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September 8th 2005
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Today I did my first open water dive as part of the scuba course. It is a totally new feeling breathing under water. I am really glad I did it and have 2 more dives tomorrow to finish my certification. I think I will go for a couple dives when I am in Bali a few weeks too. It is fun but not something I will get hooked on. I guess I am just a speed freak and am really looking forward to the two wheeled adventures in Cambodia next week. I won't have any internet access on that trip so I'll have to tell you about it latter. I hope I won't regret not getting the Med-Jet evacuation insurance. I don't think we will be doing anything crazier than I do on the bike in Colorado, but the jungle mud riding will be a brand new type of riding for me. I have never ridden in those kind of conditions so it will take some learning. I know it is going to be slick with the rains.

After two dives tomorrow I rest up then I think I am taking a bus out to Kao Sok national park for
Hotel lessonHotel lessonHotel lesson

Don't trust Lonely Plant. They call this charm. Lesson 2: Even though you can pay only $5 for a hotel this is what you get, but paying $10 and you can get a solid 3 star place that is very nice. Moral of the story, save money, but not too much on accomadations.
some jungle treking, playing with monkeys and living in a treehouse or a floating bungalo.

I'll have come back here some other time and explore the north where I can see how the people really live. Here on Phuket it is really a tourist island made to please westerners. I am having fun, but the true cultural experiance is vapid.

Miss ya,


8th September 2005

Hi Garret, Sounds like you are having a great time! We never went to Phuket, but Railegh Beach was our fave. We went to Kao Sok but were a little turned off by the leeches. I guess we're just more beach people. Make sure and save a couple days to see Angkor...definitely the highlight!! Miss having you around. Suzy
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8th September 2005

You speed Freak
Speed Freak huh? Just watch out for the landmines. At least underwater you can't ride a motorcycle over something that will blow you up. Have fun! You are rad! Andrew
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12th September 2005

Mud Biking
Sounds like the most fun a guy could have on two wheels and I assume you don't have to clean the bike afterwards (bonus). Stay safe but have fun.
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