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Asia » Thailand March 6th 2014

6 mar - Thursday Hello again, (briefly). Bangkok Returned to Bangkok for a day to finish shopping and await our Etihad flight home to Larnaca,Cyprus, Via Abu Dhabi. Flight from Hanoi good, we are greeted by humid high 30's temperatures and blue skies. We have booked a budget hotel to refresh and store our luggage and at around £28, it is better than some of the star rated hotels we stayed at in Vietnam. We also are far more tolerant of the street food and hygiene here after our Vietnamese experience. We think to finish off our shopping at the King Power shopping Mall, which boasts duty free status. Unfortunately, prices are three times anywhere else in the City. Decide to hang on to our last few Baht and go back to the Hotel, and catch ... read more
Bangkok Hotel, Beer Garden

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 5th 2014

Nous avons tous super bien dormi : pas trop de betes, pas trop de cris, meme le lit ne semblait pas si dur. Je ne sais pas plus si nous vous l'avons dit mais nous dormons sous une moustiquaire dans le bungalow ... Donc, levés à 8 heures ce matin, nous partons pour la journée sur un bateau direction 3 iles ko lanchta, bitsi et ...Christophe et Ju plongent pour Ju ce sera son bapteme et Lola et moi snorkelons (c'est à dire masque tuba et palmes). Nous sommes un groupe d'une vingtaine de personnes : des allemands, des français et des italiens. Ah oui et j'oubliais Richard de Front 242. Le groupe est trés sympa. Lola et moi sommes encadrés par Gianni (qui est suisse) !!! Christophe et Ju ont plongé deux fois : sans ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 4th 2014

This might have been the most anti-climatic beach getaway yet so far. I'd heard much about Koh Samet, a tiny-island about a half hour's boat ride away from the mainland in Eastern Thailand, and had for some time hoped to be able to pay a visit. Being just a four hour bus ride away from central Bangkok, and therefore really an easy weekend getaway, it's a wonder why I hadn't gotten down to it yet, until now. But it turned out to be perhaps not quite worth the wait after all. The reviews on Wikitravel and LP were good, and I also distinctly remembered a fellow traveller that I'd met way back two years ago in Myanmar who'd first raved about the place. But I wonder whether I've been spoiled by too many a beach escape. ... read more
Ploy Talay Fire Show
Eager Beavers
First Glimpse of Samed

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 4th 2014

Alors après une nuit quelque peu difficile pour moi (il faut dire que les bungalows sont face à la mer mais dans la foret avec donc plein de bruits d'animaux où tu te demandes ce que c'est et surtout après deux expresso (enfin un vrai café), je n'ai pas vraiment dormi. Les filles et Christophe ca a été qd meme ... On s'est réveillé à 9h pour un bon petit dej face à la mer : pancakes nutella pour les filles et moi avec jus de fruits frais et pour christophe pancake aux fruits frais puis playa ! Nous sommes allés louer des masques, tubas et palmes pour tout le monde et en route, pour explorer les fonds marins : on se croit dans un véritable aquarium il y a des poissons de toutes les couleurs ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 4th 2014

I'm writing this from the bed of my sleeper train on a 14 hour overnight trip ($28) from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the North. Why waste a day with travel, when it can be accomplished while you're sound asleep? Bangkok is a huge city, and a lot of the sights are over in the old town Rattanakosin area, which is kind of a pain-in-the-ass to access from most parts of the city, including Nana, where I was staying earlier. Plus, the famous Khao San Road backpacker holy site is over there, so I figured why not change venue and spend a few nights over in that part of the city. Well, I had figured that 3 nights would be a good stay, but I ended up staying 5, due to me by accident making my ... read more
Good fights
My fav street food spread, one road up from Khao San


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 3rd 2014

Yes I know it's been some three months since I left you hanging, back in my Southern China escapade. Well, it does seem like an eternity has passed, but since then I'd returned back home to Singapore for about a month, then headed back up again to my de facto second home in Bangkok once more. I've been here since the start of the year, for another two-month's worth of Thai classes, my fourth stint here since I started on my now almost-two year adventure. The past few months in Bangkok have of course been eventful, thanks to the protests (so what's new?) which saw several major intersections closed and blocked for several months. Notwithstanding the almost daily sniper and grenade attacks at the protest sites during a few particularly tense periods, which resulted in several ... read more
Gnidart Gnaihc Nan?
Look closer
Best Cheap Coffee with Fresh Milk in BKK

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 3rd 2014

Alors petit résumé de notre deuxième journée : Réveil difficile à 9h30 : il y a eu effectivement du bruit, de la musique jusqu'3h du matin mais ni les filles ni moi n'avons été embetées... Seul Christophe a a tourné et retourné dans le lit avant de trouver le sommeil. Petit déj continental à l'hotel et nous voilà repartis à la découverte de la capitale : nous avons été à Aquaria qui est un aquarium avec comme particularité : un grand tunnel en verre qui passe dans les aquariums et nous sommes donc entourés de toutes les sortes de poissons : des raies géantes, des requins, tortues ... magnifique Nous avions prévu ensuite d'aller dans le quartier de chinatown mais trop juste en temps ! nous sommes donc restés dans le quartier près des tours : ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai March 2nd 2014

Renting motor scooters was one of the best things I have done so far! But I have to admit, after hearing all the horror stories about how dangerous they were and physically seeing Paco's mangled leg which he casually labeled as "a bit of road rash", I was a bit sketched out. But once I slammed down that accelerator and began weaving in and out between cars and rickety old trucks as the lush green jungle's of Chaing Mai whizzed passed me, I knew this was a great decision. I careened around blind corners and zipped past entire families sandwiched together on one tiny scooter. This was all done on the left side of the road which to an American meant "the wrong side" this made the ride that much more exciting and dangerous. Let's just ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 2nd 2014

The Festival of Lanterns in Hat Yai Park turned out to be lovely, we were the only 'Farang' (foreigners) to be there so attracted a lot of interest from the locals. It was almost like we were back in Ambon in 2011 when we really were the only two foreigners in town. Well from here it's time to say 'goodbye' to Thailand. Our visa runs out on the 5th March so we're heading off to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We're not expecting to find internet there so this blog may be quiet for a week or so.... read more
Statue lit up by the setting sun
Darkness falls and the lanterns are turned on

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao March 1st 2014

So it is off to Kah Tao, the last Island adventure of this leg of Thailand, quite possibly the last Thailand beach I will get too. After a rocky ride we get to the island safely I was a little concerned for a bit. It was a pretty bumpy ride, and I didn’t take any anti nausea pills. I had figured that I had been o.k s far so I should be right, how ever I didn’t take into account that the reason I had been o.k on other trips was because I had taken the pills, it was a little bit of a fail for me. At least I wasn’t the worst of there, there was this poor lady with a very painful broken leg, who was having a mighty rough time of it. It ... read more
Menu of Restaurant in Aranyaprathet
Lets get cooking
Getting my Cook on

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