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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon December 19th 2013

MORE PICS AT THE BOTTOM I need to make this short today, sorry. You will understand why. My plan is to reach the night ferry to Ko Tao tomorrow, so I needed to cover at least 75 km today. Unfortunately there were no bigger towns at that point but I spotted what I thought was a beach road and for the last 300 km there were always some resorts and guesthouses at the beaches. Alas – it was a hill road, no beach. So I followed the road until I finally found a guesthouse after 101 km… The good thing is that there are less than 50km to the ferry left. I got stung by something I collided with right into my lip. Hurt a while. And I stopped at a shipyard, asked if I could ... read more
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Roosters for fighting

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe December 17th 2013

Yes, as of now, there is no need to claim I'm young anymore. Forty is a turn in anybody life...there is no need to claim we wish to do something in our life...if at forty you haven't done something with your life, it may simply be already too late... This entry should be important, kind of a landmark. I took time to chose the pictures, took even time to put them in the right order. This entry should have been written on the 17th December...that's four days after my birthday. And here we are, the evening of the 21st December. Next stop is already Christmas...and still, I haven't had a minute to myself the last few days to write any line of this entry. A busy man, one who has goals...and two fun kids to take ... read more
He will remember that moment!
Having some great time under water...
Celebrating my 40th...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 13th 2013

So today half of my M5 class (11th grade) was out "attending a sport event" (whatever that means) so instead of teaching the few students that were in class just to reteach them the material next time I decided to pull up pictures of Christmas things and have them explain what they saw. This is how it went: I started out easy and just asked then "What is Christmas?" Response: "Birth or Death of Jesus...We aren't sure...but definitely something to do with Jesus." Next question I pulled up a picture of Santa on his sleigh and asked what this was. Response: "That's Santa." Me: "Who is Santa?" Response: "Old fat man who has tiny children slaves who make toys." Me: "Why does he make them make toys?" Response: "To give to children." Next I showed them ... read more
Christmas Pickle

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga December 12th 2013

It started last Monday. I teach first and second period. My regular 11th grade classes aren’t quite ready for presentation and report writing like I’m supposed to teach them, so after three weeks of blank stares I make a judgment call. It’s back to basics. It’s now third period. I’m sitting in the English office with one of the Thai English teachers and a friend who is visiting me, when I hear shrieks. I step out into the open-air hallway that overlooks the schoolyard. A group of men dressed in street clothes rush up the road that connects our school’s three buildings. The flags that they are carrying cause them to stumble as they run. Pick-up trucks follow them, their beds overloaded with men and women waving the King’s yellow flag and the stripped red, white, ... read more
Lizard on the Nose
The Lady of the Valley
Broken Rope Bridge

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 9th 2013

I took motorcycle lessons just before leaving for this holiday so I was very nervous about driving a motorcycle around Phuket. My experience is that most people are very careful on the roads and if you drive at proper speeds and keep alert for dangerous situations you have a good chance of an incident free trip. I survived driving in crowded streets, the open road, flooded and muddied roads, up and down sidewalks and hills, pedestrians walking in front of me and a car door suddenly opening just as I was driving past. I still need a lot more practice with a motorcycle but happy that I took on the challenge. The big advantage of driving a motorcycle is being able to access places difficult to by car and the freedom of not using taxis. We ... read more
Kamala Beach
Lookout on the way to Nai Harn Beach


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay December 6th 2013

First night at anchor what a fantastic feeling!! So been waiting for it and finally - off we go on our mission to find a place for my birthday - my whole family confirmed they will come, amazing, how lucky am I , so i had better find a great place! First stop Koh Yai Yah, an island 10 km off phuket - we anchored in the middle on the west side, 3 resorts just in front of us. Maybe that will do?? In the morning we went on shore to check them out! They all got their own budget , from 3 star to 6??? The only problem, there is nothing else, its to far to go and explore unless you have a car , safe anchorage for april, but don't think it will do. ... read more
Brekky on the beach
around the corner
Koh Yao yai

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi December 5th 2013

Hi guys went on a boat ride to phi phi island yesterday, the snorkling was amazing! Like findin nemo. We made mates with the locals on the boat it was a great day! And........ read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand December 5th 2013

So we got to our amazing hotel and finally relaxed it was just unreal the room was massive we walked in there was a day bed a couch a massive TV then our massive bedroom and bathroom, luxury!!! We decided to rent a jeep on the island too which was great as our hotel was quite high up in the mountain it made it much easier for us to get about. Our first night we literally got room service and watched Django as the room had a list of wicked films. It was like being at home (apart from not being near all our lovely family and friends!) the 2nd day we got our jeep and had a drive around and in the evening went to the cinema and saw Hunger Games 2. Loved it!! I ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi December 5th 2013

We haven't had the best last 48 hours. It was our last day in Krabi yesterday and it didn't start well with us being grouchy with each other lol. We en got to the cash point and realised if lost my card as well!!! Yes we are the scattiest couple going!! After sorting all that out we needed to book our flight to get to Kuala Lumpur and from being stressed somehow booked the wrong date for the flight!!! Then we had a palava trying to change the flight waiting to be called back all day and when we were called the line was so bad we couldn't hear anyone. So instead of emailing us to sort things out the company decided to cancel our request meaning we'd have to start all over again!!! So we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui December 4th 2013

We've been in Koh Samui for a few days now and had an eventful 24 hours from our last night in Koh Tao to arriving here. As I said Matt and Alex left for Samui a day earlier than us so on our last night in Ko Tao me and Brad went for dinner. We were going to eat in our hotel because of the weather but because it's the low season they didn't even have it open so we had to get a taxi into town. We went to a really good little restaurant called Barracudas, a really cool,little restaurant where I was able to order proper sausage and mash, I'd been craving it for ages and it was delicious!! We had a really nice evening and went to pay for the bill and Brad ... read more

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