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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai April 25th 2014

After being informed that I was going to have to remain in Chiang Mai a week longer than I had planned, I started talking with a Kiwi who works for an NGO in the Chiang Rai area. I asked him if he had been to Pai, Thailand recently and he said that he had. In fact; He was there just last week. I asked him how the town was and he replied, "Parched." Sounded good to me. Chiang Mai's a good spot but it does have some air quality issues though they're not as bad as Bangkok's are right now. I was in Bangkok on Sunday. When my plane landed we couldn't see the ground until we got below 500 feet due to all the engine exhaust the city produces. The air in Bangkok is extremely ... read more
My Ride; The Public Bus
My Buddies
The Lap of Pai Luxury

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 28th 2014

So tonight marks the last night of my time in Pai. Its been the most idyllic, peaceful, and relaxing place of my journey so far. Its the only place that I don't want to leave however I have done my stint here and seen everything there is to see so time to move on. I am going to miss this place a lot! Anyway, i'll back date a few days... Sunday 26th at 9am I checked out of "Wait For It Guest House" in Chiang Mai. A mini bus came to collect me at 9.30am and we set off on the road to Pai. It was only a 10 seater and we had to pick a few people up around Chiang Mai and within two stops we were full. We headed off to Pai, on the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 26th 2014

So our sight seeing around Chiang Rai continued with a visit to The Black Houses. Some call the Black Temple although not a temple in the Buddhist sense. First we had to get there. Another local bus from the central bus station. We established which bus it was after asking several people and the driver when we were on board. We knew it was around 10 kms out of town. So off we set along the same road we had been in the morning to the White Temple. Alarms bells started to ring and were confirmed when we got to the White Temple and the conductor told us we had reached our destination. She apologised when she realised she had given us wrong information and gave us back our fare! So we waited, luckily not too ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai December 28th 2013

December 28th 2013 - January 9th 2014 We spent a good chunk of time in Pai, what was intended to be 4 or 5 days turned quickly into 2 weeks. . I anticipated wanting to stay for a long time, small mountain town, reggae music, hippie backpackers, cheap hostels but it was not the best energy for me for some reason, emotionally and physically I was running on empty. Not getting much sleep the night before probably contributed to the nausea during the car ride up. The road to Pai from Chaing Mai is 175km with 765 twist and turns. Its a narrow road, people drive fast and pass on blind corners, the journey to pai is part of the grand-jour of the town. Leanne and I arrived first and found a beautiful little patch of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 19th 2013

Same Same ! But different ! Thailand me voilà ! C'est à la fois triste et heureux que j'ai du quitter les Philippines ! Ces 7 semaines passées dans ce pays furent sûrement mes préférées depuis mon départ ! Choc culturel, pays magnifique, plongée et de super rencontres furent au rendez vous ! Alors oui partir fût un peu difficile... mais en même temps, je me dirigeais vers Bangkok ! Une autre partie de l'Asie m'attendait ! « Same same, but different ! » Oui car La Thailand et les Philippines sont en Asie : « Same same », mais ô combien différent ! Pour info, cette phrase est utilisée à tour de bras en Aise du sud est par les locaux baragouinant l'anglais ! Je le dis souvent, pour ne pas être déçu il ne ... read more
carricature time
palais royal


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 15th 2013

We had to leave pai today but we couldn't say goodbye more of a so long because we know we will be back one day. Both brad and I fell in love with pai it's a special place that we will always love. I feel like we found a hidden treasure a hide away not many people will get to go to in their life. The little hippy town was where I think we both really chilled out for the first time. Alex and Matt left after 2 nights so we had 2 nights just the 2 of us and it was so lovely. We chilled by the pool, read, listened to music and was in bed by about 10/11 haha right pair of oldies but it was so needed and now we are on our ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 13th 2013

The life of Pai so far is typically hippyfied lots of chilling out slow paced living, my heaven! We got mopeds out yesterday and headed to some waterfalls. It was so much fun and so much easier having the moped we could go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. Alex and Matt got one too but I think Alex was a bit scared after Matt came off his and hurt his foot when getting used to it and then nearly drove into the swimming pool!!!! Thank god he got used to it though and the 4 of us had a safe trip all day!! We visited the most beautiful waterfall to start our day fresh crystal clear water with views to die for. Every day I just think how lucky we are to be experiencing what ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 12th 2013

So we are in pai after a very windy sickly bus journey here. It only took just under 3 hours but I definitely think the worst 3 hours since I've been here!!! It's worth it though I've never been anywhere like we are staying it's literally paradise!!! Kerry (mummy Thompson) found a hotel for us but it was fully booked so brad found phu pai art resort and all I can say is WOW the view is out of this world. We look out to mountains and trees everywhere, it's breath takingly beautiful I don't even know if we will want to leave here after 4 nights!! Each couple has their own hut to stay in! Literally like something you see in the magazines or on TV I am still pinching myself that we are here! ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 9th 2013

After a few fun filled days in Chiang Mai it was time to move on to a smaller town which we had been told we had to visit while we were up this way, and so with the first opportunity we booked some seats on one of the minibus's heading to Pai, only a short 3 hours’ drive away and thought this would be no problem as we have done many longer road journeys over the last five months of being away with generally only the smallest of problems....this was about to give us a rude awakening as you should never underestimate a journey by road in SE Asia! The drive to Pia takes you through the very scenic mountains of Northern Thailand, a distance of just only 122 miles however within this there are 762 ... read more
Jade geting a kiss
White Water Rafting
The waterfall trek

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 5th 2013

Pai...well...let's just say I can now say "yes" when someone asks me if I have ever been to Pai. It's been many years of people telling me "it's such a special place", or "you will LOVE Pai". When I ask them why it is so important that I need to go there, they say such things as "live music everywhere", "small mountain town", "it's just a special place", or many other phrases about it's wonderfulness without any specific reasons. Just the feeling of the town. After being in Pai for at least a week, here is my impressions of this place. A backpacker haven whose only difference from that of places like Vang Vieng in Laos, Ko Phangnan, or Sihanoukville in Cambodia, is that it is a smaller town, the streets are narrower, and the locals ... read more
Michelle, going native
Beetle fight!

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