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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand February 15th 2009

Hej Alle. I dag forlader vi vores lille paradis, Koh Tao. Vi har vaeret her en lille uge nu, og synes begge det er tid til at finde nye oplevelser. Vi er nu stolte af at sige; VI ER OPEN WATER DIVERS! Yihaa!! Det var vildt at dykke, og vi glaeder os til at goere det igen. Her er supervarmt, og solen er virkelig stark hvilket har medfoert forbraendlinger. Kloge Nathalie lagde sig selvfoelgelig tids nok ind i skyggen, mens Kristina, der var mindre klog, synes hun skulle udnytte solens straaler til det sidste. Dette medfoerte urimeligt roede ben, skuldre, mave og hoved, og medfoerte en skraekkelig nat! Men videre til Chiang Mai. Vi glaeder os til det lidt blidere klima (tro det eller dal vaere), og til at finde en elefant vi kan ride paa. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Surin February 7th 2009

Surin - Town of Whisky-drinking Elephant Riders Today I said goodbye to Bangkok and embarked on a journey to a little town in the Northeast of Thailand called Surin. The project organiser, Steve, had booked me and a fellow volunteer, Jessie, a train ride in the second class compartment. Now my friend from Bangkok had told me little horror stories about second class train compartments - smelly, squashed, don't trust the food, so I was a bit wary of it all. But on lighting the train, there was no nasty smells, and whilst we had to push through to get to our seats, once we were sat down and the other passengers had settled down, there was plenty of space. So the 7-hour train journey began. It was all going smoothly and Jessie and I were ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand January 26th 2009

It is refreshing to be in a country where a leader is seemingly universally loved and admired, though I suppose that the King’s ceremonial post saves him from the difficult and sometimes unpopular political and economic decisions (and accompanying vitriol) that the prime minister faces. The absolute monarchy was abolished in Thailand in the mid 1930s, with the abdication of King Rama VII.* Since then, then king has been the figurehead and ceremonial master of the constitutional monarchy, keeper of culture and tradition and a Buddhist (this is required). The king can, however, intercede at times into the arena of politics when there is trouble; for example, the king brought the two warring factions together after the military coup in 1992 in order to help facilitate an end to the violence. I went to my first ... read more
From farther away

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand January 25th 2009

Greetings from Thailand! Let's see a quick summation of our last few days in India before flying to the Land of Smiles...We had a great time at the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He did commentary on a well known text from the 8th century. There were a few people who were staying at our guesthouse who were also attending the teachings; we were quite the eclectic group! There was Tanya from Canada, Alice from Holland, Mose (pronounced Mosh, short for Moses) from Israel, Alister from England, and Ryder and I. Every morning we squished into a rickshaw (for those of you who have been to Thailand, they're called Tuk-Tuks here...if you've never seen what one of these 3 wheeled vehicles look like, you should do a google image search) and went to Saranath ... read more
Ryder relaxing
Naomi's Find
Low Tide

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand January 25th 2009

I decided to give Bang Saen another try, since I hadn't been there since my first weekend in Chonburi. Also, I am expecting TEFLer visitors (yes, really!) in a couple of weekends and am looking into some of the activities available for our entertainment. Some of the options include movies, bowling, banana boat rides (haha), bicycles built for 3 or 4 and Monkey Mountain. I still found the beach at Bang Saen to be mostly unappealing compared to every other beach I've been on in Thailand and marvel at the fact that I see any foreigners on holiday there (that aren't apparently living in the area) at all. When Thailand has so many fantastic beautiful beaches to offer, I still cannot fathom why anyone would choose this one. I try to console myself that they must ... read more
Bang Saen
Bang Saen
Bicycle built for 4!


Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand January 10th 2009

Ko Phangan We arrived at Ko Phangan at the beach resort hostel where our room has turned out to be the best room I think we have had so far. It is about 30 seconds from the beach and I do mean 30 seconds. We have arrived on Christmas eve very tired after a 28 hour trip just to here here but we all deiced to head down to the full moon party which is at Hat Rin Nai about 15 min taxi from where we are staying. For a full moon party there did not seem to be many people about but there was a lot going on, them seem to have a fetish here with fire, there was Limbo fire, Skipping rope fire and just normal throw fire about where everyone is welcome to ... read more
4 Island boat Trip 1
Andy, Ceri and I 4 Island boat trip
Andy, Ceri and I 4 Island boat trip 2

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand December 31st 2008

Hi, we are now in Ko Phangan, after a short stint on Kho San Road in Bangkok. We are staying in a beach hut about 10m away form the sea. The weather so far hasn't been great a couple of sunny days, but lots of clouds and rain. Christmas day was pretty un eventful, had a big night on christmas eve so spent most of the time sleeping. We went out for an indian meal though in the evening, with our singapore neighbours, which was good. After a couple of days on the beach i was starting to get bored so whilst Katie has been sleeping off her hangover, i've been exploring. On Monday i climbed the mount everest of Ko Phangan, a full 620m. It was an hour an a half long trek through the ... read more
Pheang Waterfall
Rambo Lucy
Hat yao

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand December 23rd 2008

Ko Kut is a small, remote island on the way to southern Cambodia. A few years ago I took the same trip headed to Sihounukville in the extreme south of Cambodia. Ko Kut is in Thailand but perhaps as far as one can travel and still be in the country. We boarded the same enclosed, cigar shaped boat as I had done a few years before, which basically forces its way through the seas with the water pretty well up to the windows; this for several hours. Arriving in Ko Kut we took about an hour by "rote duey san" i.e. small passenger truck to our little hut by the sea. The island is remote and shows no indications of modern tourist conveniences. ... read more
Outside our door
Just strolling along

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand December 10th 2008

Our TEFL classes and our teaching practice were all held at a temple school, where young monks study all subjects, including the dharma (Buddhist teachings). This was a pretty special experience, and probably one of the best things about our TEFL training. The boys at this temple school are novice monks and they are all either orphaned or from poor families. It is normal for most (if not all) males in Thai society to spend some amount of time as a monk; I guess it is a right of passage. Even Thai kings follow this protocol. The boys at the school follow some of the same rules as fully-ordained monks. For example, they can’t touch or be touched by a woman, even a sister, though I was told previously that they may hug their mothers. They ... read more
Pretty classroom
Expanding the vocabulary
Proud of them for getting it right

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand December 8th 2008

I am going back in time now to write retroactively about the beginning of this adventure. It all began in Ban Phe, which is on the coast on the Gulf of Thailand. Despite the fact that not that much time has elapsed since I arrived (about 2 months), it is already difficult to remember my first impressions and the “important things.” Bear with me. . . Ban Phe is the access port to a backpacker-haven of an island called Ko (or Koh, depending where you look) Samet, where we spent the first two weekends during our training. I came here under the auspices of the “Special Thailand Project” (STP) through an organization called TEFL International. I learned about this opportunity on, just before my trip this month-long trip this summer to Thailand with Fiona and ... read more
Some of my favorites from the group, on the weekend at Koh Samet
A lot of the group on one of the first nights, karaoke on the beach
"Our" beach in Ban Phe

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