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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Sok NP February 15th 2014

MORE PICS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE I started early at about 6:40 from Surat Thani, because I had another 75 km to go and did not want to drive to much in the midday heat. The first 30 km led me along 401 and 4153, highways with some times up to 8 lanes. At Nong Sai I turned to 4247 which was a brilliant road most of the time – almost new, small enough but not too small. However I already felt my legs getting heavy and was worried that yesterday was still weakening me. So I intended to make my first break and first food of the day (so far it had only been water, coke and Gatorade) but I did not allow myself to break so soon and wanted to reach 50 ... read more
First part data
Second part
Second part data

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani February 14th 2014

Thank you Khun Jantima (Ma'am) for a wonderful stay at Talkoo Beach Resort. You made me feel welcome and almost at home. Please give water to the cats... Thank you Khun Katae for all your various help!! If you need something, please ask me. And - I am not gay!! You defined a new level of hospitality. Thank you Khun Annee for so many many meals in your restaurant and the warm welcome every day. And very special thanks for the great food at my birthday, the best cheese cake and all your caring! You look great with open hair! Et le dernier mais rien moins - merci Khun Fred (et votre femme, je ne sais pas son nom, vous ne la présenter à moi) pour toutes les informations d'initiés, les bonnes discussions, le frigo plein ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani February 14th 2014

Beware: rated XXX Today the rising sun saw me ready packed and the bicycle loaded. I started at 06:40 to my 80 km trip to Surat Thani. The first 45 km were mostly gravel and sand roads through rural farming areas. I thought that I would do really well, but it IS a difference with 25 or 30 kg of baggage. Not even downhill could I go fast in order to go easy with my equipment. The dogs were really annoying but that is another story. I have logged the way and height and speed and everything for the first time… although I have missed to pause at some breaks, so the average speed includes the breaks. But now to the story. I don’t know why, may it be the tremendous amount of my sweat today ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Trang February 13th 2014

The area around Trang is well known for it's beautiful waterfalls and tree clad mountains. As we were passing back through on our way to another island we decided to stay for a day and explore. We hired a driver and a car for the day, he turned out to be a brilliant guide and knew all the best places to visit. We ended up on a canopy walkway high up in the tree tops. Tomorrow we go to Pak Bara on the coast to get a boat to Bulon Leh... read more
Tricky pathways through the jungle

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Jam February 12th 2014

Hope all is well with everyone and if you are in Canada we wish we could send you warm weather!! We've had a great second week in Koh Lanta. As mentioned before, we're kind of just enjoying our resort, the beautiful weather and the wonderful people. It's amazing how we can put in a full day without having done much! We look forward to eating out at lunch and dinner as there are so many good restaurants to choose from. It's the major decision of the day! We've been having massages twice a week and are getting quite used to being pampered. We met a couple from Cambridge, UK and have had dinner with them a few times. They are about our age and travel around much like us. We've been to many of the same ... read more
My Sand Art
Glen and I
Glen and her girls


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 12th 2014

So yesterday (12th February) I was supposed to be collected from my hotel to go to Kep, an island off the south east coast of Cambodia. I had booked the tickets and my hotel for that night there earlier in the day. Later that night at midnight, I thought why am I going to Kep? I looked at the transport links and there weren't really any that I could use in good time at a cheap price so I decided that I would book a flight for the 13th out of Phnom Penh and into Bangkok and not go to Kep, in order to connect with an overnight train to Champon where I would catch a connecting bus to the port of Lomprayah where I would get onto a catamaran to get to Koh Samui. At ... read more
Lompraya Port from the boat
Koh Tau
Heading out of Koh Tau

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 11th 2014

Andaman Bungalows on the island of Ko Sukron turned out to be an absolute delight. The owner greeted us as we arrived and took us straight to our bungalow, it was so nice, a spacious room with a wrap around balcony with views of the beach just a few metres away. The staff here are so friendly and helpful, it seems like their whole mission in life is to serve their guests, such a pleasant change from the last island. It’s good to know that some of the old Thailand still exists We spent our first full day here exploring the island on a small bike. The islands main industry is rubber. The plantations are extensive and every now and again we came across large sheets of rubber hanging out to dry in the sun, as ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 9th 2014

A final welcome chance to chill out after 13 weeks of full on globetrotting. Excepting Fiji the first time had same bed for more than 4 nights.... Fiji again .... Otherwise 3 nights in Luang Prabang (Laos), Hoi An (Vietnam), and Siem Riep Cambodia), so good to spread out a bit. Unfortunately my belly has also decided to spread out a bit... No surprise really after 3 months of exotic food and not 1 day without a beer (or three). So also time to start thinking about diets and excercise. As I lie here on this Thai beach. simmering gently I'm the tropical heat with waves lapping my tanned toes, I'm exhausting myself with such thoughts! So intend to enjoy last few days enjoying the memories of the last few months, perfecting my tan, honing my ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket February 9th 2014

The journey to Arusha was long. I started at the Saskatoon airport at 7pm on Wed., of course two hours earlier then the flight. Flying to Vancouver gave me the opportunity to visit with my beloved cousin Janet and David. I was whisked away from the airport, and given crackers, cheeses and conversation. Most definitely, it was the best wait between flights I was to have. The next flight was 13 hours from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I managed to sleep almost half the time. Cathay Pacific has good flight food, and good movies so it did not feel like a hard ship. Two hours in Hong Kong, then fly to Phuket. To meet Jacob and arrange our flights together, I had to leave the security section in Phuket, go through immigration and get my bags. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 3rd 2014

Hello Friends and Family We arrived on Koh Lanta after a long journey from Malaysia. Three ferries and two mini-vans later we were dropped off at Coco Lanta Resort greeted by our good friend Vicky who manages the hotel. It was so great to re-connect with her again since we met her 3 and 5 years ago working at the bungalows we stayed at then. We have been keeping in touch with her through Facebook and she encouraged us to stay at her new place of employment and we're glad we did! The resort is fabulous and just perfect for us. The hotel is only a year old so everything is new, modern and spotless. We have a cute little bungalow with lovely linens, spacious bathroom and a king size bed. It's right on the beach ... read more
Kong Klong Beach
The infinity Pool
Our Little Bungalow

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