apartment. Tables are set up and chairs are stacked, everything blocked off ... read more
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 27th 2014

After pulling an all-nighter in Hong Kong, I arrived in Bangkok at about 16:30 on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty tired, so decided to take a “nap” when I got settled in my hotel, around 19:00. Unsurprisingly, I woke up from my “nap” at 02:30 :D Since it was Saturday night, and I was staying near some of the major nightlife areas of the city, I figured I'd head straight out to survey the scene. Every characterization I have heard of Bangkok is merely an understatement compared to the real thing (Ok, maybe not the Hangover II, which I felt compelled to watch just now). The city is huge, varied, crowded, chaotic, in-your-face, and laughably inexpensive. There are enormous numbers of Thai prostitutes here congregated in the red light districts. There are a lot of old ... read more
Decent spread
Fried Street
All too common

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 26th 2014

As I've mentioned previously, I go to a pub quiz each week. My team members and I look forward to it and, without a doubt, it's a few of the best hours of my week. One of our members left Bangkok but now has started returning every other week. It's like a reunion each time. This week, we added a fifth member who we like and promises to come back. The quiz began and it was a race to the bottom. As the rounds went by, we sat there, but then realized that other teams were using their bonus round points before us. So, while were in last place, it was mostly due to other teams already cashing in the opportunity for double points. Heading into the fifth and final round, we still sat at the ... read more


Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen February 25th 2014

סאוואדי קה (שלום בתאילנדית) לכולם לא התעצלנו והבאנו לטיול סרט על גאנדי ושני ספרים על הודו, ועכשיו אנחנו יודעים מה גאנדי עשה בשביל הודו וקצת על מה שהולך בהודו בימינו. הממשל פה מושחת עד העצם, הבן-אדם הפשוט בקושי מקבל הזדמנויות לשיפור חייו, העשירים - מאד עשירים והעניים- מאד עניים, אז איך אפשר לצפות מהאנשים לא להרוויח כמה שיותר על גבם של התיירים?! אלו היו כמה מילים על הודו, ועכשיו בחזרה אלינו שמונה ימים בילינו בצפון הודו - ברישיקש. משהוא מאד מוזר קורה פה ברישיקש. יש כאן המון מטיילי... read more
יום אחרון בבית קפה שלנו ברישיקש :(
מקדש בצאנג מאי - אחד מיני רבים

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 25th 2014

We have just left the island of Ko Bulone. It all began quite stressful as when we arrived on a minibus at the pier of Pak Bara to get the boat to the island, ticket touts were on us straight away. They asked if we'd booked accommodation and when we said 'no' they lost interest and walked away. That seemed odd as they usually try to get you to book accommodation through them and then sell you a boat ticket too. We asked at a few agencies about accommodation and they all said 'full, whole island full' So that's why they weren't keen to sell us a boat ticket. We spoke to people who had just left and they seemed to think there would be somewhere available once we got there and, if not, there was ... read more
Pansan Beach
Our cute home for a week

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 25th 2014

I went to a tiny art gallery, tucked away down a narrow soi, for a meet-up of a new group. I've gone to several Meet Up events since arriving in Bangkok, and always met some great people. (Meet Up events are organized by interests and you join the group online, then RSVP to specific events for each group.) Tonight would prove no different. We met at the gallery, and I think the first thing almost everyone did was comment on how much they liked the space. (Myself included.) The featured art was all done by one artist, Fernando Aceves Humana. He had oil paintings, lithography, etchings, and, my favorite medium, photography. We all walked around admiring the art, talking about the art, and just chatting in general. Then we went upstairs. Upstairs there were more lithographs, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 24th 2014

Monday Today was the train to Hellfire Pass. The host’s mother and her friend were coming as Thais don't usually do these things but they can ride the train for free. We arrived at the station over half an hour early and the train arrives over half an hour late. They sat in the free cars while the rest of us sat in the 100THB cars (tourists and their guides). I started chatting with the guides near me and they arranged for a car to take me to the cutting which was about 15kms further out from the end of the line. The train rattled and clacked thru the countryside with the windows wide open for over 2 hours. Generally you risk serious injury or death if you put any parts of your body outside the ... read more
Manu's mother and her friend
rice paddies
country road

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 23rd 2014

Friday I took my first tuktuk ride from the guest house to the sky train saving me a ten min walk. It's amazing where vehicles squeeze thru in the narrow allies. I made it to the mini bus rendezvous with time to spare then waited another 30 mins to be picked up and taken by taxi half way across town to the mini bus. Wow, taxis are very cheap. Saturday I'm eating breakfast, a tasty soup with rice and probably ground pork, looking across a small canal to a field of sugar cane and the rugged hills beyond. One man is cutting cane by hand. I think all the cane is cut by hand. They were loading it into the trucks late into the night last night. The other cutters are now returning to work. Some ... read more
how to vote car
the evening view
my host, Manu

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