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September 30th 2009
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View from pillow
Well here I am in Pai Thailand! After arriving in Thailand I flew North to Chiang Mai for one night then headed to one of my favorite places Pai . If you have ever been here you know what I mean. This place is so laid back that you just never want to leave. I Plan on staying for a few days and just chill and get over the jet lag. I was lucky to get into one of my favorite little guesthouses (only $9 a night!!) called Pai Chan. They have the most amazing gardens and a very sweet swimming pool. The bungalows aren't bad either. They were so nice they gave me the one I always love to stay in which is in the back with a small pond overlooking the lush rice paddies. Right now everything is so green it is amazingly beautiful. I woke up this morning refreshed and starving. Last night went to bed around 8 listening to all the jungle noises around me (and a loud local club) it was so peaceful, however this morning I woke up at 4 am and was starving however I had to wait for everyone else to come

My bungalow
alive before I could even get a cup of coffee. As soon as it was light I hit the road on my motor scooter and went for a brisk ride through the countryside. The locals were all moving about heading to jobs in the fields or sadly ;.( building more guesthouses. They probably weren't used to seeing a middle aged Farang women driving around so early so I recieved lots of stares and startled looks but pleasant smiles as well. I am sure that soon this sleepy little valley will be a huge tourist mecca if it isn't already. Well I am here now and I am going to enjoy it while I can.
So what to do today hum another scooter ride, lunch at some cute little restaurant, a swim in the pool, a massage? I think all of the above. Anyway just wanted to get the blog started even though I haven't done much yet so this will be a short entry. Wish all of you were here with me! Cheers

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The swimming pool

Swimming pool

My shower. Took a quick cold shower until I figured out they turn the handle the other way! Oh well it woke me up LOL

My bed

Pretty scene this morning

One of my favorite spots

3rd January 2011

Wow, such an amazing picture it almost doesn't look real.
3rd January 2011

Ah but it is
This was shot from my room if you go to Pai stay there so worth it! Every morning I open my window so I could watch the sun rise from my pillow which is this shot! In fact sitting here in Mexico and wishing I was there but then I always wish I was there. Pai Chan is Beautiful even if a little rustic!

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