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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 25th 2014

Transfer days are always an interesting experience and the one from Langkawi to the Thai island of Koh Lanta proved to be no exception. This is a fair old jaunt so we’d chosen the operator we were to travel with very carefully and the friendly, professional, knowledgeable lady at Langkawi Tours earned our vote. She confidently explained we’d be picked up from our hotel at 7.30am sharp, taken to Kuah port to get the ferry across to the Thai mainland and then a direct, air conditioned executive coach for the five hour road and ferry trip over to Koh Lanta. Almost none of this was true. Our 7.30am pickup from the hotel cheerfully trundled up twenty minutes late meaning a small amount of fretting from us and a bit of a scramble to make the ferry. ... read more
Island Hopping
We Must Do Lunch.............
Keeping Fit

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi March 23rd 2014

After celebrating Spring Festival with Emily's family, we were lucky to still have 2 weeks off from school. So we headed for sunny Thailand! We flew into Bangkok but jetted right out again to the southern beaches of Krabi. Our friend Hthaiwon had suggested it as a beautiful retreat that was not too touristy. Our first hotel that we had booked online was truly that. A taxi ride away from the Krabi airport, the Sea House Resort was indeed isolated. We checked into our spacious and tropical cabana that overlooked both the pool and the ocean and instantly relaxed. Taking a stroll on the beach, we saw only seashells and a few longtail boats. The restaurant at the hotel consisted of 6 wooden tables on a patio between the beach and the pool, shoes and shirt ... read more
The Sea House
View from Hotel Room
Four Island Tour

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui March 23rd 2014

After briefly touring northwestern Thailand, I opted out of 24 hours of bus/train/ferry travel and instead burned some Chase points on a surprisingly expensive direct Bangkok Air flight from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand on the East side of Thailand's skinny southern leg. “Koh” (sometimes Ko) means “island” in Thai, and Samui was one of the earlier expat vacation spots in Thailand, with things getting rolling there in the 1970s, and it now having surpassed Phuket as having Thailand's most resorts, outside of Bangkok. Phangan is a quick ferry ride to the north of Samui, but is less developed, with things only getting started there in the 1980s. It's now well-known for the full-moon parties (and now also half- and new-moon parties) that attract 10s of thousands. Koh Tao, with its ... read more
Chaweng Nightlife
Thong Sala
When in Rome

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi March 18th 2014

So after a 6 hour mission up to Auckland….traffic, I finally made it to Auckland for an afternoon of cuddles with my gorgeous nephew Fletcher and a good catch up with the Steve and Michal-Louise. I also have the best brother in the world for getting up at 4am and driving me to the airport for my ‘why do they have to fly so stupidly early’ flight. Flying with Qantas, I was stoked to finally have no issues with luggage allowance and managed to take all my own stuff and the donations with no problems, yay! All flights connected like a dream and in the end I spent a total of about half an hour on Australian soil before boarding the next flight to Bangkok, and caused my own delay in Bangkok due to a forgotten ... read more
2014-03-17 18.24.14
2014-03-17 18.21.03

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 5th 2014

Nous avons tous super bien dormi : pas trop de betes, pas trop de cris, meme le lit ne semblait pas si dur. Je ne sais pas plus si nous vous l'avons dit mais nous dormons sous une moustiquaire dans le bungalow ... Donc, levés à 8 heures ce matin, nous partons pour la journée sur un bateau direction 3 iles ko lanchta, bitsi et ...Christophe et Ju plongent pour Ju ce sera son bapteme et Lola et moi snorkelons (c'est à dire masque tuba et palmes). Nous sommes un groupe d'une vingtaine de personnes : des allemands, des français et des italiens. Ah oui et j'oubliais Richard de Front 242. Le groupe est trés sympa. Lola et moi sommes encadrés par Gianni (qui est suisse) !!! Christophe et Ju ont plongé deux fois : sans ... read more


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 4th 2014

Alors après une nuit quelque peu difficile pour moi (il faut dire que les bungalows sont face à la mer mais dans la foret avec donc plein de bruits d'animaux où tu te demandes ce que c'est et surtout après deux expresso (enfin un vrai café), je n'ai pas vraiment dormi. Les filles et Christophe ca a été qd meme ... On s'est réveillé à 9h pour un bon petit dej face à la mer : pancakes nutella pour les filles et moi avec jus de fruits frais et pour christophe pancake aux fruits frais puis playa ! Nous sommes allés louer des masques, tubas et palmes pour tout le monde et en route, pour explorer les fonds marins : on se croit dans un véritable aquarium il y a des poissons de toutes les couleurs ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 3rd 2014

Alors petit résumé de notre deuxième journée : Réveil difficile à 9h30 : il y a eu effectivement du bruit, de la musique jusqu'3h du matin mais ni les filles ni moi n'avons été embetées... Seul Christophe a a tourné et retourné dans le lit avant de trouver le sommeil. Petit déj continental à l'hotel et nous voilà repartis à la découverte de la capitale : nous avons été à Aquaria qui est un aquarium avec comme particularité : un grand tunnel en verre qui passe dans les aquariums et nous sommes donc entourés de toutes les sortes de poissons : des raies géantes, des requins, tortues ... magnifique Nous avions prévu ensuite d'aller dans le quartier de chinatown mais trop juste en temps ! nous sommes donc restés dans le quartier près des tours : ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket March 1st 2014

I have decided to go home. I guess it is inevitable at some time anyway. I am taking a night bus to Bangkok tonight, transporting the bicycle in the bus - in parts. I will fly back on the 6.3. to Munich and hopefully continue to Mallorca soon. Looking forward to see you all.... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao March 1st 2014

So it is off to Kah Tao, the last Island adventure of this leg of Thailand, quite possibly the last Thailand beach I will get too. After a rocky ride we get to the island safely I was a little concerned for a bit. It was a pretty bumpy ride, and I didn’t take any anti nausea pills. I had figured that I had been o.k s far so I should be right, how ever I didn’t take into account that the reason I had been o.k on other trips was because I had taken the pills, it was a little bit of a fail for me. At least I wasn’t the worst of there, there was this poor lady with a very painful broken leg, who was having a mighty rough time of it. It ... read more
Menu of Restaurant in Aranyaprathet
Lets get cooking
Getting my Cook on

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 25th 2014

We have just left the island of Ko Bulone. It all began quite stressful as when we arrived on a minibus at the pier of Pak Bara to get the boat to the island, ticket touts were on us straight away. They asked if we'd booked accommodation and when we said 'no' they lost interest and walked away. That seemed odd as they usually try to get you to book accommodation through them and then sell you a boat ticket too. We asked at a few agencies about accommodation and they all said 'full, whole island full' So that's why they weren't keen to sell us a boat ticket. We spoke to people who had just left and they seemed to think there would be somewhere available once we got there and, if not, there was ... read more
Pansan Beach
Our cute home for a week

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