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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 24th 2014

vandaag was de laatste dag van onze tour. We zijn naar de Erawan watervallen geweest. Deze liggen in het Erawan National Park. De waterval bestaat uit 7 niveaus, met een hoogteverschil van 1500 meter. Via een pad door het bos kun je van niveau naar niveau lopen. Het leuke is dat hier ook veel vissen zwemmen, en deze vissen komen aan je voeten of handen knabbelen als je in het water zit. We zijn tot aan het 5e niveau gelopen. Daarna was het pad vrij lastig te belopen, en we hadden ook niet zoveel tijd. Aan het eind van de dag zijn we teruggereden naar ons hotel in Bangkok. Hier heerlijk even gedouchet (tenminste weer warm water!) en daarna lekker gegeten in een van de restaurants van het hotel.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 23rd 2014

Ons hotel hier in Kanchnaburi is gelegen aan de river kwai. Het zijn allemaal kleine houten chalets, waar je met 2 man kan slapen. Om te eten hebben ze een klein restaurantje waar dus ook hele kleine porties worden geserveerd! Allemaal heel eenvoudig, maar wel leuk. Wel een behoorlijke tegenstelling ten opzichte van het luxe hotel in Bangkok, waar je kamer 2 maal per dag wordt schoongemaakt, het ontbijt ontzettend uitgebreid is en waar het personeel constant voor je buigt als je komt aanlopen. Vandaag stond een bezoek aan de river kwai en het olifantenpark op het programma. Als eerste gingen we vanmorgen een bezoek brengen aan het oorlogsmuseum bij de brug over de kwai rivier. Het museum hadden we heel snel gezien, aangezien het best wel vervallen was en de kids hier niet veel zin ... read more
Lisa geeft 2 tijgertjes melk
Wie wast wie?
Elephant park

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 22nd 2014

Vamorgen vroeg opgestaan want om half zeven kwam het busje van de reisorganisatie ons ophalen bij ons hotel in Bangkok om naar de floating markt 'Damnoen Saudak' te gaan en daarna naar de Tiger Tempel in Kanchaburi. Ik had wel al gelezen dat de floating markt redelijk toeristisch zou zijn, maar het was nog veel extremer. Alleen maar souveniers en andere prullaria te koop. We werden met een bootje er doorheen gevaren en als je iets wilde kopen, dan kon je dat aangeven en werd het bootje aangemeerd en kon je vanuit de boot onderhandelen en evt kopen. Dat hebben we dus nergens gedaan, omdat we geen zin hadden in deze rotzooi. De 'kapitein' van ons bootje vond dat ook niet zo heel erg leuk. We hadden ons voorgesteld dat er heel veel bootjes waren, waar ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi April 26th 2014

20th April 2014 – The Foreign Office website - “Political demonstrations continue in and around Bangkok. Some of these have been violent, including the use of firearms and grenades and there have been casualties and deaths. The situation is unpredictable and further protests are expected. You should avoid protest sites”. Within fifteen minutes of arriving in Bangkok we had, by accident as ever, completely flouted this warning and found ourselves slap bang in the middle of one such site. The drive up from Hua Hin in the morning had been a straightforward one and our arrival in Thailand’s capital city was timed so we could get across town to go to the races. It was, therefore, with dismay and trepidation we were dropped off by the tuk tuk driver and found the road ahead completely blocked ... read more
"Pure Luck"
Cash Back!!
Khao San Road

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 24th 2014

Monday Today was the train to Hellfire Pass. The host’s mother and her friend were coming as Thais don't usually do these things but they can ride the train for free. We arrived at the station over half an hour early and the train arrives over half an hour late. They sat in the free cars while the rest of us sat in the 100THB cars (tourists and their guides). I started chatting with the guides near me and they arranged for a car to take me to the cutting which was about 15kms further out from the end of the line. The train rattled and clacked thru the countryside with the windows wide open for over 2 hours. Generally you risk serious injury or death if you put any parts of your body outside the ... read more
Manu's mother and her friend
rice paddies
country road


Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 23rd 2014

Friday I took my first tuktuk ride from the guest house to the sky train saving me a ten min walk. It's amazing where vehicles squeeze thru in the narrow allies. I made it to the mini bus rendezvous with time to spare then waited another 30 mins to be picked up and taken by taxi half way across town to the mini bus. Wow, taxis are very cheap. Saturday I'm eating breakfast, a tasty soup with rice and probably ground pork, looking across a small canal to a field of sugar cane and the rugged hills beyond. One man is cutting cane by hand. I think all the cane is cut by hand. They were loading it into the trucks late into the night last night. The other cutters are now returning to work. Some ... read more
how to vote car
the evening view
my host, Manu

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 9th 2014

Picked up early from The Chatrium in Bangkok. This is the day for our visit to the Bridge Over the River Kwai and the Death Railway. On the way we stopped for a quick visit at a local market, literally along a railway track where the train brings people to buy their fish, fruit and vegetables. The track is the main aisle of the market and when the train comes twice a day, the stall holders literally have to move everything back from the side of the track to allow the train through. We then headed to a floating market where you get into a paddle boat and get paddled up and down the canal to look at stalls along the sides and also to buy food, goods etc from others boats. Very busy and a ... read more
Death Railway

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi January 1st 2014

I awoke early, filled with excitement. Last week, my coworker asked where I was traveling for the holiday. I told her Kanchanaburi. A few hours later, she asked if I wanted to come to her family home for part of my trip. I immediately accepted. She sent a songthaew to pick me up at my guest house. (After some research she decided taking the bus might be too confusing and involve a bit of walking, so this seemed like a better plan.) She said it would take 30-45 minutes for the trip. I climbed in, eager to enjoy the sights and sounds of slightly more rural Thailand. I saw many families going to and from the market, some washing cars, but mostly people were just relaxing together. Most people who were driving were a bit confused ... read more
The outdoor kitchen
Getting ready...
"No, Kris, it's not beautiful!"

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 31st 2013

About 17 months ago I sat by the beautiful River Kwai, not wanting to leave. I had a year of big decisions ahead of me and staying put seemed like the best plan, though not very realistic. I left on time, but only after promising myself that I would come back to that very spot in one year's time. So, a year passed, I survived unscathed, and I live in Thailand. With just a few days off for the national new year's holiday, I headed west to Kanchanaburi. I went back to the same guest house--the same room even, knowing that I'd know my way around, have great food, and gorgeous views. Plus, it's just a great area to wander, get lost, and take photos. All in all, my ideal holiday. I spent the next two ... read more
And now the sun is setting a bit.
I always make a stop here
I'm happy to see that people still visit the graves

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi » Thong Pha Phum September 28th 2013

After almost four hours on the train we finally arrived in Kanchanaburi, the home of the Bridge Over The River Kwai, which became infamous as part of the ‘Death Railway’ given its name by allied prisoners of war, who the Japanese had made to build during world war two as they pushed on their conquest of SE Asia. So many POWs died building this railway, which started in Thailand and crossed over into Burma to the Indian border, that the prisoners themselves (mainly British and Australian) gave the name The Death Railway. There’s still a section of the railway which you can ride the train on, right up to Nam Tok from Bangkok, and this is how we had decided to get to Kanchanaburi. You can get a minibus which gets you there in half the ... read more
Kanchanaburi War Cemetary
Grant on Krasae Bridge

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